Glass Filter Tips - Cylinder Shape - 10mm x 30mm [100 Tips/Case]

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10mm diameter x 30mm length
Case Quantity:
100 Glass Filter Tips per bag
Perfect For:
Hand rolled blunts and joints
Compatible with:
Our cigar rolling machine

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Glass Filter Tips - Cylinder Shape - 10mm x 30mm [100 Tips/Case]
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Glass Filter Tips

Bulk glass filter tips for pre-rolls

If you are rolling premium hand rolled joints or making cannagars, you are probably using some sort of premium filter tip. Since many of our customers are using our Cigar Rolling Machine and bobbins of our hemp wrap, we were getting tons of requests for bulk, wholesale glass filter tips. Our glass filter tips are made with high-quality glass and are shipped in protective bubble wrapped bundles of 100 glass filter tips per pack! If you are looking for high quantity of wholesale glass filter tips, just reach out and ask about higher quantities of glass tips.


Glass Filter Tips for Blunts

These bulk glass filter tips are perfect for hand rolled joints and blunts. Simply place the glass filter tip in your joint roller and you can easily roll a premium pre-roll with a glass filter tip. Bundle these glass filter tips with hemp wrap bobbins or our cigar rolling machine for even more savings!


Custom Sizes & Branding

Glass filter tips can be made in nearly any size, so if you are looking for a different sized or shaped glass filter tip, just let us know. Besides custom sizes and shapes, we can also custom color the glass filter tips, as well as print your brand or logo on the filter tip.


Premium Pre-Roll Product

Glass filter tips help turn an ordinary pre-roll into a premium pre-roll! As pre-rolls get more and more popular, companies need to differentiate and stand out with unique pre-roll products. If you are curious about adding premium pre-rolls to your product line, glass filter tips are a fast and easy start.