Small Pre-Roll Button Tin - Child Resistant - Black - [300 per case]

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Case Size:
300 Units per Case
Outer Dimensions:
80mm x 58mm x 15mm
Inner Dimensions:
75mm x 53mm x 8mm
Perfect For:
6 70mm Dogwalker Cones
Child Resistant:
Simultaneous Two-Button Closure
Environmental Impact:
100% Recyclable
Additional Services:
Custom Design Services for Pre-Roll Tins

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Small Pre-Roll Button Tin - Child Resistant - Black - [300 per case]
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Small Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Button Tin - Black

Achieve style and security all in one package with the Small Black Pre-Roll Button Tin!

Two buttons means double the child-resistant security on this glossy multipack pre-roll tin. Featuring a slim, low profile, the Large Pre-Roll Button Tin looks like the satchel with all the money in the movies. Perfect for a high-brow label looking for a tin option. Crativ Clamshell Cases are also great in that way. The two spring-loaded security buttons must be pushed at the same time to open just like it takes two keys to launch a missile. It is that secure! The tin is tough but seemingly soft to the touch, so it slides effortlessly in and out of the pocket or purse.


Slim Design

The Two-Button Pre-Roll Tin's slim, low-profile design makes it the ultimate discrete multipack. With an inner length of 115mm, it is perfect for housing 6 109mm pre-roll cones laying tip to top as pictured.


Safe and Secure

This tin is the Fort Knox of child-resistant pre-roll tins. The two-button closure includes two spring-loaded buttons that must be pushed at the same time to access the tin. This, along with the tin's sturdy construction makes it high reusable.


Glossy Finish

This two-button tin is quite a looker! Its glossy, reflective finish makes it look great in the light. The glint of light catches the eye as it is flipped open and closed.



QuantityPrice per CasePrice per Tube
1 - 4 Cases $284.99 per Case $0.95 per Unit
5+ Cases $269.99 per Case $0.90 per Unit