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Perfectly rolls premium joints, blunts, or cigars .
Consistent compression, fully customizable, perfect roll.
Creative Control:
Use glass tips, wood tips, or add cigar bands.
Needs to be mounted into a table.
16 in x 12 in x 6 in

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Semi-Automatic Cigar Rolling Machine

Rolls perfect joints, blunts, and cigars

The semi-automatic cigar rolling machine is perfect for craft producers who are looking to produce a pre-roll joint which will differentiate their brand by creating a one-of-a-kind smoking experience. Our cigar rolling machine is a hand operated, fully-customizable Lieberman used by premium hand-rolled cigar manufacturers around the world. The cigar rolling machine makes it easy to quickly produce consistent tube shaped pre-roll joints which you can further customize with glass tips, wood tips, ceramic tips, cigar bands, and more! Once you master the art of rolling cigars with our cigar rolling machine – you will be able to produce pre-rolls which live up to the quality flower you grow.

lieberman blunt rolling machine

Equal Compression

The main benefit of using a Lieberman style cigar rolling machine is producing a pre-roll which has perfectly even compression throughout its length. This even compression creates a smoking experience where the draw has perfect resistance so that you can take large flavorful hits with minimal harshness. Our cigar rolling machine allows you to consistently produce the same compression every single time. This means higher quality premium pre-rolls which you can market for higher price points.

blunt rolling machine

Fully Customizable

With this machine you are able to produce a pre-roll that is up to 12 inches in length with a diameter of up to 27mm (1 in). You can customize the amount of compression in order to change the draw on the pre-roll. You can further customize your pre-roll with our wood tips, glass tips and cigar bands. We can also provide cellophane tubes which will protect your pre-rolls from dust and provide a moisture barrier to prevent terpene loss.

joint rolling machine

Increased Output

There are many producers out there currently producing products in this format by hand-rolling or using a non-commercial Lieberman device. Our cigar rolling machine allows you to achieve higher output due to the absolute ease when pulling the handles to roll the cigar. This reduces stress on the operator who can in turn achieve higher output. Further, the consistency of final product from the machine means lower waste rates and less re-work.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can this machine produce joints?

Yes, you can use with any type of paper or hemp wrap. This cigar rolling machine could also be called a joint rolling machine.

+ How quickly can I learn to use this cigar rolling machine?

This cigar rolling machine is not a plug and play machine. It does take time to learn how to both calibrate and operate. To learn how to operate the machine it takes only 30 minutes to 1 hour to be able to produce consistent pre-rolls at a fair pace. To learn how to calibrate the machine to a specific size and compression it can take up to 3 to 4 hours to learn the basics.

+ What is the output of this cigar rolling machine?

As the machine is hand operated the output of cigar rolling machine depends on how experienced the operator is, how difficult the cigar is to roll, is the material pre-weighed or not, and how sticky the material is. An experienced operator producing a 2-3 gram blunt, with pre-weighed material and using a strain which is not exceptionally sticky (gorilla glue types) can make approximately 30 cigars per hour.

+ How can a brand make money with a hand operated cigar rolling machine?

The quality of the product this cigar rolling machine produces can really only be understood by trying the final product. No other method of rolling can produce the quality of smoke that this rolling machine will produce. Therefore, you can charge a premium price for this product - we’ve seen products made by this machine retail in dispensaries for anywhere from $20 - $100.

+ Where can I get bulk paper to produce my pre-rolls?

We can supply you with rolls of rolling paper as well as hemp wrap so you can cut costs by purchasing bulk quantities of paper and hemp wrap. These are rolls of paper so they do need to be cut down to the correct sizes at your facility. If you would like bulk quantities of cut sheets please contact us for further information.

+ Where can I purchase bulk quantities of cigar rolling glue?

We can supply you with cigar rolling glue as well as acacia gum both of which are frequently used by manufacturers around the world. Contact us for further information.

+ How much space is required for this machine?

While the Lieberman itself doesn’t take up very much space it does need to mounted into a dedicated table. So the machine takes up as much space as the table you mount it into – keeping in mind there should be enough space for the operator to have room to store raw materials.