Custom Pre-Roll Packaging Tubes


If you’re not ready for a custom pre-roll tube order to package your pre rolled cones, we still have options for branding for you via our custom label services. Your logo and other branding choices have never looked as flawless as they will when printed on our high-quality custom labels! Whether you are looking for UV Spot, embossing, foil, or other embellishments to grab consumers' eyes, we have you covered. Our Pre-Roll Experts can even set you up with design help if needed, and will fit your label to a dieline customized for each of our products. Custom Cones USA is proud to offer high-quality, full-color labels that will fit your stock tubes or other packaging, fully customized to your specifications. Just reach out to see what's possible!

Custom Pre-roll Labels
Mix and Match Pre-roll Caps and Tubes


You can customize your custom tube packaging by just mixing and matching our wide array of glass tubes and caps. With multiple colors and styles of glass pre-roll tubes, as well as dozens of colors and finishes for caps, you can make your own custom packaging from our stock tubes and caps! Whether you want a natural finish like our bamboo child-resistant caps, or something that stands out like our chrome silver caps, you can pair any of our 22mm caps with the standard 115mm glass tubes, which come in clear, matte, black, matte white, shiny gold, and shiny silver. We also offer special glass pre-roll tubes with cork caps and champagne style caps for the ultimate custom tube packaging.


When you order glass pre-roll tubes from Custom Cones USA, we go above and beyond every to ensure your glass tubes will arrive intact and retail-ready. We understand that your business relies on our timeliness and care, so we have produced a glass tube that is thicker than the average competing glass pre-roll tube on the market and have added more protective shipping materials to protect your order.

Glass Pre-roll Tube Open


To truly make the labeling process seamless, we offer joint tube label application services! Save your business costly time and labor costs by having us do the work. Custom Cones USA labels are designed to be the exact, tapered fit to our tubes, and our machines ensure your custom labels are applied perfectly. A strong adhesive formulated to keep the labels taut against the tubes is used as well, ensuring that your branding isn’t going anywhere. Other companies label their tubes closed, forcing you to painstakingly open each one by hand before you can finish packaging your pre-rolls. We always label our tubes open, saving you time and money – plus keeping your employees happy!

Open Pop Top Tubes


Whether you are ordering your tubes custom or stock, our preroll pop-top tube orders sent from our Washington Warehouse arrive open and ready to fill with your pre-rolled cones or blunts! We eliminate the extra step of having to open tubes from your production line, saving you time and labor costs. If your current tubes are coming closed, switch to us today to save time and money!

Custom Marble Effect Pre-Roll Tube Cap


We offer a wide variety of options to cap off your pre-roll packaging project, at varying price points. In addition to our standard corks and alumite caps, we also offer unique custom printed caps that can be custom printed with any time of design, like a marbling effect or even your custom branding. Additionally, we sell real wood glass tube caps in bamboo – kept in stock in our USA based warehouse, and can special order other types of wood caps like walnut, cherry, or even pine.

Acrylic pre-roll displays


Our Acrylic Displays blend seamlessly into any environment with their clean, clear appearance that allows customers to see the custom pre-roll products inside. You’ve put a lot of work into making your pre-roll products look their best— now show them off in an acrylic display that can fit easily into any retail peg or rack wall. We over two stock sizes, but can make any custom size or add any custom printing. These acrylic pre-roll displays fit on all standard slat and grid walls – the two most popular types of retail display walls used in headshops and dispensaries.

Black and White Cardboard Preroll Displays


If you are not quite ready for custom displays, we also offer plain black and white gravity pre-roll dispensers. We have multiple types of displays like our classic Point-of-Purchase display, which is designed to hold pre-roll tubes upright when paired with inserts. We also have a candy-style pre-roll dispenser, which is great for grab and go at the retail counter. If you want something special, we can custom design a display box including all the extras - like cut-out designs, gold foil printing, embossing, and more!


Get just the right shade and finish applied to your premium glass tubes. Whether you want sleek and transparent tubes, or something velvety and matte, we will be sure to fulfill your order to your exact specifications. Aside from solid custom colors, we can do gradients for an ultra-premium and modern look and feel. For something truly eye-catching, we can also do fullcolor graphics designs.

Green Matte Glass Pre-roll Cone Tube


Need help coming up with the perfect custom pre-roll packaging design? We can help you with that too! Our Design Services start at $250 for basic needs, like application of your logo or branding to the appropriate die line, and ranges up from there depending on how much help and how many adjustments your company requires. We can help you with custom logos and packaging design, or help with simple small fixes, transferring and updating designs onto new packaging die lines, etc. Our team of expert designers have worked on hundreds of custom pre-roll packaging projects and will ensure your custom packaging is perfect!


Whether you need pre-roll packaging, pre-roll machines, supplies, or even custom packaging design guidance, Custom Cones USA is here to be your one-stop shop for everything pre-roll. Other packaging companies know nothing about prerolled cones, tubes or the cannabis industry. We are experts and will walk you through every step of the process, knowing all the important details like sizing, compliance, and labeling


Our standard display boxes come stock in black and white, and are designed to hold pre-roll tubes upright when paired with inserts. If you want something special, we can custom design a display box including all the extras, like cut-out designs, gold foil printing, embossing, and more!

Unbranded Joint Display box Black

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