Boveda Pre-Roll Humidity Packs - 4 Gram Bulk Moisture Pack - Square Shape [Case of 600]

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4 Gram Moisture Pack (Bulk)
Case Quantity:
1,500 Moisture Packs/Case
Fits well in:
Pre-Roll Multi Packs
Perfect For:
Keeping Pre-Rolls Fresh
Humidity %:
Available in 58% and 62%

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Boveda Pre-Roll Humidity Packs - 4 Gram Bulk Moisture Pack - Square Shape [Case of 600]
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4 Gram Bulk Boveda Pre-Roll Humidity Control Moisture Packs

Specially designed Boveda humidity packs to fit in pre-roll multi-packs!

Boveda humidity packs safely and precisely control the relative humidity in your cannabis packaging by regulating the humidity level present in your pre-roll multi-pack, glass jar, and even within paper packaging. You can utilize Boveda humidity packs to prevent mold and maximize terpenes! Once you properly cure and package your pre-rolls and flower, Boveda humidity packs will ensure your flower will be just as fresh as they day you packed it. As the leading wholesale pre-roll packaging company, we have the best prices on Boveda packs and you can always save even more money by bundling your Boveda packs with pre-rolled cones or pre-roll multi-packs! Our humidity packs come in bulk packaging, so there is no need to open or tear the packs - just pack with your pre-rolls and flower and you'll be the biggest brand in the dispensary. The Boveda moisture pack perfectly cradles your pre-rolls and flower, all while perfectly maintaining the moisture levels!


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Humidity Packs for Pre-Rolls

These Boveda 4 gram bulk humidity packs are perfect for pre-roll multi-packs! Great for pre-roll multi-packs containing 5-10 pre-rolls in them or smaller jars of flower - these moisture packs will ensure your flower remains at the perfect moisture level and preserve your precious flower! Ask your sales rep about bundle discounts to save even more money on your pre-roll packaging! Interested in different size humidity packs? Check out our 1 gram, 8 gram and 67 gram options!

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Terpene Preservation

Terpenes are volatile compounds in your fresh cannabis that give that sweet or citrusy or skunky smell! These terpenes and quickly evaporate over time and humidity packs help preserve them longer. Multi-packs are great, but they do not great a perfect moisture barrier and over time, moisture will escape. The one way you can ensure your pre-rolls stay fresh and full of terpenes is to add a moisture pack to your pre-roll packaging. Perfectly cured flower will smoke, taste, and burn much better ensuring happy repeat customers.

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Multiple Sizes and Weights

The Boveda pre-roll moisture packs come a variety of shapes and and multiple humidity percentages, such as 58% humidity packs and 62% humidity packs. You can choose from the standard square shapes or the slim shape and also have the ability to purchase in bulk for further savings - plus ask us about bundle discounts! These humidity packs can also be put in mylar bags and jars for your flower lines so the practical use for these bags means you have a variety op options for how you chose to utilize the Boveda humidity packs. Check out all of the humidity packs we offer here!