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98mm Reefer - 1/2 Gram Pre-Rolled Cones

With it’s ability to pack both half gram and 3/4 grams, the 98mm Reefers is one of the most versatile pre rolled cone on the market. It’s well tested opening diameter has been tailored to allow easy filling in any cone packing machine, but also gives it’s sleek look. It is perfect for personal joints, as the half gram makes the joint longer, but would still have the same amounts. The 98mm Reefers also makes all packaging much easier, as it’s leaner diameter allows you to pack multiple half gram joints in all our child resistant packaging or premium cigarette boxes. You can break up 3.5 grams in 7 joints without having to worry about making your packaging much bigger! 

The 98mm Reefers can come in all paper types of Unrefined Brown, Refined White, and 100% Organic Hemp. All our cones are Phase 3 complaint, in addition to being free of all heavy metals, toxins, or additives. You can also add a bio-cooling tip, which fits perfect to the lean size of the joint, and gives an even modern look. It also is an eco-friendly friendly, allowing your brand to be in the forefront of the health conscious surge that is happening. The spiral tips can also be an option on the reefers, which with our ultra fine French papers, makes the burning of the 98mm simply spectacular.  

You can also customize the length of the Reefer cones to be short, while still maintaining the leaner opening diameter. This gives you the option of creating short Dogwalkers, that still have look at the stock reefer. You can then pack even more joints in a single packaging. You can then use all our cone packing machines to easily pack each customized cone! Here at Custom Cones USA we tailor the measurements to exactly what you are looking for and offer the highest quality cones on the market!

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98mm Reefer - 1/2 Gram Pre-Rolled Cones

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