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Eco-Friendly Pre-Roll Packaging Solutions for Sustainable Cannabis Brands

Eco-Friendly Pre-Roll Packaging Solutions for Sustainable Cannabis Brands

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Aug 24th 2023

While continued growth in the cannabis industry is exciting, we have to consider how this expansion will impact the environment. Whether due to brand values or local laws, sustainable pre-roll packaging solutions have become important for cannabis manufacturers seeking to minimize their ecological footprint.

With recyclable and biodegradable materials, sustainable pre-roll packaging solutions cut down on the number of materials placed in landfills and using minimalist packaging and reusable containers cut down on the number of resources needed to package pre rolled cones. In any case, cutting down on single-use plastics is an idea that mindful producers are starting to get behind.

Beyond the obvious ethical ramifications of eco-friendly packaging, sustainability can also be a wise business choice in the cannabis industry. Custom Cones USA put together this brief exploration into pre-roll packaging options that will help you meet your sustainability goals.

How Can Sustainable Packaging Reduce the Environmental Impact of the Cannabis Industry?

According to the environmental company Re Waste, “the Cannabis Industry creates thousands of tons of plastic waste [each year]. In Canada, it’s estimated that 5.8 to 6.4 million kilograms of plastic cannabis packages ended up in landfills during the first year of legalization (2018-2019).”

Sustainable pre-roll packaging solutions use materials that have a lower environmental footprint. To illustrate, compostable materials like plant-based plastics and fiber-based packaging can reduce the impact of packaging waste on local ecosystems. Similarly, recyclable packaging reduces the number of materials that are placed in landfills.

Eco-friendly packaging manufacturers set out with the specific intent of resource conservation and implement these initiatives into their very business practices. Many of these companies seek to minimize energy and water consumption during the manufacturing process. Some operations use lighter pre-roll packaging materials to reduce the energy needed for production and transportation. No matter what kind of packaging you want to build, we can help you do it!

Are There Specific Laws Requiring Eco-Friendly Pre-Roll Packaging?

There are currently no specific laws at the federal level in the United States that require eco-friendly packaging in the cannabis industry. Nonetheless, compliance regulations in the cannabis space often vary by country, state, and even local jurisdictions. As the cannabis industry continues to mature, Custom Cones USA sees more cannabis markets implementing green initiatives each year.

For example, New York State recently adopted a law that says, “Cannabis product packaging cannot be made of plastic, unless containing a minimum 25% post-consumer recycled content.” A major market like New York State employing such strict rules on recycled packaging will likely inspire other key state markets to follow suit.

Vermont has taken things even further and decided to ban plastic packaging from cannabis products altogether. When the Vermont adult-use cannabis industry launched in the fall of 2022, it did so under the mandate that no plastic packaging be used. Instead, all cannabis products in Vermont must “be sold in glass, metal, or cardboard containers."

The Top Eco-Friendly Packaging Options for Cannabis Pre-Rolls

By embracing sustainable pre-roll packaging practices, the cannabis industry can minimize its carbon footprint and reduce its impact on the environment. Here’s a few examples of what that looks like.

Use Recyclable Materials

One of the simplest and most effective ways for cannabis pre-roll joint manufacturers to adopt eco-friendly packaging is by using recyclable materials. Paper-based packaging is an excellent option for pre-roll joints. Not only can it be made from recycled materials, but it can also be easily recycled after use. Paper-based packaging also provides a variety of choices to get creative with custom and designer branding. While paper-based packaging is very eco-friendly, it is not air-tight. So, you need to add a bit of plastic overwrap to get a good seal. Glass is a solid eco-friendly packaging choice since it is one of the most easily recycled materials. Glass pre-roll tubes are a great option for sustainable packaging that also appeals to consumers looking for quality and durable choices. Unlike most plastics, you can recycle glass just about anywhere.

Minimalist & Reusable Packaging Designs

Another interesting approach to sustainable pre-roll packaging is to use traditional materials in new and different ways. Adopting a minimalist design philosophy for cannabis pre-roll joint packaging can significantly reduce waste and environmental impact. While you always want to ensure that your product is kept fresh and protected, a big part of sustainability is cutting down on unnecessary materials. Customers also enjoy pre-roll packaging when it is easy to open and access, as opposed to buried in excessive layers. Reusable packaging is also a great way to cut down on the number of materials used when manufacturing and selling pre-rolls. At Custom Cones USA, we encourage our clients to use joint tins. These attractive cases can be accented with custom branding and design elements. Since people will be using tins time and time again, joint tins are also great brand exposure for your company.

Use Biodegradable Materials

Opting for biodegradable or compostable materials such as plant-based plastics or paper packaging can reduce the impact of pre-roll packaging waste on landfills. These materials break down more easily, reducing the time they persist in the environment. While Custom Cones USA strongly encourages you to implement sustainable packaging solutions, we also wanted to warn you that not all biodegradable pre-roll packaging is the same. Biodegradable only means it can be broken down naturally, but certain biodegradable plastics only get broken down into microplastics - thus causing more harm to the environment. There is a difference between biodegradable and compostable, so make sure to do your research and ask your packaging suppliers for all the proper documentation. While compostable plastic pre-roll tubes are available from suppliers like Custom Cones USA, the best way to make a positive impact is to ensure you are using the right materials in the first place.

Can Eco-Friendly Packaging Keep Cannabis Products Fresh?

While many cannabis producers are interested in adopting more sustainable practices, they are also concerned that eco-friendly packaging won’t protect their products as well as normal plastics. These worries are totally valid, but there are ways to use green packaging materials while also protecting your cannabis products. Air-tight seals are the most important thing for keeping your pre-rolls protected. At Custom Cones USA, we encourage our customers to add a single layer of overwrapping and a humidity pack to pre-roll multipacks. This will ensure you have an airtight seal around your pre-roll products.

Things to Consider Before Switching to Eco-Friendly Packaging

Cannabis packaging is highly regulated, so you need to make sure your chosen packaging is compliant with local laws. Some laws require child-resistant and tamper-evident features, which makes using sustainable packaging even more difficult and expensive, and compliance laws in different markets are constantly changing, a situation that also makes things difficult for processors.

Sustainable packaging is usually more expensive than the alternative. Since the cannabis industry is highly competitive, you need to keep an eye on product costs to ensure you have strong enough margins to keep your business out of the red.

A final consideration is to be sure that your chosen packaging is actually sustainable. Unfortunately, some packaging companies are not very honest and transparent about how eco-friendly their products really are. That’s why at Custom Cones USA we do our due diligence when it comes to sourcing our products, so you can buy with confidence.

Get Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions from Custom Cones USA

Investing in eco-friendly packaging is not only an ethically responsible decision, but it can also be good for business. Every year, sustainability becomes a more important topic among consumers. Eco-friendly pre-roll packaging helps align your branding with environmental consciousness.

Custom Cones USA has the largest line of eco-friendly pre-roll packaging solutions anywhere in the cannabis industry. Standout products include:

  • Biodegradeable and Compostable joint tubes
  • Customizable joint tins
  • Paper-based packaging
  • Ocean-recycled plastic joint tubes (made from reclaimed ocean plastics)
  • Paper-based labels

Get Eco-Friendly Packaging from Custom Cones USA Today!

Custom Cones USA is the most transparent pre-roll packaging company in the cannabis industry. We have also the testing documentation needed to verify the sustainability of products. Contact Us today to place an order!

With recyclable and biodegradable materials, sustainable pre-roll packaging solutions cut down on the number of materials placed in landfills and using minimalist packaging and reusable containers cut down on the number of resources needed to package pre-rolls.