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The King Kone Pre-Roll Filling Machine: A Deep Dive

The King Kone Pre-Roll Filling Machine: A Deep Dive

Jan 12th 2022

As more states legalize cannabis and more brands venture into the world of pre-rolls, cone-filling machines have become a necessity to produce pre-rolls at scale. Long gone are the days of people painstakingly packing cones by hand, one at a time. 

One cone-filling machine is taking the industry by storm.

The pre-roll filling machine among pre-roll filling machines, the King Kone is a next-generation tabletop cone-filling machine that will have you cranking out high-quality pre-rolls in record time. Its affordable price and slim design make it a perfect fit for smaller companies just getting started in the pre-roll game, as well as larger companies looking for ways to produce a higher quantity of pre-rolls with minimal space taken – and it packs so well that no additional tamping is needed before sealing the pre-roll!


The King Kone machine comes fully assembled and ready for use. It is user-friendly and easy to use, so any staff member can easily be trained to use the machine. It’s as easy as loading product, touching a button, and turning a knob! 

Its fully modular design allows it to come apart for cleaning and maintenance, and each piece can be replaced on its own if anything happens, so you won’t need to invest in an entirely new machine.

One of the biggest problems with other pre-roll filling machines is the excess material that is wasted in each use. The vibrations cause the flower to shake out and fall on the floor or fill the air with small particles, rendering that amount of material useless. Less material in your pre-rolls means more material needed to finish filling them. The King Kone has addressed and resolved this issue – with two side sections to catch excess flower, you will be wasting significantly less material, and producing even more pre-rolls.

Most packing machines use only vibration to pack cones. Standard vibration isn’t enough to create an even pack in your pre-rolls – vibrating tabletop pre-roll machines often leave pre-rolls with a soft spot at the bottom of the joint, resulting in a deformed pre-roll that burns unevenly, canoes, and clogs with resin as the consumer smokes. Soft spots above the filter result in a very low-quality smoking experience overall.

What makes the King Kone different is that it uses a motor to drive the platform up and down, gently bouncing the cones themselves to create an even fill across the entire platform. This motion creates a tighter pack at the bottom, providing a superior pack with just the right amount of flowability for a smoother, even burn. A higher-quality pack for a higher-quality toke adds value to your product that will keep customers coming back for more.


The King Kone is made of high-quality stainless steel and proudly made in the USA. Unlike the fragile glass cartridge trays on a traditional Knockbox, this metal King Kone machine is solid and heavy duty, providing a superior cone-filling experience with durability you can feel. Here at Custom Cones USA, we know that the environments these machines are used in for producing pre-rolls can be strenuous on lower quality machinery, and the wear and tear can become extreme. The King Kone is built to endure, made with high-quality materials that will keep up with the pace you set.

We stand behind our product; after receiving your order, you have a full 7 days to try out the machine and make sure it meets your needs, risk free! If you aren’t happy with the machine within 7 days, you can send it back to us for a full refund; you just have to pay for shipping. And if something goes wrong, don’t sweat it – this beast of a machine comes with a one year warranty that has you covered.

Never again sacrifice quality for quantity. There are other cone-filling machines out there that can fit more than the King Kone’s 169 cone-holding capabilities, but keep in mind that the number of pre-roll slots isn’t everything. Most pre-roll filling machines cost upwards of $5000 – not only does the King Kone have a mere $1799.99 price tag, but you will also save money thanks to its modular design and user-friendly versatility. Because of the price point and the small size of the machine, larger scale companies often buy multiple King Kone machines to meet the scaling needed. 

Affordable without compromising quality, this pre-roll filling machine is the best of both worlds!


The King Kone can pack a variety of sizes of pre-rolls with ease. The base tray is able to pack half-gram 84mm cones and three-quarters gram 98mm cones. An extension attachment tray also comes in the box, which will allow you to pack full-gram 109mm king cones. More sizes are available for purchase, and if any other sizes are needed that are not available, we are happy to custom-build trays to fit any size pre-roll you need. 

Once you have the size of tray needed for your pre-rolls set up, simply load the cones, and fill the top tray with ground, sifted flower. The adjustable knob gives you complete control over how hard and fast to pack the pre-rolls. Once filled, just twist or fold the pre-roll closed! With the capability to pack 169 pre-rolls at once, the King Kone makes it easy to produce pre-rolls at scale in no time!

The adjustable knob allows you to select your desired intensity for your desired pack. A higher intensity will result in a more densely-packed pre-roll, and a lower intensity provides a looser pack. 

It is important to note that this machine is only as good as the material you are putting into it; low-quality material with seeds and stems will still result in a poor pack and will create a poor smoking experience for your customer.

This is why the King Kone plays well with others! It pairs perfectly with an industrial grinder or sifter. Using ground, sifted flower with the King Kone helps create an even consistency and better pack for your pre-rolls for a tighter pull that won’t canoe as easily. Sifting removes stems and large pieces that will create air pockets or even poke holes in your pre-roll cone. At the same time, you don’t want your material to be ground into a powder, so it is important to pin down a method that finds that sweetspot and provides the perfect grind for your flower. 

Work in Progress Trays also work nicely when using the King Kone, allowing you to have somewhere to store pre-rolls post-packing, pre-packaging. Work in Progress trays add more fluidity to streamline your process and prevent damage to the pre-rolls before the final weigh-in.

What Comes with It?

  • Vibrating base with control panel
  • Two overflow collection containers to catch excess material
  • Cover shield to secure the overflow collection containers in place
  • 84/98mm cone tray
  • Extension tray to fill 109mm cones
  • Lid to prevent spillover

How to Put it Together

The King Kone comes fully assembled. In case you need to disassemble it for cleaning or maintenance, here is how to put it back together:

  1. Starting with the bare vibrating base, clip the overflow collection containers into place on either side of the machine. The magnets in the bottom of the tray keep the containers firmly in place for use.
  2. Slide cover shield into place over the overflow collection containers. This covers the exposed parts of the machine and will keep all parts of the machine secure during use. There are two switches along the bottom of the vibrating base that you will need to align with the grooves on the switch so that the cover is completely flush with the vibrating base. 
  3. Once the cover shield is securely in place, lock it into place with the switches on the vibrating base.
  4. Put the base tray on top. If you are packing 109mm cones, now is when you will add the tray extension. If you are packing 84 or 98mm cones, you do not need to add the attachment and will only put the base tray on.
  5. Now it’s ready to load and use!

How to Use It

  1. With the King Kone pre-roll machine fully assembled, you will start by loading the cones into each slot in the tray. 
  2. Once all the cones are loaded into the machine, spread half of your pre-weighed material across the top, letting it fall into each cone. As you’re spreading your material, do so as evenly as possible to make sure each cone gets the same amount of flower. 
  3. Turn the power on with the power button, and then twist the knob to your desired intensity to run the vibration. The motor will not turn on until you hit the 18 mark. This is not a defect, just a function of how much energy the motor needs to get to the slowest speed.
  4. Once that amount of material has been successfully filled into your cones, turn the dial back to 0 and add the rest of your material. At this point, it is helpful to add the lid to prevent any material spillover. 
  5. Run the vibration again at your desired intensity. 
  6. Once the cones are fully packed, remove the cone-filled tray from the machine and place it on a flat surface. 
  7. Once on a flat surface, the cones will pop out for easy release from the tray. Grab each pre-roll and tamp to your desired pack, and then seal your pre-roll with a twist or a folded top.

Starter Kits

Perfect for companies just starting out in the pre-roll game, we offer Starter Kits that come with nearly everything you need to get your pre-rolls from bud to shelf!

We offer starter kits with our Industrial Grinder as well as the Shred Sifter, so you can choose which type of grind works best for your process. 

The Shred Sifter sifts large quantities of flower with industrial strength. It uses whips instead of blades to grind the flower, similar to the strings on a weed-whacker. The material is tossed and rotated in the shredder, breaking down into smaller particles when it hits the whips. It is important not to over-grind your flower, as too fine of a particle size results in a powdery consistency that prevents airflow and burns unevenly.

The Industrial Grinder comes with multiple blade options, so you can decide which particle size works best for your flower. The Industrial Grinder also avoids over-sifting the flower, giving you a consistent particle size every time. The low-RPM design helps preserve terpenes and trichomes in your flower by reducing the amount of heat and stress applied to the flower. Less movement makes for less friction, which means less heat!

The King Kone Starter Kit comes loaded with the King Cone Pre-Roll Filling Machine, a grinder of your choice, pre-rolled cones, and $100 of store credit! You can also bundle with tubes for your cones – and don’t forget about our label application service! Get your tubes delivered to you with your labels pre-applied and ready to load. We are happy to customize every part of this purchase, from custom-sized cone trays to custom pre-roll cones and tube labels.

To Sift, or Not to Sift?

Isn’t grinding enough? What do sifters do that grinders don’t?

Grinders have one priority: to grind your product into smaller particles. Unfortunately, this means that stems, larger pieces of materials, or even foreign material can find their way into your pre-rolls and impact the pack and overall quality of your product.

We ran an experiment with the King Kone Pre-Roll Cone-Filling Machine to figure out how necessary sifting actually is. 

We discovered that weight variances occurred 65% more often in un-sifted material than in sifted material. The number of pre-rolls that ended up with holes due to stems occurred 488% more often in un-sifted material than in sifted material. The number of pre-rolls with a dissatisfactory pack was 194% higher in the un-sifted materials. In a run of 169 pre-rolls, you will get 27 more pre-rolls when using sifted material rather than un-sifted.  Sifted material created a more even pack and a more even distribution of flower amongst the pre-rolls.

The value is clear; sifting your flower saves money, creates a higher-quality product, and produces a higher output of product.

Metering Trays

Making sure your material is evenly distributed among your pre-rolls is important for consistency and compliance. Uneven material distribution may cause weight variances and create extra work fixing those variances in order to make your pre-rolls the correct weight to remain compliant. 

Coming soon, metering trays are another beneficial optional addition that works with the King Kone Machine.

These metering trays are an attachment that sits on top of the cone tray before you add your material. Each opening holds precisely .25g of flower per slot – so all you need to do is load your flower in and slide the divider tray out, releasing the flower down into the cones. By using a metering tray, you ensure a much more precise measurement of flower going into each pre-roll, making the final weigh-in process much easier and less time consuming. 


These trays are made to fit 70mm one-third gram dogwalker pre-roll cones. Dogwalkers are mini pre-roll cones that are the perfect size for taking on a walk with your dog, and are perfect for making multi-packs.

  • Reefer Tray: Coming Soon. 

These trays are made to fit 98mm half-gram reefer pre-roll cones. Reefers are 98mm long, but the filters are only 5.4mm wide, making these half-gram cones tall and thin. Many consumers like reefers because the length helps cool the smoke more than a standard short half-gram pre-roll.

  • 1g and 2g Tube Attachments: Coming Soon. 

These trays are made to fit 1g and 2g blunt tubes, making blunt-packing easier than ever! This attachment is perfect for companies looking to expand their pre-roll offerings to also offer blunts at a higher scale. 

  • Metering Attachment: Coming Soon. 

These Metering Trays provide a precise measurement of .25g per slot, allowing users to be more precise when loading and distributing flower in the King Kone.

Other Pre-Roll Filling Machines

Knockboxes are the original industry standard for packing pre-rolls. These tabletop machines utilize gentle vibration to pack pre-rolls once they have been loaded into the glass cartridge trays. 

Similar are our budget-friendly Fast Fill Cone/Tube Filling Machines, available in 55 or 121 capacity. These machines don’t require the vibrating base in order to be used, but the gentle vibration does help pack the cones with more ease than having to pack them manually by shaking the pre-roll cone holder by hand. 

The Sluice Box is a larger scale cone-filling option with the ability to pack up to 401 pre-rolls per run. It also uses vibration to sift the flower down into each cone, with the ability to complete a full run in as little as one minute.

All of these machines function using gentle vibration, which will require each pre-roll to be tamped once they come out of the machine, adding extra work to the process to create a high-quality product.

In Conclusion

The King Kone Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine is user and budget-friendly, with a high-quality design and innovative user process that makes producing pre-rolls at scale easier than ever. With multiple attachments to fit any size of cone you need, adjustable intensity to reach your desired pack, and compatibility with grinding and sifting machines, the King Kone makes the production of top-quality pre-rolls accessible to everyone, big companies and small entrepreneurs alike. 

The King Kone makes the production of top-quality pre-rolls accessible to everyone, big companies and small entrepreneurs alike.