Custom Plastic Packaging

labeled tubes

Custom Labeled Tubes

Plastic doob tubes are the tried and true workhorse of the pre-roll cannabis industry. You can’t go wrong! We have printed millions of pre-roll labels for pop-top doob tubes, we can make custom sizes and print any label. Our custom pre-roll labels come with a slight taper, which perfectly matches the slight taper on the joint or blunt tube. This taper ensures your pre-roll labels are applied perfectly straight and an ultra-strong adhesive makes sure they adhere to the packaging. We have several options to assist you in applying your labels. You can apply them by hand, of course, or purchase one of our tube labeling machines. If those don’t work, you can utilize our Joint Tube Labeling Service.

custom slider box

Custom Slider Boxes

The Slider Box is a great eco-friendly option for pre-roll multi-packs. With a fully customizable outer sleeve, you can also choose between a glossy finish or natural kraft brown inner tray. For a full eco-friendly look, you can do the entire pre-roll package in kraft brown paper. The inner tray can be customized to hold any number or size of pre-rolls. You can also add an inner pre-roll tray insert, which will help keep your pre-roll secure, as well as add a premium look and feel to your pre-roll multi pack packaging.

ocean tubes

Custom Ocean Tubes

Our Custom Ocean Tubes use pre-roll tubes recycled from ocean plastic, which was recovered from the ocean. Like our other packaging, we can direct-print and bring your brand to life on an ocean tube. If you are a sustainable, eco-conscious pre-roll brand or if sustainability is an important part of your brand, then you can walk your talk with these ocean recycled plastic pre-roll tubes. These tubes come in two size: 110mm and 78mm tall. The 110mm tube is perfect for up to full gram pre-rolls and can hold up to two joints. These tubes feature an align-and-pop closure that is highly secure and safe.

snap pack

Custom Snap Pack

The Pre-Roll Snap Pack is an affordable and recognizable packaging option for pre-roll multipacks. It’s reminiscent of the classic cigarette package but is made of durable plastic. This pre-roll packaging can hold up to 10 half-gram 84mm cones. The pre-roll snap-pack is certified child resistant and the plug-seal on the cap of the packaging helps to keep your flower fresh in each pre-roll. The pre-roll packaging ergonomic design allows it to comfortably fit in your pocket and feel natural in your hand.

multipack jars and tubes

Custom Multi-Pack Jars & Tubes

Pack up and leave your troubles behind with custom multi-pack jars and tubes. With a variety of sizes to hold as many pre-rolls as you need, you can’t go wrong with multi-pack jars. These jars and tubes can showcase your branding across all 360 degrees of surface area. You can work with our Custom Design Team to elevate the jars, so they draw in the customers. Multi-pack jars keep the good times rolling for one and all. The jar's durable plastic construction ensures all contents make it to their destination safely.

Crativ cases

Custom Crativ Cases

The Crativ Clamshell Case is as discrete as it is tough. We carry the OG and Slim sizes and if you think they look good on our site, just wait until you get your branding on there! The strong, food-grade polypropylene construction will keep the contents fresh, while still standing up to just about anything it encounters. The ergonomic shapes helps it to feel great in your hands and easy to slide in your pocket. The Crativ Clamshell Case features a dynamic push-to-open, child-resistant closure that reduces frustration for those trying to open, while still protecting kids trying to get in.