Custom Filter Tips

Filter Tips, aka crutches, are a great way to elevate the smoking experience and bring distinction to your pre-roll brand. For the consumer, they provide structure to a joint, help cool the smoke before inhalation, and stop particulates from entering their mouth. For the producer, customized filter tips provide another opportunity to bring exposure to their brand. It's a small touch that makes a big impact on how a pre-roll is experienced and remembered.

Glass Filter Tips

As pre-rolls continue to grow in popularity, cannabis companies need to find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. Glass Filter Tips help turn an ordinary pre-roll into something special. Perfect with any type of paper, they provide a premium look and feel for your pre-roll brand. By choosing to customize your glass filter tips, you'll bring further distinction in a saturated market.

Custom Sizes & Shapes

Glass Filter Tips come in a variety of stock sizes, but they can be customized to any size you would need. You can also choose what shape you want for your filter tips. We offer a wide variety of different options that include flat, cylinder, bullet, and cone shaped.

Custom Colors & Branding

In addition to the size and shape, you can customize the color of your filter tips. You will have the option to use a solid color to match your branding, or you can choose to have your logo printed right on the glass. If custom glass isn't your thing, but you still want something to make your pre-roll stand out, we offer cigar bands that can easily be customized with your branding.


Regardless of the type of pre-roll you are looking to make, you will have the option to incorporate a Glass Filter Tip. These filter tips can be purchased separately and hand-rolled into products, or you can get them already attached to empty cones, tubes, and blunts. The best glass filter tip for you is going to be dependent on your production abilities and the type of product you want to produce.


Wood Filter Tips

Wood filter tips offer a premium look and familiar feeling. Already a staple in the cigar industry, these natural filter tips serve in both style and function. By helping cool the smoke and filtering out particulates, they ensure the consumer gets a smooth draw every time they take a pull. The wood filter tips also provide structure to the joint from production through consumption.

Custom Options

Wood Filter Tips come in three standard sizes, but they can be customized to meet the needs of any project. In addition to the size, you have the option to get custom shapes and branding that are sure to catch the eye of consumers. Lastly, you might consider adding a custom cigar band to give further visibility to your brand.


Wood Filter Tips are most commonly used with hemp paper, but they are compatible with any type of paper you plan to use in your pre-roll production. These filter tips can be purchased separately and hand-rolled into products, or you can get them already connected to a hemp wrap blunt tube. So, whether you want to get going immediately or spend more time in customization, we have you covered!


Not only do Custom Wood Filter Tips give a premium look to a pre-roll, but they also do a lot for the overall enjoyment. They help produce a smooth draw by cooling the smoke and filtering particulates, and they provide a sturdy backbone to the pre-roll—making it easier to handle during production as well as more durable during a smoke session.

Custom Paper Filter Tips

The vast majority of pre-rolls are produced with a white, folded, paper filter tip. There's something to be said about getting the job done, and these filter tips do just that; however, they don't really make an impact on the consumer. Whether you are looking to improve the smoking experience or incorporate your branding, customizing your paper filter tips is an easy way for you to stand out from your competitors.


By changing the shape of the fold in the paper filter tip, you can improve the smoking experience of your customers. The biggest benefit of the spiral filter tips is that they keep small particulates from making their way through the pre-roll. In other words, customers don't get cannabis flower in their mouth.


Paper filter tips are an easy feature to overlook, as most companies go with the folded option. What this also means is that companies that choose to do something different really get noticed. You can get your filter tips in any color you want to match your brand, or maybe get your logo printed right onto the filter.

Custom vs. Stock

There will be a longer lead time for custom projects; however, we offer a variety of stock colors and themes that you can use to bring distinction to your brand. Give each strain its own color or distinguish by strain type. They are also a great option when you're waiting on a custom order but still want something to make your pre-rolls pop.

Custom Pre-Rolled Cones with Filter Tips

Custom filter tips and premium materials like wood and glass are a nice touch that premium cannabis brands use to bring distinction to their products. Some producers choose to hand-roll their pre-rolls and incorporate the filter tip manually, and others are interested in producing on a larger scale and choose to use filter tips that are already connected to cones, blunts, or tubes. Both options come with a variety of material options and can be customized to your branding specifications.


Regardless of the size of your operation or your pre-roll production goals, there is a custom filter tip option for you. If your goal is to produce as many pre-rolls as possible or reduce labor costs, pre-roll machinery can be easily converted to accommodate pre-rolls that come with an attached glass, wood, or even ceramic filter tip. If you want to create a product that feels more hand-crafted, pre-rolled cones and tubes with premium filters help launch connoisseur style pre-rolls at a fraction of the cost.

Custom vs. Stock

If you want to get your premium pre-roll project off the ground quickly, we have a wide variety of stock options, with every type of custom filter tip, to help you get there. If you have more time, there really isn't a better way to make your pre-rolls stand out than to incorporate customizations. We offer everything from custom sizes and colors to custom branding and die-cut bands. If you need help with the design, or anything else in the process, feel free to reach out to our Pre-Roll Experts any time!

Function & Return

It's vital to the success of any pre-roll brand to gain recognition, and utilizing customizations is a great way to make your brand stand out; however, it is going to be the experience of your product that brings people back. Incorporating a custom filter tip accomplishes both! You get the premium aesthetic and enhance the customer's experience of your cannabis. Everyone wins.