84mm Pre-Rolled Cones - 100% Organic Hemp Paper [900 Cones per Box]

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Price per Cone:
As Low As 6.2 Cents per Cone!
Box Size:
900 Cones per Box / 6 Boxes per Case / 2 Cases per Master Pack
Paper Type:
100% Organic Hemp
Pre-Roll Weight:
.5 gram
Pre-Roll Shape:
26mm Crutch
Our pre-rolled cones are all FSC Certified and made under FDA standards for food grade paper.

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84mm Pre-Rolled Cones  - 100% Organic Hemp Paper [900 Cones per Box]
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100% Organic Hemp Rolling Paper Pre-Rolled Cones

Pre-Rolled 84mm Organic Hemp Rolling Paper Cones

The 84mm organic hemp paper pre-rolled cone is perfect for 1/2 gram pre-rolls. This organic hemp cone works well with industry standard knockboxes. Our rolling paper is produced by the finest producer in the world. The paper mill is located in a small mountain village at the base of the Pyrennes. It is here where the cool, and pure mountain water makes the finest rolling paper. This French village has been producing rolling paper since the 1800s, it is a craft passed on from generation to generation. They have created a paper especially for us in order to produce the perfect tasting and cleanest burning pre rolled cone. Top brands across the world trust Custom Cones USA with their pre-rolled cone needs. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled quality, fast lead times, and customer service.

84mm hemp pre rolled cones against white background
84mm french rolling papers

Ultra-Thin French Paper

We use only the highest quality starting materials for our organic hemp pre-rolled cones. The rolling paper we offer are made in France from a paper mill which has been in business for over 200 years. Custom Cones USA has partnered with this family business to create the best smoking organic hemp pre-rolled cones in the industry.

84mm pre rolled hemp rolling paper cones

Slow & Even Burn

All our pre-rolled cones feature a straight gum-line – this extra manufacturing step means that our cones are guaranteed to burn evenly and smoothly. A straight gum line means excess paper was removed so that only the exact amount of paper needed is used. With our straight gum line your customers smoke less paper and taste more flower.

best tasting 84mm pre rolled hemp rolling paper cones

100% Organic, Food Grade, & FSC-Certified

All the rolling paper we use is made to the same standards the FDA and EU requires for paper which is in contact with food. All the rolling paper we use is FSC certified which verifies that the raw materials used were sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. We have organic certifications on all our raw materials for our 100% organic hemp rolling paper. 


QuantityPrice per BoxPrice per Cone
1 - 5 Boxes $79.99 per Box $0.10 per Cone
6 - 11 Boxes $74.66 per Box $0.092 per Cone
12 - 23 Boxes $69.32 per Box $0.087 per Cone
24 - 47 Boxes $63.99 per Box $0.081 per Cone
48 - 95 Boxes $57.59 per Box $0.075 per Cone
96+ Boxes $53.32 per Box $0.067 per Cone