Canna Labeler Starter

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Works With:
Round Containers - works with hinged containers!
Time to ship:
3-5 Business days
8-10 containers labelled per minute
Container Max Diameter:
4.3 in (110mm) diameter maximum
Container Min Diameter:
3/8 in (8mm) diameter minimum
18in x 12in x 6in
Machine Type:
Label Machine

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Canna Labeler Starter
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Canna Starter Tube Labeling Machine 

Labels tubes & jars accurately, easily, and at speed

If you are looking for the best labeling machine for pre-roll tubes, look no further! Small, yet robust, our hand-crank manual tube labeling machine perfectly labels doob tubes incredibly fast and easy. Our hand-crank manual tube labeler is fully adjustable, so you can label different sized doob tubes with ease. Our industrial labeling machine is so flexible, that you can even label all sorts of jars up to 5 inches in diameter! If the word diameter means nothing to you, 5 inches of diameter is going to be bigger than any glass or plastic jar you would ever use for flower or pre-roll packaging

doob tube labeling machine

Stop Wasting Time Labeling by hand

The canna starter tube labeling machine is a hand-crank manual machine which will increase your output from a manual output of 4-6 tubes per minute to an outstanding 8-10 tubes per minute. Once your label roll is installed into the machine, all you need to do is lay down your pre-roll tube on the stainless steel guide and rotate the hand to quickly and easily apply your label. The fully adjustable guide allows you to place your labels in the same exact spot every time and best of all, it is nearly effortless! This unit can label any sized tube or jar from 0.5 inches in diameter all the way up to 5 inches in diameter! This machine is not only perfect for labeling your pre-roll tubes, but also flower jars!

doob tube labeling machine

Label Tubes & Jars Accurately

Using the canna starter tube labeling machine is important because it will help present a more professional brand to the dispensary. When you label tubes by hand you are bound to mess up and make errors. This means you will waste time taking the label off the tubes and waste labels. It is a better investment to use a tube labeling machine which will place the tube accurately, consistently and quickly. 

pop top tube labeling machine

Backed by Warranty

The canna starter tube labeling machine is so amazingly durable and reliable that it is backed by a 5 year warranty. You will have to worry about your harvest, sales, employees but never worry again about labeling tubes and jars with canna starter tube labeling machine!