Top 5 Pre-Rolls in Michigan - 2020 Edition

Top 5 Pre-Rolls in Michigan - 2020 Edition

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Apr 10th 2020

                  Considering the Detroit CannaCon has been postponed, it’s only right to highlight the top 5 pre-rolls in Michigan. They have just recently legalized recreational use of cannabis, but medical marijuana has been legal for over a decade, so you can believe these pre-rolls are tried and true.They are experts in the classics and have also come up with more creative pre-rolls that will all be highlighted below.

1. Arbors Wellness – Slow Rollers


First up, we have the slow rollers from Arbors Wellness. These little guys are the perfect dose of high quality bud for a personal smoke that is perfect for medical and recreational users and are great for any occasion, especially on the go.Very similar to our 70mm Dog Walkers.They make these slow rollers with their sativa, indica and hybrid strains.

Conveniently packed in a crush-proof tin that hold 12 pre-rolls but will easily fit in your pocket or purse. We love the simple black and white design they used for this tin as well as the bonus of getting hemp wick included in the tin. Everyone loves a little surprise. Great for taking on a hike or trip to the ocean, these are a great buy.

2. Ript Genetics x Swish Dipz - Stank Breath Pre Roll


These beauties won 2019 Michigan Cannabis cup for best pre-roll. Almost everyone in Michigan loves the Stank Breath strain from Ript Genetics and with the Swish Dipz dusting these pre-rolls are hard to beat. Not only are they a wonderful smoke but they are designed with an impressive swirl that shows the time and effort that are put into making these. So pretty you almost don’t want to smoke it, but we know you will.

They are packaged in a clear tube to show off their fun designs. The only thing we would add to these are a customized crutch to add on to the already polished look to really make them POP. They would need minimal labeling at that point, the pre-roll speaks for itself.

3. Totally Herbal Care x MiterpfarmZ – Orange Zkittlez