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Best of California Pre-Roll Companies

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Aug 22nd 2018

This is a roundup of some of the top pre-roll companies in California, so if you love smoking - buckle up and grab some munchies. Our staff trekked all across California, smoking every pre-roll they could get their hands on. It was a tough and difficult job (a dream job, don't get me wrong), but we persevered and narrowed our list down to these brands below. We based our criteria on their creative design elements, branding strategy, and fresh approach to this segment of the industry. So without ado here are some of the top pre-roll companies in California!

Palms Premium

Palms branded packaging with pre-rolls inside

Palms Premium goes for that island-chill vibe and executes it perfectly. Their iconic palms are the center of attention and they repeat it in a visually appealing way. From the pattern on the packaging to the pattern on the parchment paper, Palms Premium does an excellent job of reminding the customer of their brand icon. 


Five boxed Canndescent pre-rolls with five pre-rolls in plastic tubes below them

Canndescent knows how to do luxury pre-rolls. With a very simple orange box it oozes a balance between fineness and minimalism. Their pre-roll packaging says that as a brand they are focused on producing great quality, clean pre-roll products. The custom branding on the crutch of their cones really completes the packaging. Canndescent also has the flower to back it up. Some of the best buds we've ever smoked have come from this company. If you can - grab a couple Calm pre-rolls for a easy going weekend. 

Canndescent's pre-roll packaging. A bright orange box with indicators as to which pre-roll is which strain

We love the idea of a pre-roll flight which gives the customer an opportunity to try different strains. It lets your must loyal customers become even more connected to your brand. An even better approach would be if each cone had a different custom crutch so you could do a tasting session and not lose track of which strain is which. Custom branded pre-roll cones can make all of this possible!


A Nativ branded white tube with a cork top on top of a succulent leaf

Nativ kills the premium tube look. The aluminum brushed tube creates an ultra-premium, clean look. It feels futuristic and cutting-edge in a way. Like this is the future of pre-rolls and the cannabis industry. Even though you can't see the joint inside, this sleek black tube lets the customer know there is something good inside. With custom branded filter tips, even if the customer takes the joint out of the tube, your brand is still visible. Nothing is worse than having a customer take a photo smoking your joint and there's a plain white filter tip - or even worse, something like RAW, ELEMENTS, or FUTUROLA. 



What Heshies does really well is create an approachable, welcoming brand. It feels familiar and a pre-roll that you can trust to deliver a repeatable experience. Like when you buy a pack of Heshies pre-rolls you know what you are going to get. 

While these are our favorite pre-rolls in California, we recommend trying them all to find what suits you best! We love going to dispensaries and checking out all of the pre-rolls to get new custom packaging ideas and see all of the different brands. Let us know what you pre-rolls you like!