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Cigarette-Style Cannabis Products

Cigarette-Style Cannabis Products

Posted by Custom Cones USA on May 11th 2022

Walking into a dispensary, consumers are met with countless pre-roll options on the shelf. With so many doob tubes and pre-roll cones that look the same as the rest of them, it’s crucial to elevate your brand above the rest to stand out on the shelf! Here at Custom Cones USA, we offer several ways to create an eye-catching product that will set your product above the rest. From custom packaging and labels to unique pre-roll cone and tube options, we have something for every budget!

One product in particular has caught the attention of many consumers in the cannabis market – the cigarette-style pre-roll.

Preroll tubes offer a unique smoking experience for the user, providing a different experience than the cones most pre-rolls are packed in. Cylindrical paper pre-roll tubes resemble cigarettes in appearance, making them more inconspicuous to use and store than classic pre-roll cones. And while they first became popular in the hemp CBD market, there are several THC cannabis brands that are picking up on the pattern and packing their pre-rolls with cigarette-style tubes!

As the audience of cannabis consumers continues to grow, the market will see more and more users who prefer tubes over cones. Our market forecasts predict that the East Coast will predominantly prefer cigarette-shaped pre-rolls for smoking cannabis. Because multi-packs are already more popular on the East Coast as well, this means pre-roll tube multi-packs will be a sure success in those budding markets.

Types of Tubes

Cigarette-Style Tubes

Cigarette-Style Tubes are designed to look and feel like cigarettes. They use a thicker paper than pre-roll cones, but the filters are made specifically for hemp and cannabis, allowing more terpenes and flavor to come through with each toke.

Standard Filter

These cigarette-style tubes are as close as you can get to looking like an actual cigarette! The standard filter paired with the brown cork-print tip provides the look and feel of a traditional cigarette for a way to consume cannabis or hemp discreetly. These are popular among smokers who want to stick with something familiar or inconspicuous.

High Flow Filter

Available in white hemp paper, white hemp paper with blue stripes, white hemp paper with black tips, and brown hemp paper with black tips, the high-flow filter is designed to look like a standard cigarette filter while providing ample airflow for bigger hits than cone-shaped joints would allow. The filter is designed for cannabis and hemp, and cools down the smoke to reduce harshness.

Hollow-Tip Filter

The Hollow-Tip filter is designed for maximum airflow for the biggest hits possible. This also allows consumers to finish the tube faster for those who want to smoke at a faster pace than cones allow. This is the ideal option for well-packed, premium flower because the limited filtration allows the full taste of the terpenes in the flower to come through.

Hemp Filter

Black-tipped brown hemp paper combined with a natural hemp filter is the perfect complement to cannabis! These tips are naturally biodegradable and designed to degrade at a rate much faster than cigarette butts. The increased airflow allows for large hits, and the filter keeps any bits of weed from reaching the consumer’s mouth.

Artisan Tubes

What makes our Artisan Tubes different from the Cigarette-Style Tubes is the paper they are made from. Our Artisan Tubes utilize the same paper used for pre-roll cones, which is thinner than the paper used for the cigarette-style tubes. These are designed to be virtually tasteless, allowing the taste of your cannabis to shine through. Each option comes with a spiral tip that provides more filtration than the standard W to cool the smoke for a smoother toke.

Refined White Paper

Ultra-fine refined white European rolling papers are the most popular paper choice, allowing the terpenes and taste of your cannabis to star the show. Often referred to in the industry as rice paper, these refined white papers are loved universally for a clean and tasteless smoking experience. The paper is so thin that it is transparent, allowing the flower to be seen through and making a perfect opportunity for custom-branded filter tips!

Unrefined Brown Paper

Unrefined brown paper is made from 100% wood pulp, just like its refined white counterpart. The brown paper isn’t refined as many times as the white paper, resulting in a slightly darker, natural-looking hue that slightly masks the material within the pre-roll. Unrefined brown paper tubes burn smoothly and evenly, giving you a product with a natural look that many consumers gravitate towards.

100% Organic Hemp Paper

We are proud to be one of the few companies that offer hemp paper tubes with 100% certified organic hemp – with the documents to prove it! These paper tubes are made of pure hemp fibers, utilizing sustainable methods that help conserve trees and save ecosystems. They are naturally light in color, though darker than the unrefined white paper tubes.

Glass-Tipped Blunts

For a luxury pre-roll option, experience the smooth draw and high-end feel of a Glass-Tipped Artisan Tube! The glass allows the smoke to expand, resulting in a cooler, smoother hit, and the ultra-thin refined white paper offers a clean and tasteless smoking experience that allows the taste of your cannabis to shine. The cigar band is fully customizable to suit your branding, and these glass-tipped tubes are available in 1g and 2g options.

Blunt Tubes

Blunts have been popular for almost as long as cannabis has been! Though they’ve been around for centuries, the modern-day blunt didn’t gain popularity in the US until the 1980s. Traditionally, blunts were made with a tobacco wrap – though increased restrictions and regulations on tobacco and nicotine products in the cannabis industry have prevented cannabis companies from being able to use tobacco wraps with blunts on the shelf. The desire for better, legal smoking options free from tobacco has fueled the creation of the new age blunt that packs the same classic punch without the harmful risks associated with tobacco use.

Hemp Wrap Blunts

By far one of the most popular blunt wraps on the market, these tubes are made from all-natural hemp wrap. Cannabis and hemp are sisters, making hemp the perfect complement to the flower inside. These blunt tubes contain no additives or artificial flavoring. They burn slowly and smoothly, reminiscent of a classic tobacco blunt, but without the harmful affects associated with tobacco. Because these blunt tubes are prone to drying out, we recommend storing them with moisture packs to keep them fresh from farm to shelf.

Our hemp wrap blunt tubes with natural cornhusk filters come in 1g and 2g options. If you’re looking for something that looks and feels even more premium, check out our wooden-tipped hemp blunts, which also are available in 1g or 2g options.

Hybrid Hemp Wrap Blunts

Our new hybrid hemp wrap has taken the industry by storm! A combination of paper pulp and all-natural hemp, these blunt wraps are the perfect fusion for a balanced blunt! These look and feel like a blunt, but with all the benefits of traditional pre-rolled cones. Compared to traditional hemp wraps, which are prone to drying out and cracking, these hybrid hemp tubes are more durable and less moisture-sensitive, making them more friendly to a production setting. They are also easier to seal and have a longer shelf life!

Hybrid hemp wrap blunt tubes are available for 2g blunts, with the option of a cornhusk filter or a wood-tipped filter!

Palm Leaf Blunts

Made popular by King Palm, Cordia palm leaf blunts have been a huge hit on the market. Consumers love the natural look and feel of the palm leaf, and the cornhusk filter provides enough filtration to cool the smoke and allow a smooth toke. These do tend to be moisture-sensitive, and we recommend packing them accompanied with a moisture pack to keep them fresh on the shelf!

Our Cordia palm leaf blunts are available in .5g Rollies, .7g Rillos, 1g Classics, 2g Bigs, and 3g Megas!

Tendu Leaf Blunts

Tendu leaf blunts are very similar to Cordia palm leaf blunts – the biggest differences are the type of leaf used, and how they are cured. The tendu leaves are toasted, removing chlorophyll and other plant components, allowing for a smooth smoke and subtle taste. Just like the palm leaf wraps, these wraps contain no glue and are instead held together by a cigar band that can be easily customized. Because of the curing process, tendu leaves are not as moisture sensitive as Cordia palm leaves and are lighter in color.

Our Tendu palm leaf blunts are available in .5g Rollies, .7g Rillos, 1g Classics, 2g Bigs, and 3g Megas!

Pre-Rolled Tube-Packing Machines

Because tubes don’t funnel the way that cones do, ground material doesn’t easily pack into them with gentle vibration. Because pre-roll cones were the first joints to hit the market, all of the packing machines in the early years of the legal cannabis industry have been designed to cater to conical shapes rather than tubes – and what tube-filling machines do exist are mostly designed for tobacco, which packs very differently than cannabis.

Let’s take a look at what tube-filling machines we currently offer for use with cannabis!

Fast-Fill Tube Filler

The Fast-Fill is a budget-friendly pre-roll filling machine that utilizes vibration to evenly pack material in each tube. It comes in two sizes – one that can fill 55 pre-rolls per run, and a larger version that is able to fill 121 pre-rolls per run. The Fast Fill has multiple cartridge options available to order, so you can fill a variety of sizes of cones or tubes with ease!

How to use the Fast-Fill:

  1. Load your desired tube or cone cartridge on top of the vibrating base.
  2. Pop in the applicable cones or tubes.
  3. Spread material on top.
  4. Turn on the vibration, making sure to tamp the material with the included tamping stick for an optimum pack.
  5. Seal your pre-rolls or keep loading flower in your blunt tubes until it reaches the top of the tube, and you’re done!

The Fast-Fill is incredibly easy to operate and will make scaling up your pre-roll production a breeze!

Perfect Pack 180

In such a pre-roll cone-dominated world, it’s hard to find machines that were made specifically to fill tubes – but the Perfect Pack was made for just that! The Perfect Pack functions similarly to a cigarette-filling machine, but it was designed specifically for use with cannabis and hemp.

This machine was made to fill one tube at a time. If you’re looking for quality over quantity, the perfect Pack has your back!

How to use the Perfect Pack:

  1. Fill the top tray with flower.
  2. Slide your pre-rolled tube over the chute.
  3. Press the button. Voila!

King Kone Conversion Kit – Coming Soon

The King Kone has revolutionized the world of pre-rolls. Budget-friendly and easy to use, the King Kone makes filling pre-rolls at scale easier than ever. And now you’ll be able to use the King Kone’s revolutionary technology to fill tubes as easily as you can fill cones!

The King Kone Conversion Kit will allow you to fill 1g and 2g blunts. Please note that palm leaf blunts are too delicate to be compatible with this conversion kit, but you will be able to use hemp wraps and paper pre-roll tubes!

Popular Packaging Options

Cigarette Box

Cigarette Boxes provide a timeless and classic look. Available with or without divider inserts, these boxes are budget-friendly, and their slim profile allows them to fit comfortably in the hand or pocket! These boxes are easily customizable from head to toe – add gold foil or spot UV for a luxury touch that will set your product above the rest. While these are not child-resistant, they are the perfect complement to pair with cigarette tubes for a completely rounded look that makes your product discreet and appealing to customers.

Snap Pack

Our Snap Packs are a durable and reusable plastic version of our cigarette boxes. These are child-resistant, featuring a pinch-and-pull style cap that will keep your product out of the hands of little ones! The butterfly hinge keeps the pack open once you’ve snapped it open, and it’s designed to hold up to repeated use. Snap Packs are completely customizable, giving you ample space to share your brand’s story and elevate your product on the shelf.

Push Pack

These are a child-resistant variation of the ever-popular Pull Packs! Available with our without divider inserts, Push Packs are customizable inside and out for the opportunity to create a fully branded look that solidifies your brand presence! This also gives you the opportunity to label different strains within the same packaging, creating a pre-roll multi-pack that allows buyers to try multiple strains in one purchase.

Overwrapping Machine

With more states requiring tamper-evident measures to meet compliance regulations, it’s essential to have a way to quickly and easily meet those standards while maintaining a professional appearance on the shelf. Our Overwrapping Machine is easy to use and provides a tight seal that will keep bacteria out while keeping your product fresh inside. Rectangular multi-packs are especially easy to seal with this machine, making this a fast and reliable finishing touch for your product.

Popular Brands Using Pre-Roll Tubes


Gabriel Cannabis

Based out of Washington State, Gabriel Cannabis is committed to providing top-shelf quality with every product that comes from their facility. They offer a variety of cannabis products, from flower and pre-rolls to concentrates and vape carts. Their most recent product addition is their line of Bomber pre-rolled joints. These massive tubes contain 2g of flower and a spiral tip with Gabriel’s branding. They are sold as single-packs in a classy glass tube, making the perfect party favor or multi-sesh solo joint.


With products available in every province, Redecan is by far one of the largest cannabis producers in Canada. And while they produce multiple kinds of cannabis products from flower and tinctures to vapes and edibles, the product that makes Redecan stand out on the shelf is their Redees line - .4g pre-roll tubes stored in a sleek cigarette box that conveniently holds ten tubes. The classic cigarette look of Redees makes them as discreet as they are classy!

Cookies D8

Best known for their cannabis in recreational states, Cookies has now also broken into the Delta 8 market to provide top-shelf products to users in stricter states! Cookies Hemp Smokes are the first-ever Cookies Delta 8 product, filled with premium CBD and CBG flower. The ultra-thin paper of the pre-roll tube allows the flower to be visible, along with the custom branded filter tip that features the classic Cookies C.


Lowell Herb Co.

Boasting California’s bestselling pre-rolls, Lowell Farms provides a premium pre-roll experience from beginning to end. With a custom pull pack that has a built-in compartment to store matches, Lowell Smokes pre-roll multi-packs show off six immaculate artisan tubes that feature a custom filter and allow you to see the quality of the organic material within. Their iconic branding is visible from every angle on this product, creating a fully-branded experience that solidifies their brand presence for the consumer.


Green Revolution

Green Revolution has recreational cannabis products available in California and Washington State and is best known for their unique Joysticks preroll joints. Utilizing hemp paper cigarette-style tubes for a premium experience unlike any other preroll on the shelf on the West Coast. Their custom-branded pull packs showcase their bold branding and makes their product easy to recognize on the shelf.


Now available in Arizona as well as California, Jeeter’s easy-to-recognize branding is quickly dominating dispensary shelves! With striking colors and high-quality glass pre roll tubes, it’s easy to see why consumers naturally gravitate towards Jeeter on the shelf! While their baby Jeeters and Jeeter 1g pre rolls are classic cones, their Jeeter XL joint is a 2g paper pre-roll tube with a luxury glass tip that is worthy of celebration!

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your product stand out on the shelf, cigarette-style tubes are a surefire way to elevate your brand above the competition. They provide a smooth and unique smoking experience for the consumer, and their discreet appearance makes them especially attractive. Seasoned stoners and newbies alike love the look and feel of preroll tubes, and they are easy to pack in addition to being able to withstand a production setting. They are easy to package and are especially sleek in multi-packs, which are continuing to grow in popularity in both the US and Canadian markets.

If you would like a sample of any of our preroll tubes to see the difference in filters and paper types, as well as compare how they pack and burn to preroll cones, contact our team! We would love to send you some samples and let you see for yourself. And if you were interested in a custom design quote for pre-roll packaging to go with your preroll tubes, let us know! We’d love to chat.