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​Best Blunt Tube Packaging for Your Pre-Rolled Blunt Brand

​Best Blunt Tube Packaging for Your Pre-Rolled Blunt Brand

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Dec 9th 2020

A pre-rolled blunt is not your average pre-rolled joint.

Typically made with a hemp wrap blunt cone or natural palm leaf blunt tube, pre-roll blunts are larger and typically more flavorful with a full-bodied smoke compared to a regular rolling paper joint.

Since pre-rolled blunts are a more premium pre-roll product, you will want to make sure your blunt packaging matches your product quality and overall branding. The most common blunt tube packaging is the standard pop-top tube, also known as a plastic blunt tube; however, as the cannabis market continues to mature, you will want to make sure your blunt tube packaging is unique.

So let’s talk about some unique blunt tube options that will ensure your products stand out on dispensary store shelves.

Glass Tubes with Cork Caps

If your state does not require your blunt tubes to be child resistant, then glass tubes with cork caps are a great option to showcase your premium pre-rolled blunt products.

Compared to plastic blunt tubes, glass tubes are clearer, heavier, and offer a more premium look and feel. Standard width glass tubes are perfect for single pre-rolled blunts and wide glass tubes can even be used for 2-packs of pre-rolled blunts.

When it comes to custom branding on glass blunt tubes with cork caps, custom labels are your best bet. Custom tube labels can be designed to cover the entire tube or leave a window to see your beautiful pre-rolled blunt or custom filter tips.

A tamper-evident seal can easily be added by applying a custom sticker over the cork cap. Some brands even use their required legal sticker as the tamper evident seal by placing this label partially over the blunt tube and cork cap.

It’s important to remember that glass tubes with cork caps are transparent and not child resistant. Not only do some states require certified child resistant blunt tubes, but some states even require your blunt tubes be opaque as well, meaning you cannot see through the packaging.

Glass Tubes with Child Resistant Caps

If having a child resistant blunt tube is the law for your state, we also carry elegant glass blunt tubes that feature a child resistant cap. Available in clear glass, as well as matte white and matte black, these glass blunt tubes have you covered whether or not your state requires your packaging to be opaque or not!

The clear glass blunt tube can come with either a smooth black CR cap or a CR cap with ridges, which makes the packaging slightly easier to grip and open. The black matte blunt tube comes with a smooth black matching cap, while the white matte blunt tube comes with a smooth white matching cap.

These glass blunt tubes have a standard opening, meaning they work best for single pre-rolled blunts and just like the glass tubes with cork caps - the best way to brand these premium glass tubes is with custom labels.

Glass Tube Multi-Pack Jar with Bamboo Lid

As multi-packs get more and more popular, we expect blunt multi-packs to start taking off as well. It’s hard to find blunt tubes for larger multi-packs, but this wide glass blunt tube can fit up to 11 pre-rolls blunts! With a total height of 126mm, this glass multi-pack option works best for 5-11 total pre-rolls and we suggest filling with the king size 109mm blunt or 98mm .7 gram blunt size.

A unique idea would be to design a die-cut shape into the label, so customers can see the premium blunts within your packaging. These glass jars are not child resistant, so keep that in mind and if you want to add a tamper evident seal, that is easy with a custom label or even the legal label.

Super Seal Pre-Rolled Blunt Tubes

Our Super Seal line of pre-rolled tubes make the perfect blunt tube with their patented Super Seal cap! The Super Seal cap is not only air tight and child resistant, but as you close the tube for the first time, a tamper evident seal is engaged in the same sealing motion.

These luxury blunt tubes come in 3 sizes/styles - the 100mm tube, 120mm tube, and the 113mm cone shaped tube. The 100mm and 120mm are a standard tube shape with rounded bottom, whereas the 113mm size is a taper cone shape with narrow bottom. These blunt tubes merchandise best standing upside on their cap, laying down on a retail shelf, or in a custom POP display box.

The 120mm tube and 113mm cone tube work great for king size blunts, with the 120mm having a little extra room to accommodate those blunts with added wood or glass filter tips. The 100mm size is best for half gram blunts or smaller sized natural leaf palm blunts. For custom branding, we would suggest custom labels and custom POP display boxes.

Ocean-Recycled Plastic Tubes

If you are looking for an eco-friendly packaging option for your blunt tubes, look no further than our recycled plastic tubes made from reclaimed ocean plastic.

Compared to standard pop-top plastic tubes, these joint tubes are made from reclaimed ocean plastic. Compared to the pop-top style opening, these tubes have a line-up cap, which once in the right position can be snapped off.

Available in two sizes - the 78mm tube is best for half gram blunts or mini palm blunts and the 110mm size is best for blunts ranging from .7 grams up to 1 gram. Both of these sizes are wide enough to fit 2 pre rolled blunts in a zig-zag orientation!

These tubes are currently only available in white and are best branded with custom labels and custom POP display boxes. We can even assist with custom label applications where we apply the labels for you!

Wide and Extra Wide Pop-Top Tubes

Ever look at a standard pop-top doob tube and wish you could fit more than 2 pre-rolls in there?

Well with our wide and extra wide pop-top tubes, you can now fit 3 blunts in the wide size and up to 5 blunts in the extra wide size. These blunt tubes look just like normal pop-tops, they are just a couple millimeters shorter than the standard 116mm size pop-top and much wider, making them perfect for multi-packs.

Both these wide and extra wide blunt tubes are best branded with custom labels and custom POP display boxes. If you need any help with your branding or blunt packaging, our team of expert designers is here to help!

Custom Branding Options

Once you have your blunt tubes picked out, you now get to work on the fun part - custom branding! When it comes to branding blunt tubes, the two most popular options are labels and shrink sleeves. Additionally, POP display boxes can be used to further enhance your branding and retail presence.

Custom Labels for Blunt Tubes

Custom labels are the best for branding almost any type of blunt tube, because they are fully customizable, affordable, and easy to apply by hand or machine. We have custom die-lines for every style and sized tube, so you never need to worry about if your labels will fit your tubes or not. Our in-house design team can also work with you to ensure your design is perfect and ready to print, no matter what stage in the branding process you are at.

We offer a label application service on some of our tubes, so if you want your custom labels pre-applied to your blunt tubes for you, ask one of our Pre-Roll Experts about our custom label application service. If you want to keep things in-house, we also offer a wide array of tube labeling machines to make your labeling process as easy as possible.

Custom Shrink Sleeves for Blunt Tubes

Custom shrink sleeves are like custom labels, but they cover your blunt tube from top to bottom and edge to edge, as well as shrink sleeves act as a tamper evident seal once applied. Additionally, hand applying shrink sleeves is nearly effortless with our shrink sleeve sealing machine.

Some brands prefer shrink sleeves, as they encompass the entire blunt tube and provide more area for branding. Not to mention the built in tamper evident seal makes packaging and compliance a breeze for your staff.

Custom POP Display Boxes

The last step for any great pre-rolled blunt packaging is making sure your product will stand out on store shelves. Point-of-purchase (POP) display boxes are a great way to attract more eye-balls to your blunts and these make it easier for dispensary staff to unpack and display your pre-rolled blunts.

Custom POP display boxes can be sized to fit any style and size blunt tube, plus we can custom die-cut any shape at the top to match your brand!

At Custom Cones USA, we are the Pre-Roll Experts! Shop all Pre-Roll Packaging.