Pre-Rolled Smoking Tubes


Pre-rolled tubes can mean a couple of different things in the pre-roll world! There are tubes for pre-roll packaging, like our child resistant pop-top tubes, glass pre-roll tubes, or our recycled ocean plastic tubes. If a pre roll tube isn’t for packaging a pre-rolled tubes can be the actual pre-roll, like a cigarette style tubes or our pre-rolled Artisan tubes, which are the same size and shape as a cigarette, but made with rolling paper and a paper filter.  We can also make pre-rolled tubes out of our hemp wrap, as well as botanical blunts like goji berry!

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Pre-Rolled Smoking Tubes

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Pre-Rolled Tubes - Why our Pre-Rolled Tubes?

Pre-Rolled Tube Types


Artisan Tubes

Our Artisan Tubes are cigarette-like in shape, but they are made from a thinner paper. Rather than cigarette paper, Artisan Tubes use ultra-thin pre-roll rolling paper for a clean and tasteless smoking experience that allows the taste of our cannabis to shine through. They are available with a classy spiral-tip filter, or if you're looking for a more luxury option, we offer artisan tubes with glass filters. These are easy to customize, from custom sizes to filter tips and cigar bands! Choose from refined white paper, unrefined brown paper, or 100% natural hemp paper.

Cigarette-Style Tubes

Cigarette-Style Tubes are designed to be discreet and feel familiar. They use a thicker paper than our Artisan Tubes, and the filters are specifically designed for use with cannabis and hemp, making sure to maximize the terpenes that come through while still providing a smooth toke for the user. Choose from a standard filter, high-flow filter, hollow-tip filter, or a hemp filter. All of these options allow for large hits with lots of flavor, and they efficiently cool the smoke for an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

Hemp Wrap Tubes

Available in standard brown and premium green, our hemp wraps offer a richer, fuller smoking experience than traditional paper cones. Made with all-natural hemp wraps, these tubes allow the flavor of your cannabis or hemp to star the show, and are completely free of THC and tobacco. The only difference between the brown and the green hemp wraps is the point of time in the lifecycle of the plant that it is harvested. Brown hemp plants have had longer to mature and are used for standard hemp wraps. Premium green hemp wraps, on the other hand, are made from plants that were harvested younger.

Natural Leaf Wrap Blunt Tubes

The cordia palm leaf comes from the borage family of palms, which provides a subtle and earthy flavor that complements the taste of cannabis. Our Cordia Palm Leaf Blunts are ideal for those seeking a high-end, natural look. With a cornhusk filter tip and natural feel, these are sure to help your product stand out on dispensary shelves. Our Tendu Leaf Blunts are tailor-made for those seeking to create a high-end, natural pre-roll. These slow-burning blunts enhance the flavor of your pre-roll without interfering with your flowers’ terpenes. They have a more muted green than the Cordia Palm Blunts, and have a softer feel and slimmer profile, along with a little more flexibility. Both of these natural blunt options are curated using a natural drying process, and no glue is used to help them keep their shape!

Tube Sizes

Our Pre-Rolled Tube Types:

  • Artisan Tubes - Made from ultra-thin rolling papers designed for cannabis, artisan tubes provide a smooth and tasteless smoke that allows the taste of your cannabis to come through unadulterated.
  • Cigarette-Style Tubes - Designed to resemble a cigarette, these pre-roll tubes are a discreet option associated with luxury brands because of the premium feel each tube has. 
  • Hemp Wrap - These classic brown hemp wrap tubes offer a full, rich smoking experience. Made with all-natural hemp wraps, these blunt cones don’t have any additives or artificial flavoring and are free of THC and tobacco.
  • Hybrid Hemp Wrap - By combining the perfect blend of paper pulp and natural hemp, we have created a perfectly balanced pre-rolled cone that looks and feels like a blunt, but with all the benefits of traditional pre-rolled cones.
  • Cordia Palm Leaf Blunts - Cordia Palm Leaf Blunts are slow-burning and provide a great alternative to tobacco-based blunts. They are rich in flavor and made from a whole palm leaf.
  • Tendu Palm Leaf Blunts - These have a more muted green than the Cordia Palm Blunts, and have a softer feel and slimmer profile, along with a little more flexibility. They are free from any glue and provide a natural look and feel to your product.


Heavy Metals

Compliance and safety testing always comes first and Custom Cones USA. All our pre-rolled cone materials are carefully tested for heavy metals, from the rolling paper used in the pre-rolled cones, to the filter paper in the custom tips. Our pre-rolled cone factories are held to the strictest quality standards and each pre-rolled cone paper type has been tested to the strictest USA and Canadian testing standards.


Our pre-rolled cones and pre-rolled blunts are all tested for pesticides to ensure your pre-rolled cones and blunts are compliant. We have detailed reports for all of our items, so you can check to make sure they will be compliant in your state/country. Each state's regulations are different and ever-changing, but our team of Pre-Roll Experts i sready to help with any project!

Batch Testing

All our pre-rolled cones come with batch labels, which help identify the exact factory and production line, as well as the date those pre-rolled cones were produced. This level of traceability allows our pre-rolled cones to pass the strictest regulations and compliance issues. We also offer batch testing services on custom branded pre-rolled cone orders for additional fees, if you are working in the strictest international industries.

Customization Options

Custom Branded Cigar Bands

Adding a custom cigar band to your blunt provides a premium look and feel that will make your product memorable and recognizable on the shelf. To add your logo to a cigar band, reach out to our sales team and ask about custom branding! We can add gold foil, spot UV, and die-cut shapes to make these blunts entirely your own.

Custom External Wraps

The external wrap is a sticker that covers the outside of the filter and allows colors to pop while adding a clean, professional look to any blunt tube or blunt cone. To add your branding to an external wrap, reach out to our sales team and ask about custom branding! We can add gold foil, spot UV, and die-cut shapes to make these blunts entirely your own.

Premium Filter Options

We have a filter for every occasion! Easily customize your spiral tips, or add a glass tip for a luxury feel! Cornhusk filters provide an attractive natural draw, and wood tips will keep consumers coming back for more.

Frequently Asked Questions 



+ How much flower fits into a pre-rolled tube?

Our standard 109mm cone is perfect for 1-gram sizes. We also offer 84mm cones, which are great for half-grams, and 98mm cones that fit three quarters of a gram. As for the tubes, the Rollie blunts will hold a half-gram, the 9mm wide tubes will hold one gram of flower, and the 11mm wide tubes will hold two grams of flower.

+ What are your blunt wraps made from?

Our blunt wraps are responsibly sourced and made from the highest quality materials. The hemp wraps are made of all-natural hemp; the hybrid hemp is made from a mixture of hemp and paper; the tendu leaf blunts are made from a tendu leaf'; the Cordia palm leaf blunts are made from palm leaves; and the botanical blunts are made from a blend of all-natural materials.


+ What certifications are available for the pre-rolled tubes?

All of our pre-rolled cones have two certifications - a quality certification as well as a food-grade certification. Further we have an FSC-certification for the rolling paper which verifies that the raw materials used were sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. Our pre-rolled cone manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified and all our pre-rolled cones are traceable to the exact date and production line which produced the cones.