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Sluice Box MJ Pre-Roll Machine

Sluice Box
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Sluice Box


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Pre-Rolled Cones and Pre-Rolled Tubes w/ additional tube attachement
Machine Type:
Filling Machine
lead time:
2 weeks
Can fill up to 401 pre-rolled cones or pre-rolled tubes per run
Additional tamping attachment available to create perfect compression during production
Power Requirement:
110 volt
25 in x 15 in x 18 in

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Sluice Box Pre Roll packer with the tamper being lifted by an arm

Durable and USA Made

Made in the United States, the Sluice Box MJ Pre-Roll Machine can pack 401 pre rolls in 1 minute, with it’s extremely powerful motor. Time was taken to create the perfect pre-roll machine for farms across the USA and it’s strong durability will be make it last for years to come. It has stainless steel body and it comes with a 1 year warranty. In addition to saving companies time packing their pre rolls, it also immediately saves money by allowing users to switch from the 109mm (1 gram King Size) to the 98mm with fast and easy steps, that do not need an additional attachment. You can likewise get the attachment to make it compatible with the 84mm (half gram) and have pre rolls of all sizes in the market. The Sluice Box MJ Pre-Roll Machine also comes with two metering trays that allows you to have your pre-roll production staff working continually in a shift.

cone filling machine cleaning

Easy to Clean

Most importantly, the mechanics behind the Sluice Box MJ Pre-Roll machine have made it so easy, that with only a click of the button, all the pre rolls are packed. The motor is capable of vibrating all the material into the machine, while keeping the weight of each pre roll consistent. With it’s fast paced rumble, the pre rolls do not need much time to be packed, but you can also hold the button for a tighter pack. Farmers across the USA have given amazing feedback on how their process has greatly improved and the user friendly interface the machine packer has. With our Industrial Grinder, all companies will have the proper consistency in their flower, and once they enter it into the Sluice Box MJ Pre-Roll Machine, they will be breezing through their cone packing process!

best pre rolled cone filling machine

Flexible Production

With our pre-rolled cones, you will have no trouble mass producing your pre rolls, and likewise will allow you to make custom sizes for your machine. We can tailor the machines to the exact pre-roll size you need and gives you endless possibilities with how many different varieties of pre rolls you can have. Additionally, with the provided dividers, you are able to run multiple strains at once without having to do multiple runs. You can easily prepare your pre-roll multipacks with the dividers, allowing all your pre-roll production staff to complete the variety pack much faster. Here at Custom Cones USA, we are confident that any company can get their business started with our innovative machines, premium packaging, and emphasis on creating your own brand!