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Top Pre-Rolls of 2021 By State

Top Pre-Rolls of 2021 By State

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Dec 30th 2021

As the year comes to a close, our team at Custom Cones USA wanted to dive in and share some of the top THC pre-rolls in each state. These pre-rolls have taken innovation into a new level and given customers the best experience when smoking their products. These brands are revolutionizing the world of cannabis, paving the way as pioneers in this ever-evolving industry.


Top Pre-Roll: OG Chem 1g Pre-Roll by Phat Panda

A Phat Panda original, OG Chem holds a special place in the heart of the Washington cannabis market. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by crossing Chem Dog with OG Kush, and is known to provide a euphoric boost in mood as well as artistic inspiration. Tasting of diesel and pine, this potent strain is popular among veteran users and newbies alike! This 1g pre-roll is stored in a pop-top tube with Phat Panda’s classic branding.

Find it at Commencement Bay Cannabis in Fife, WA for $6.00!

Top Infused Pre-Roll: Seattle Berry .8g Infused Pre-Roll by Juicy Joints

Infused with 90% THC distillate and kief inside, this hybrid flavored infused pre-roll from Juicy Joints isn’t for the faint of heart! Tasting of marionberries, this potent heavy-hitter is packed full of flavor. The packaging boasts 100% full flower, avoiding the shake and trim many other value brand pre-roll companies pack into their cones. This .8g pre-roll is stored in a pop-top tube that sports Seattle’s iconic Space Needle.

Find it at Cascade Herb Company in Bellingham, WA for $6.00!


Top Pre-Roll: Wedding Cake Pre-Rolls 14pk by Pacific Stone

Formerly called Frost Indica, Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid that leaves users locked to the couch in a state of elated relaxation, prone to conversation and creativity. It is a combination of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints, bringing the best qualities of each parent to the table. Orange and purple contrast on a sleek black tin featuring Pacific Stone's easy-to-recognize branding. Open this classy pre-roll tin to find 14 half-gram pre-rolls, ripe and ready for smoking!

Find it at MediThrive Dispensary in San Francisco, CA for $43.00!

Top Infused Pre-Roll: Peach Ringz 2.5g Infused Baby Pre-Rolls by Jeeter

Jeeter has cultivated a dogwalker pre-roll that packs a potent punch! Open up this jar to find five tasty half-gram pre-rolls that have been dipped in concentrate and rolled in kief. A fusion of Marionberry and Eddy OG parent strains, this potent strain isn’t for beginner smokers. This candy-sweet indica-dominant hybrid tastes of its peachy namesake and is known to induce a state of pure chill, perfect for winding down towards the end of the night.

Find it at Holistic Healing Collective in Richmond, CA for $34.00!


This skunky blend combines genetics from Poison Princess, Lemon Skunk, and Primus for the ultimate hybrid experience. Known to inspire fits of giggles, Primal Le Pew may also have users reaching for the snacks as the munchies take over before lulling them into a deep sleep. With a focus on the medicinal benefits of cannabis, Green Tree Medicinals has put their best foot forward with these pre-rolls!

Find it at Green Tree Medicinals in Berthoud, CO for $5.52!

Top Infused Pre-Roll: Hybrid 1.5g Infused Pre-Roll by Kaviar

Kaviar Cones infuse their premium flower pre-rolls with hash oil before rolling them in kief. Their custom glass tips make for a supremely smooth smoking experience. Boasting THC ranges from 30-50%, no two batches of Kaviar are the same. Expect a unique smoking experience with each toke!

Find it at Rocky Road Original in Colorado Springs, CO for $24.00!


Top Pre-Roll: Modified Banana .6g Pre-Roll by Shango

In one of the most expensive, competitive markets in the United States cannabis market, Shango provides a quality pre-roll at a budget price. Tucked into a convenient pop-top tube, these pre-rolls are kept fresh and ready to light. Modified Bananas brings together legendary GMO BX and Banana OG to create a one-of-a-kind indica that is known for its heavyset stoniness and for inducing the munchies.

Find it at Shango in Las Vegas, NV for $9.00!

Top Infused Pre-Roll: Candyland Motivators 1g Infused Pre-Roll by Cannavative

Cannavative is bringing their A-game with their flower and honeycomb infused Motivator infused pre-rolls! Candyland is a strain bred by crossing Granddaddy Purple with Platinum GSC, resulting in a peppy sativa-dominant hybrid that will help users get up and moving, inspiring lots of giggles and good times. Stored in a classic pop-top tube emblazoned with the Motivators line, these terpy pre-rolls are a great choice to take the party a little higher.

Find it at The Sanctuary in Las Vegas, NV for $25.00!


Top Pre-Roll: Kush Mints 1g Pre-Roll Blunt by Lucky Lion

Top Pre-Roll: Kush Mints 1g Pre-Roll Blunt by Lucky Lion

These classy hemp wrap blunts have taken Oregon by storm! With a custom branded cigar wrap and child-proof glass pre-roll tubes, users enjoy a luxury smoking experience at a cost-friendly price. Kush Mints is a cookie strain bred by combining fan-favorites Animal Mints and Bubba Kush, resulting in a sweet indica-dominant hybrid that perfectly complements the sweet earthiness of the hemp wrap blunt.

Find it at Pacific Gold Cannabis in Portland, OR for $10.00!

Top Infused Pre-Roll: Sativa Trebles Infused Pre-Roll 2-Pack 1g by Decibel Farms

With two half-gram pre-rolls tucked into a sleek pop-top tube featuring a classic treble clef with Decibel Farms’ branding, these infused pre-rolls are perfect for more than one smoke sesh, or for sharing with friends! Packed with organically grown flower and blonde bubble hash oil, these bubbly sativa blends will have you singing and dancing like there’s no tomorrow!

Find it at Mind Rite Recreational Cannabis Dispensary in Portland, OR for $15.00!


Top Pre-Roll: Khalifa Kush 1g Pre-Roll

This signature strain is part of Wiz Khalifa’s Khalifa Kush line, and tastes strongly of lemon, earth, and pine. Packed into a pop-top tube sporting the Khalifa signature, this 1g pre-roll seems to be a hit in every state it’s been released in so far. At the moment, it is in dispensaries in Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. The lineage and genetics of the strain were picked by Wiz Khalifa himself, so users can expect a premium experience each time they elevate.

Find it at Reef Dispensaries in Phoenix, AZ for $15.00!

Top Infused Pre-Roll: Chem Dawg 2.5g Infused Blunt by Packwoods Classic

This 2.5g infused blunt takes the smoking experience to an entirely new level! They pack premium flower into a tobacco-free blunt wrap with top-shelf wax, dip it in hash oil, and then roll it into kief—these blunts are very high in THC-content and are not recommended for novice users! They are very popular among experienced consumers with high tolerances. Chem Dawg is a hybrid strain renowned for its distinct diesel aroma and all-over body relaxation. These luxury blunts are encased in a glass pre-roll tube and sealed with wax, providing an exorbitant experience from beginning to end.

Find it at JARS Cannabis in Phoenix, AZ for $59.00!


Top Pre-Roll: Durban Poison 1g King Pre-Roll by GOOD Cannabis

Durban Poison is one of the most well-known strains in the world, popular for its boost of energy and diesel taste. Perfect for the days that you need to get up and go, this happy sativa will leave users feeling energetic and alert. GOOD Cannabis stores these Dutch crown pre-rolls are stored in a unique square pre-roll tube that sports an artistic reindeer, making them easy to recognize on the shelf.

Find it at GOOD Cannabis in Fairbanks, AK for $16.00!

Top Infused Pre-Roll: Pineapple Express/Jack Herer 1.25g Infused Boom Blunt by Greatland Ganja

Encased in a sleek glass pre-roll tube, this palm leaf blunt is a blend of two powerful sativa strains. Greatland Ganja takes their infused products seriously! With 1g of Pineapple Express flower and .25g of Jack Herer CO2 concentrate, these euphoric strains collide to create a blunt that is as tasty as it is uplifting. This blunt is the perfect adventure buddy to take on an outdoor hike, or a creative escape. With energizing effects, this blunt is the afternoon pick-me-up you’ve been searching for!

Find it at The Green Room AK in Anchorage, AK for $42.00!


This list is subject to change as more data is released and other states provide information. The cannabis industry is still budding in many places, and not every state has the same information available.

Did your favorites make the list? Let us know!