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Pre-Roll Tube Label Application Service

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5,000 Labels $0.18 per Application
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25,000 Labels $0.16 per Application
45,000 Labels $0.14 per Application
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We Apply Your Pre-Roll Tube Labels, Automated Labeling, Designed, Affordable,


We Apply Your Pre-Roll Tube Labels:
You save time, money, and frustation
Automated Labeling:
We've automated the tube labeling process to achieve cost-effective, accurate labeling on our pre-roll tubes every time.
With perfect custom die-cut label to match slight taper of pre-roll tubes - this means straighter, better looking custom branding
You save money when you label your tubes with us - no need to invest in equipment or labor. We can label your pre-roll tubes cheaper

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Joint Tube Label Application and Service

We label the pre-roll tubes so you don't have to! Save money and time!

We're now proud to offer the service of joint tube labeling at Custom Cones USA! When you choose to have us label your tubes - you save yourself money and time. You save yourself money by not having to invest in joint tube labeling equipment while you test at and expand your pre-roll line. You save yourself time but not having to have your employees hand label each tube. 

We print our labels on 2.4mil white pearlized BOPP with an ultra-strong adhesive meant for round containers in oily environments. This is especially important with joint tubes as we have seen too many pre-rolls containers at the dispensary with flagging labels or labels peeling off due to weak adhesives. With our joint tube labels there is nothing to worry about - it will fit your 116mm pre-roll tube and look perfect!

a closeup of white hemp papers

Ultra-Strong Joint Tube Label Adhesive

A common mistake when starting your pre-roll line is using the wrong adhesive for your joint tube labels. Many don't realize that the standard adhesive won't stand up to a cannabis production environment along with the tight radius of the pre-roll tube. We use an ultra-strong adhesive meant for labelling joint tubes - these labels won't come off. 

Three cigarette tubes stacked in a triangle with hollow tip filters

Tube Labels Tapered for the 116mm Joint Tube

We've designed our labels for the 116mm pre-roll joint tubes! This means that your labels will look better than ever. Your branding will look perfectly straight when you apply the label to the tube. 

a closeup of cream filter paper

Variety of Finish Options

To further stand out, you have options from Glossy, Matte, Metallic Foil, and UV Touch. With full color printing on the label, you can put any design on the labels, and with these different finish options, it will make it look pop even more!