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The 3 Levels of Pre-Roll Branding

The 3 Levels of Pre-Roll Branding

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Apr 6th 2023

Regardless of what product you are selling, branding is an important part of your business. It’s how your product distinguishes itself from competitors and carries your company’s message to the public. Branding takes on an extra layer of importance in the cannabis industry because of the restrictions around advertising. You can’t count on customers finding your pre-rolls as they shop for their groceries.

Customers won’t come into contact with your product unless they are already in a cannabis shop or on a cannabis website. By that time, it might be too late, as they already know what they want to purchase. If you want them to stop and consider something different, you need branding that really grabs a customer’s attention.

The limited space inside a shop makes it all the more competitive, as brands compete against each other for visibility. If you are lucky enough to get your pre-rolls into a shop, you need to make sure that there is something that makes them special. In other words, what is going to make a customer pick out your pre-rolls from the other hundred options in front of them?

Why Pre-Rolls Are Great

Most cannabis products don’t have a lot of options when it comes to customizations. You are pretty much limited to the packaging. When you buy cannabis flower, you get flower in a container. The container can be customized, but that’s about it. Pre-rolls are great because they offer 3 different levels of customization. You can customize the packaging, but you’ll also be able to customize the body of the pre-roll and display cases. So, let’s take a look at some of the custom options you’ll have when branding your pre-rolls.

Branding the Pre-Roll

Each part of a joint can be customized, but filter tips have the most options. Not only will you have the ability to choose what type of material you want your filters to be made from (paper, wood, ceramic), but you will also get additional branding options. Paper tips are available with either a standard folded filter or a custom spiral tip, and both can be customized with any color or image you want. Wood and glass filter tips are also highly customizable. You can even get your logo printed directly onto them. If you are trying to create a joint that will give your customers a luxurious feeling, going with a wood or glass filter tip is the way to go.

The rolling paper itself can also be customized. For example, special ink can be used to print images directly onto refined white papers or provide a solid color that matches your brand. If you prefer something other than refined white rolling papers, you can go with natural brown, organic hemp, or a variety of natural leaf and hemp blunt wraps. These are ideal for brands that are looking to promote their brand as being more “organic” and “eco-friendly.” You won’t be able to see branded filter tips through these as well as with refined white papers, but you will have the choice to get a custom sticker or cigar ring placed at the base of your pre-rolls.

Lastly, you will have a choice in the shape and size of your cones. The most popular cone on the market is the 109mm, 1g cone, but you might want to do something different. The size of a cone directly correlates to its purpose and, therefore, your brand. Maybe you want your brand to be the preferred pre-roll for a quick smoke break. In that case you’d want to create small pre-rolls, like a half gram or Dogwalker. Maybe you want your pre-rolls to feel a little fancier, so you go with a thinner 84mm cone, or maybe you want to avoid a cone altogether. We also offer cigarette-style tubes that have the look and feel of a cigarette but come with filters that are specifically designed for cannabis products.

Package Branding

Now that you have your pre-roll customized to your liking, it’s time to think about pre-roll packaging. Some states do not allow cannabis products to be visible in the packaging, so, especially if you live in one of these states and have invested in customized filters and paper, you want to make sure the packaging gets noticed.

For single pre-rolls, the most commonly used packaging is the plastic doob tube. It’s nothing fancy, but it gets the job done and can be customized to whatever color you like and hold a sticker with your branding on it. If you are looking for a more eye-catching option, you might be more interested in a glass tube with a cork top. The top for the tubes is where the real diversity is. You can get smooth plastic, rigged plastic, aluminum, champagne cork-style, bamboo, or a super-seal cap, and mostly all of them can be customized to a specific color.

Now that pre-rolls are coming down in price and up in quality, multi-packs are starting to make a lot of sense for consumers. They also provide a producer with a unique branding opportunity. Standard tubes have limited space for branding. Multi-packs, on the other hand, offer brands a larger canvas on which they can apply their branding. Custom Cones USA offers a variety of multi-pack packaging options that include flip packs, push packs, snap packs, slider boxes, tins, jars, and tubes.

Lastly, something needs to be said about compliance. Every location is going to have unique laws that govern pre-roll packaging. As we mentioned earlier, some states do not allow products to be visible in their packaging. Other places might require child resistant packaging (CR) and others might require packaging that is tamper evident. All this to say, be sure to be aware of the laws that govern your area before you start creating your pre-rolls.

Display Boxes

If you really want to make sure your pre-rolls get noticed in a dispensary, you’ll definitely want customized display boxes. What’s great about display boxes is that there is an option for every situation. Does a shop want something that is compatible with their slat walls? You can customize an acrylic gravity display that will hang perfectly from any slat wall. Is a shop looking for something that can sit on the counter or in a display case? You are going to want a POP display box. We have gravity POP boxes as well as POP boxes that hold pre-rolls upright. The best part is that all of these options can be customized with your branding, which gives your pre-rolls yet another layer of branding that customers will be able to see while shopping.

Three Layers of Branding

Whereas most cannabis products have one layer of customization and branding, pre-rolls can have three! And a great thing about building with Custom Cones USA is that we offer everything. We even offer design and labeling services to make sure that everything looks perfect.

We are also aware that fully custom jobs take longer than standard fare. So, if a longer lead time is not in the cards for you, we also offer a selection of curated designer cones that can be shipped directly from our warehouse, and they are less than a cent more per cone. We can also ship packaging and display boxes unbranded, so you can apply your own branding—stickers being the most used branding tool.

Regardless of how you want to brand your pre-rolls, our Pre-Roll Experts can help you make it happen. So, reach out, and let’s build something special!

Branding takes on an extra layer of importance in the cannabis industry because of the restrictions around advertising. You can’t count on customers finding your pre-rolls as they shop for their groceries.