Custom Pre-Rolled Cones - 3D Mockup Designer (3D Render Only)

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70mm, 84mm, 98mm- Reefer, 98mm- Classic, 109mm
Pre-Roll Shape:
26mm Crutch
Classic Filter Tip

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70mm dogwalker refined white rice paper
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Customized Pre-Rolled Cone and Instant 3D Mockups

Custom pre-roll cones are an excellent way to enhance your pre-rolled cones and make your brand stand out among all the competitors. This Instant 3D Mockup tool allows you to see what a pre-roll cone will look like with your custom branding before placing an order for custom cones with our sales team. Select a paper type and play around with different colors and graphic placement on the filter tip to get a feel for what your branding will look like on a custom cone. This is only a 3D mock-up, not physically printed mock-ups. If you like what you see, contact us today for a custom quote and to get your custom cones ordered! 

Step One - Select Your Cone

Select the size and paper type for your cone. You can choose from refined white paper, natural brown paper, and 100% organic hemp paper. For the size of your cone, you can decide between 70mm dogwalkers, 84mm half-grams, 98mm reefer-sized half-grams, 98mm three-quarters-gram, and 109mm full-gram King. Play around with different sizes and paper types to find which style works best for your cones! Once your cone type is selected, hit the Customize Now Button.

Step Two - Design Your Cone

Upload an image and adjust the scaling and position with your mouse! You can also add text and view previous designs you've made. If you would like to change your cone size or type, selecting the Product Variations will automatically adjust the filter you've uploaded to fit a new cone size or paper type so you can easily toggle between product options. Make sure to save your design to come back to it for reference, or download a PDF version!

Step Three - Order Your Cones

If you like what you see, contact our team to bring your design to life! Our graphic design team can use your designs as references when designing your custom cones. And don't forget about our custom labels and packaging to complement your cones and capitalize on your brand's unique branding to make your product stand out on the shelf!