Perfect Pack 180 - Cigarette Tube Filling Machine

  • Specially designed machine to fill cigarette tubes for cannabis pre-rolls
  • Perfect Pack 180 - Cigarette Tube Filling Machine
  • Perfect Pack 180 - Cigarette Tube Filling Machine
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Perfect For, Output, Bundles, Reduce your costs,


Perfect For:
Packing cigarette tubes or Artisan tubes
180 cigarette tubes per hour
Bundle with cigarette tubes to save money!
Reduce your costs:
Increase cigarette pre-roll output, while reduce labor costs


Cigarette Tube Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Cigarette Tube Filling Machine for Cannabis and Hemp

Cigarette tube filling machines for cannabis and hemp all have the same issues - they were either designed for tobacco cigarettes or they were designed to fill cones. Cigarette tube filling machines designed to pack tobacco cigarettes work by compressing the tobacco and then shoving into the empty cigarette tube. The tobacco remains compacted and then expands perfectly into the cigarette tube, however cannabis is nothing like tobacco and when you compress cannabis, it sticks together, so these tube filling machines designed to pack tobacco do not work. If you have ever tried to pack your cigarette tubes using a knockbox, you will notice the cigarette tube shape causes a poor pack compared to the cone shape, which funnels cannabis down to the bottom as it fills. The Perfect Pack 180 is the only cigarette tube filling machine that was designed to work with cannabis and hemp. Instead of compression, the Perfect Pack 180 uses a screw method to perfectly pack the cannabis all the way to the filter end - best of all, you can customize the compression of cannabis or hemp throughout the cigarette tube!

cigarette tube filling machine for cannabis

Cigarette Tube Filler for Cannabis

The main benefit of using the Perfect Pack 180 is that it was specifically designed to work with cannabis and hemp. Compared to other cigarette fillers and injector machines, you will notice right away how this machine operates differently and how that allows for a perfect, even pack all the way down to the end of the cannabis or hemp cigarette. The Perfect Pack 180 will work on both cigarette tubes and our special Artisan tubes, which were specifically made for premium flower.

cigarette filler for cannabis hemp pre-rolls

Cigarette Tubes Bundles

With Not only was the Perfect Pack 180 designed for cannabis and pre-rolled tubes, but we offer a ton of different bundles, so you can make more pre-rolls and save more money! If you have a large manufacturing line, you can bundle multiple Perfect Pack 180s together to save or you can bundle cigarette tubes with your cigarette tube filler, so you can save on the cigarette tubes. You can also bundle tubes, custom labels, and other pre-roll packaging - we are your one-stop-shop for everything pre-roll related.

cannabis cigarette rolling filling machine

Increased Output & Easy Operation

There are a few ways to pack cigarette tubes with cannabis or hemp, but they are either designed for tobacco or many people are still packing by hand with the help of a knockbox. By switching to the Perfect Pack 180, you are stepping past hand packing or knockbox assist packing to a more all in one solution. The Perfect Pack 180 has a small footprint, but it outputs totally finished and perfect cigarette pre-rolls - no more repacking and tamping! All with a simple 1 button operation and simple compression knob, you will be packing perfect cannabis and hemp cigarettes in no-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can this machine produce both cannabis and hemp cigarette style pre-rolls?

Yes, the Perfect Pack 180 works with both e.

+ How quickly can I learn to use this cigar rolling machine?

This cigar rolling machine is not a plug and play machine. It does take time to learn how to both calibrate and operate. To learn how to operate the machine it takes only 30 minutes to 1 hour to be able to produce consistent pre-rolls at a fair pace. To learn how to calibrate the machine to a specific size and compression it can take up to 3 to 4 hours to learn the basics.

+ What is the output of this cigar rolling machine?

As the machine is hand operated the output of cigar rolling machine depends on how experienced the operator is, how difficult the cigar is to roll, is the material pre-weighed or not, and how sticky the material is. An experienced operator producing a 2-3 gram blunt, with pre-weighed material and using a strain which is not exceptionally sticky (gorilla glue types) can make approximately 30 cigars per hour.

+ How can a brand make money with a hand operated cigar rolling machine?

The quality of the product this cigar rolling machine produces can really only be understood by trying the final product. No other method of rolling can produce the quality of smoke that this rolling machine will produce. Therefore, you can charge a premium price for this product - we’ve seen products made by this machine retail in dispensaries for anywhere from $20 - $100.

+ Where can I get bulk paper to produce my pre-rolls?

We can supply you with rolls of rolling paper as well as hemp wrap so you can cut costs by purchasing bulk quantities of paper and hemp wrap. These are rolls of paper so they do need to be cut down to the correct sizes at your facility. If you would like bulk quantities of cut sheets please contact us for further information.

+ Where can I purchase bulk quantities of cigar rolling glue?

We can supply you with cigar rolling glue as well as acacia gum both of which are frequently used by manufacturers around the world. Contact us for further information.

+ How much space is required for this machine?

While the Lieberman itself doesn’t take up very much space it does need to mounted into a dedicated table. So the machine takes up as much space as the table you mount it into – keeping in mind there should be enough space for the operator to have room to store raw materials.