Automated Pre-Roll Machines

Automated Pre-Roll Machines

We offer multiple sizes and types of automated pre-roll machines from multiple engineering firms, so you can trust us as we guide you through the pre-roll automation process. Our team has been involved in pre-roll automation since the beginning, so we know the ins and outs of all the machines and the entire pre-roll manufacturing process in general. Automated pre-roll machines can fail due to many variables – like the particle size of the flower, to the moisture content, to the pre-rolled cones, and even the temperature of the room the automated pre-roll machine is operating in. You can trust us, as our team of experts has helped brands of all sizes responsibly scale and automate their pre-roll process.

Automated Pre-Roll Output/Hour

The first thing to consider is how many pre-rolls you need to produce per month. We offer automated pre-roll machines that range from 12 pre-rolls per minute to 30 pre-rolls per minute, even ultra-high output machines that can automatically produce 60 finished pre-rolls per minute. Of course you plan to grow, so you may want the largest automated pre-roll machine, but most companies prefer having multiple automated pre-roll machines, so they can produce different sizes or strains at the same time. Also, automated pre-roll machines are bound to go down for cleaning or repair, so with multiple machine, you ensure you can always meet demand. Set-up a call today to learn about all the options we offer, as well as all the considerations you should have in mind while shopping for an automated pre-roll machine.

Pre-Roll Twist or Dutch Crown

Whether you want an automated pre-roll machine to produce a twisted top or a perfect dutch crown, we have automated machines that can do either one! Many consumers or brands are very specific on how they want their pre-rolls finished at the top, so we have automation solutions to help either route you want to go. Our automated pre-roll machines can also do a twist finish, cut the excess paper, and then stamp down the top of the pre-roll to create a flat top.

Upstream and Downstream Automation

Automated pre-roll machines don’t work without properly ground cannabis and the pre-roll manufacturing process doesn’t stop once the cone is filled and twisted. We offer pre-roll automation from the very first step of grinding and sifting, as well as secondary automation to automatically pack the finished pre-rolls as they come out of your automated pre-roll machine. From pre-roll multi-packs to labeling pre-roll tubes, our team of Pre-Roll Experts can help scale any part of your pre-roll production process. Best of all, you do not need to automate everything all at once! We can walk you through the most fiscally responsible steps to scale your pre-roll production process and add one piece of machinery at a time.

Automated Infused
Pre-Roll Machines

If pre-rolls are a major part of your company, you should definitely be making infused pre-rolls. Infused pre-rolls make up over 40% of all pre-roll sold in the USA and infused pre-rolls are quickly catching up in Canada, where pre-rolls make up more than double the percentage of total cannabis sales when compared to the USA! With this automated infused pre-roll technology, you can infuse any size, shape, and type of pre-roll. With the ability to infuse anything from distillate to live resin, you can even add flavors to you concentrate to create extremely popular flavored infused pre-rolls. Call us today to set-up an in-person or virtual demo! We also offer financing and a paid-trial period, so you can test this automated infused pre-roll machine with your own concentrate and pre-rolls!

Cannagar Machines

Cannagars are a small, but growing segment of the pre-roll market. Cannagars have been traditionally very labor intensive to produce, since you must hand pack many grams of flower into a mold and then use a lot of muscle to remove them from the mold. With our automated cannagar machines, you can now fully automate the cannagar manufacturing process! We have automated machines that can pack 1 cannagar core at a time and an option that packs 3 cannagar cores at a time!

Automated Pre-Roll
Packing Machine

Once you’ve produced pre-rolls on your automated pre-roll machine, you now need to package them into tubes or multi-packs. With our secondary pre-roll automation, you can automate the process of packing and labeling pre-rolls in a tube or we even have pre-roll automation that can pack perfect multi-pack. Our automated pre-roll packaging machine uses a camera to pick up and orient pre-rolls in any size multi-pack. This technology is even smart and accurate enough to alternate the orientation of your pre-rolls in your packaging, so you can zig-zag more pre-rolls into a multi-pack. We offer two options – a single arm automated packaging machine that can pack up to 28 pre-rolls per minute and a double arm automated pre-roll machine that packs up to 50 pre-rolls per minute.

Automated Pre-Roll Twister

If you are not quite ready for a fully automated pre-roll machine, we offer a stand-alone automated pre-roll twisting machine. This is perfect for brands with specialty pre-rolls like glass tipped or ceramic tipped cones or for brands with extremely fresh and sticky flower, which would not run properly through an automated pre-roll machine. This automated pre-roll twisting machine can twist up to 20 pre-rolls per minute and it also comes with a tamping station, which can help you tamp down 12 pre-rolls at once, before inserting into the automated twisting machine.

Cannabis Grinders

Automated pre-roll production always begins with carefully ground cannabis. Automated pre-roll machines are very sensitive, so you must carefully grind your flower before loading your automated machine. The particle size is not only important for ensuring an automated pre-roll machine will work, but being able to dial in a specific particle size will help you fill the proper weight of flower into the proper sized cones. If you mill your flower too small, it will be impossible to make 1 gram of flower fill a 109mm pre-rolled cone properly.

Cannabis Sifters

Automated pre-roll manufacturing starts with grinding, but sifting is the necessary second step, which not only helps remove stems, but also helps you achieve a uniform particle size in your ground cannabis material. By creating a uniform particle size and distribution in your ground flower will ensure your automated pre-roll machine not only flows smoothly, but each pre-roll is the same weight and length. We can help automate your sifting process to increase your overall pre-roll quality and throughput in your automated pre-roll manufacturing process.

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