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Hemp wrap bobbins are wholesale, bulk hempwraps that are still uncut in one large roll. If you are rolling cannagars or other hand rolled cannabis products, you may be buying consumer hemp wraps in small packs, opening those up and using those to roll your products. Not only are you paying way more money than you should be, but it's more time consuming to open up and throw away all that consumer packaging. We offer two type of hemp wrap bobbins - a toasted brown hemp wrap and a deep green hemp wrap. Both hemp wrap bobbins are of the highest quality, the only difference is in the color - they both taste and burn incredibly smooth and slow. Bulk, wholesale hemp wrap bobbins are best used in our blunt rolling machine, which allows you to roll any size blunt. We also sell the glass tips or other tips for use in hand rolled, premium blunts. 

Hemp Wrap Bobbins

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