Automated Pre-Roll Machine



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Automated Pre-Roll Production

Our automated pre-roll machine was developed alongside a licensed producer from Canada, who has continuously ran the automated pre-roll machine for the past 15 months. This automated pre-roll machine has produced over 2.5 million pre-rolls using 10 different strains, proving its durability and versatility. With additional automation, you will be able to be upgraded into a fully automatic pre-roll production line - this means taking the finished pre-roll, packaging it into a pre-roll tube, sealing pre-roll tube and labeling it. With automated pre-roll technology you will automate your pre-roll production entirely.


Produces from 1,000 - 2,000 Perfect Pre-Rolls an Hour

Depending on cone size and fill weight the automated pre-roll machine can automatically produce up to 2,000 pre-rolls per hour, thats over 30 pre-rolls per minute! All the operator of the pre-roller needs to do is open the box of pre-rolled cones, place the bottom tray with cones into the machine, fill the pre-roller with 1 pounds of cannabis and the automated pre-roll machine will automatically pick, fill, compact and twist the pre-rolled cones with final weight accuracy of 0.005 grams.


Compliant Pre-Roll Production within 0.001 Grams

This automated pre-roll machine is both GMP Certified and UL Listed. This means that it was designed to be easily cleaned, easily sanitized, and safe to operate. The automated pre-roll machine has  2 scales with an accuracy of 0.001 Grams, the cannabis is weighed before the cone is filled and the final weight of the pre-rolled is check as it exits the machine. You can set the tolerance of the final pre-roll weight and it will accurately accept or reject the final pre-roll.





The Pre-Roller Uses Belts & Gears

The automated pre-roll machine transports the cannabis using only belts and gear, no vibration necessary! When you vibrate cannabis, you damage the trichomes and separate them from the flower. During our research, it was found that moving cannabis by vibration in an automated pre-roll machine it caused up to a 50% variance in THC potency among a single batch of pre-rolls. This is why we opt use any belts & gears when filling the cannabis in our automation technology.


Made Functional for Automatic Pre-Roll Production

In regard to functionality, the combination of ease and precision was one of the main points of emphasis during development of this automated pre-roll machine. The 12” touchscreen contains an extensive library of instructional videos in order to train new operators on maintenance, operation, cleaning, and creating strain recipes on the automated pre-roll machine. During operation, you can create and save custom recipes for different strains to ensure the perfect blend and pack every time. It only takes 10 minutes to change the cone size, 15 minutes to change strains, and 30 minutes to sterilize!


220v, Single Phase, 30A, 3.3 kWh

Our automated pre-roll machine, uses 220v, Single Phase 30A power. It also required 100 PSI of instrument air. The pre-roller footprint is approximately, 46 in x 58in. The Pre-Roller operates best in a controlled enviroment of less than 40% RH and 62 F