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2 Gram Pre-Rolled Tendu Leaf Blunt Wraps- Natural Toasted Palm Leaf Wrap [30 per box]

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Price per Tube:
As low as 29 cents per tube!
Box Size:
30 Tendu pre rolled palm leaf tubes per box
Paper Type:
Tendu Palm Leaf
Pre-Roll Weight:
2 grams
Machines Compatible:
Fast Fill 55 and 121, Sluice Box (custom tray)
Fully Customizable Cigar Bands with any design/logo!

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Pre-Rolled Toasted Tendu Palm Leaf Blunt Wraps

2 Gram King Size Toasted Tendu Leaf Blunt Wraps

Our Toasted Tendu palm blunts are very similar to our Cordia leaf blunts, popular known as "palm leaf blunts." However, the big difference is the type of leaf used and how the leaves are cured - the tendu leaves are toasted, removing chlorophyll and other plant components, which creates a super smooth and subtle taste. However, this doesn’t interfere with the taste of your flower, instead it compliments the flavor. The tendu palm blunts are a lighter color than the traditional "palm blunts," but this lighter leaf actually has a smoother flavor profile. Our Toasted Tendu palm leaf blunts are a perfect substitute for blunt smokers looking to stray away from tobacco. They contain zero glue, are slow burning, and could be customized to reach blunt sizes from a half gram to 10 grams. Tired of King Palm branding? Our stock tendu and cordia palm blunts come with a plain cigar band and if you want a custom branded palm blunt, we can do that no problem.

king plam style palm blunts
a close-up of the tendu leaf blunts

Toasted Tendu Leaf

The Tendu leaf is carefully cured, removing chlorophyll and other plant components, which actually makes it smoother burning than traditional "palm blunts." Our Toasted Tendu palm style blunts are a lighter color than our Cordia Palm Leaf Blunts, so expect a beautiful matte light green leaf with our Toasted Tendu palm blunts compared to a dark and shiny green leaf, as with our Cordia plam blunts.


Slow Burning

Made famous by the King Palm line, our Toasted Tendu palm blunts are similar to their Cordia leaf style smokes, but a lighter green and with more of a matte look. They are just a slow burning and customers typically prefer the Toasted Tendu flavor of the Cordia palm leaf flavor! However, we offer both leaf styles for our customers!

a closeup of the corn husk filters on the tendu leaf blunts

100% Natural

With our cornhusk filters, there are no worries on flower going through, while being perfect for the milky smoke to come through. They are 100% Natural, along with all our leaves, and reduces any harshness. These filters are the most durable and effective in all gram palm leaves. Each blunt wrap contains no glue, is chemical free, and are the highest quality natural option on the market!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can you do custom size palm leaf wraps?

Yes, we can make custom size pre-rolled palm leaf wraps and do custom branding as well. We can make any size wrap from customizing the crutch length and width to customizing the crown diameter of the cone or tube. We recommend 109mm cones for 1 gram blunts, 98mm cones for 3/4 grams, and 84mm cones for 1/2 gram mini blunts. With palms, you can scale larger and make much larger capacity pre-rolls.

+What is the filter made of?

The filter that comes inside of the palm leaf tubes if a cornhusk filter which allows excellent filtration and gives a premium appearance. The cornhusk gives the perfect resistance for milky smoke while still prohibiting any flower from falling through.

+ What are your palm leaf wraps made from?

The Cordia leaf comes from the Borage family, giving it an earthy, subtle taste. However, this doesn’t interfere with the taste of your flower, instead it compliments the flavor. These are thicker than traditional paper pre-rolls and burn slightly slower, yet equally as smooth. 

+ What kind of glue do you use to seal your palm leaf wraps?

Our palm leaf wraps are sealed with a band (customizable), rather than glue. There is no glue used to make our leaf tubes.

+ Are the palm leaf wraps moisture/humidity sensitive?

Yes, just like your flower, the hemp in the blunt cone is moisture-sensitive. We do everything we can from the production process to the packaging to keep your wraps fresh.

+ How should I store the palm leaf wraps? 

All of our palm leaf wrap cones and tubes should be stored in the original packaging and should be sealed when not in use. They should not be left out or they will dry out. They should be stored at room-temperature or colder and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The tubes are moisture sensitive and so should be kept at a stable humidity (~50-60% RH). If they are left in an overly-dry environment (<50% RH) they will become crispy and if they are left in an overly damp environment (>70% RH) they will mold. The storing methods are similar to your flower! Also, a boveda pack will help with maintaining the freshness.

+ How do I seal the tops of the palm leaf tubes?

You won't be able to seal the palm leaf tubes by twisting them - they are thicker than standard joint papers. Since they are hand-packing pre-roll tubes, simply securely pack your flower to the brim of the tube opening and no product should fall out.

+ Can I get custom branding on my leaf wraps?

Yes, we can do an externally wrapped sticker in a cigar band style at the base of the pre-roll. You can also get metallic or solid color stickers with any custom printing. Please contact us on our custom pre-rolled cone page to learn more. 

+What is the MOQ for custom palm leaf tubes?

The minimum order quantity for custom palm leaf tubes is 10,000.

+ How much flower fits into the palm leaf wraps?

Dependent on the size of the tube, you can pack a wide range of flower quantities. Each product page has information about the pre-roll capacity/sizes.