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Infused Pre-Rolls: The Art of the Value Add

Infused Pre-Rolls: The Art of the Value Add

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Jul 22nd 2021

Kief, bubble hash, distillate, rosin! However you infuse it, people love it when you take something great and layer on something even more amazing. And it's starting to show up in dispensary sales data. Headset, the Seattle-based cannabis data powerhouse, recently reported substantial growth in the "Infused Pre-Roll" segment, which has risen from 12.7% of all pre-roll sales in 2018 to 31.9% of all pre-roll sales in 2021 YTD. Check out more great pre-roll statistics in our latest Cannabis Pre-Roll Industry white paper.

In response, dispensaries are responding with more offerings. These days, you can find infused pre-rolls behind the counter at just about any dispensary. They could be rolled in kief, painted with oil, or even laced with a little shatter. They are sold in big sizes too, like 109mm one-gram joints that can last for days, giving max bang for the buck. On the other hand, many people infuse their own joints at home. They purchase buds; they get the concentrate of their choice; and they go to town, making their very own infused masterpieces. Infusing your own joints is hard and messy though, so infused pre-rolls are surging in popularity!

Stronger Product

By adding more concentrate to your high THC full flower, you are taking your joint into the upper atmosphere. Please note that cannabis extracts are a lot stronger than ordinary flower, which is pretty potent on its own. But when you bring these two powerhouses together, they form something completely different and exciting.

However, a TON of THC is not exactly what everyone is looking for, so it is important to know what you’re selling and what you’re smoking. Be responsible; it can be easy to overdo it with infused joints. On the business side, several companies choose to use trim, sugar leaf, or some other kind of lower quality flower in their infused pre-rolls. This creates a still high-potency, but more mellow pre-rolls with a higher profit margin for the business.

Larger Spectrum

Because an infused joint contains twice the cannabinoids, you get more of them. Obviously. The cannabinoid profile of a joint drenched in wax is much larger than just the joint alone, or the wax on its own. The concentration of THC, CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids, as well as terpenes and flavonoids, is significantly higher.

For example, you might have 10 different cannabinoids, five terpenes, and two flavonoids in your Raspberry Kush buds, but adding Kush concentrate will make it 15 cannabinoids, seven terpenes, and five flavonoids. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, cannabinoids and other cannabis compounds have synergistic actions. They work together to maximize their effects.

Scientists call this the “entourage effect”, meaning that you get all the benefits of all these cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids working synergistically to optimize effects. You are able to treat a wider spectrum of illnesses and their symptoms, and you can prevent a wider array of diseases too.

Customer Savings

Since it is unwise to finish an entire joint infused with your concentrate of choice in one sitting or by yourself, it lasts longer. Of course, you can finish it in one go if you are brave enough and have the tolerance for it, but most cannot. Newbies definitely should not. Cannabis is expensive, so the longer you can make it last, the longer you can go without having to buy more. One infused joint can last several days depending on who is smoking it.

A plain joint, on the other hand, might last one day. Of course, you must buy the extract too, which is very pricey, along with the bud too. However, it is still cheaper in the long-term when you infuse your joints. You only need a puff or two at a time. This makes it very easy to stretch your stash further than you might think possible.

How are these joints infused?

Each business is different and what is cost effective for one might not be feasible for another. Most often, money and manpower are the resources guiding these business decisions, Brand position also plays a major role in how you produce your infused joints.

If you have more of an artisan brand, then rolling your own blunts with some shatter and some hand finishes may be right up your alley. However, if you are low on manpower but rich in capital, then buying an automated infusion machine could be what you’re for.


One way to infuse your joints or blunts is to hand roll them in a Lieberman-style cigar or cigarette roller. This kind of roller allows you to set how long and how thick you want your roll to be.

You start by adding your ground cannabis material before you start rolling; however, before you start to roll it together, you add your concentrate. You can either sprinkle in some hash, shatter, or other concentrate. You could also use a syringe to squirt a line of hash oil onto the cannabis. Then you begin to roll the cannabis mix into a uniform cigar/cigarette shape. Pro tip: You can add a glass or wood tip in the roller too, so that your product is rolled with a nice high-end mouthpiece. They really improve the quality of the burn, as well as reduce the heat and harshness of the smoke.

Next you slowly start to feed your paper or bobbin into the roller, wetting the edges as you go, so that it adheres to the other paper as it is rolled around your infused cannabis. We have some amazing hemp wrap and botanical bobbins, featuring materials like premium hemp and goji berry, so you can make some really unique pre-rolls.

Once it is all rolled, you can then take out the final roll and then use a cigar cutter to cut both ends so you get the desired length. You can now leave them to cure or put them in a mold to make sure they maintain their shape as they cure.

Kief Dusted

Kief-dusted pre-rolls are amazing visual examples of infused pre-rolls. These joints are given a blast of concentrates but only after the joint has been rolled. It can take a lot of manpower but consumers love them because you can really see the additional concentrate on the joint.

You see, one person is in charge of packing the pre-rolls using something like the King Kone. From there, the joints are placed in a Work-in-Progress tray and passed on to the next phase of the process. Once at the next station, a second worker takes in tray after tray of joint and adds the infusion.

To infuse these pre-rolls, the worker lightly brushes on a sticky hash oil up and down the length of the joint. That joint is then dusted with powdered kief, which has been sifted off from full flower. The small kief particles stick to the entire exterior where the oil was brushed on. The end result is a uniform powdered look on a pre-roll that really packs a punch.

Oil Injected

Of course, the best and most efficient way to infuse your pre-rolls is to let a machine do it for you. These machines are awesome but are also a little pricey. So if you have the cash and not the staff, then introducing an automated system can be a great option for you.

Here at Custom Cones USA, we are proud to offer a best-in-class Automated Pre-Roll Infuser. Again, this kind of infuser adds in the concentrate only after the joint has been rolled. Once the joints are done, they are placed standing up in a tray with the end you would light pointing up all around the edge of the tray.

The machine is then turned on, bringing the first joint into position. An arm with a long needle comes down and is injected into the pre-roll, filling it with a hash oil loaded previously into the machine by the operator. The needle withdraws from the pre-roll as quickly as it went in, leaving behind a perfectly oil-infused pre-roll. The tray spins to bring the next pre-roll into position and the process begins again. Check out the video below to see our Automated Pre-Roll Infuser in action.

In the end, people love a little extra. THC levels are still a driving factor in helping customers to make their pre-roll buying decisions. Infused pre-rolls bring several different cannabinoids together that coalesce to make a new and unique smoking experience---just don’t take too much!

If you are interested in learning more about the Automated Pre-Roll Infuser, please fill out and submit the form below.

Top Infused Joint Brands

Juicy Joints is a Washington State-based infused joint producer that opened in 2017 and quickly became one of the top-selling infused pre-rolls in the state. They have three different lines of infused pre-rolls: Supers (infused with 90% THC distillate, kief, and crumble), Juicy Joints (infused with 90% THC distillate and kief), and CBD Juicy Joints (High CBD flower infused with 90% THC distillate and kief). Juicy Joints are also known for their proprietary flavors that range from Blueberry Creamsicle to Strawberry Banana with many, many more.

Sublime Canna grossed the most revenue of any cannabis company in 2020 and their Sublime Fuzzies business is just as booming. Using kief, oil distillates, and live resin, Sublime takes a scientific approach to their infusions. Since they control every aspect of production from cultivation to extraction to infusion, they are extremely precise with their THC levels and their amazing full-spectrum terpene reintroduction process that maximizes flavor and the overall smoking experience. They also have singles, three-packs, and five-packs to fit all needs.

Lowell Farms was also a top moneymaker in California in 2020. Its family of farms have a deep commitment to the plant, making what they call “artisan craft cannabis” in a natural and sustainable way. That love and respect extends to their concentrates as well. They make what they call Timeless Bubble Hash, Full-Melt Hashish, Aged Cured Rosin, and Artisanal Live Rosin. With so many great concentrates, they, of course, have a great line of Infused Joints that bring the true artisan concept of “farm-to-table” to their customers.

Kief, bubble hash, distillate, rosin! However you infuse it, people love it when you take something great and layer on something even more amazing.