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Automated Pre-Roll Machines

Automated pre-roll machines are crucial for scaling your business and reducing labor costs. Our team of Pre-Roll Experts has experience with nearly every automated pre-roll machine in the market and has been pioneering automated pre-roll technology since the very beginning of the industry. We specialize in everything from semi-automatic pre-roll machines, to fully automated pre-rollmachines, and even secondary pre-roll automation, which can take your finished joints and pack them into tubes or even multi-packs. We offer automated machine solutions every step of the way, from cannabis grinders designed specifically for automated pre-roll machines to automated labeling machines to scale your pre-roll packaging department. Our team of Pre-Roll Experts do not sell on commission, so our only interest is helping you find the best pre-roll machine for your business.

Semi-Automatic Pre-Roll Machines

Fully Automated Pre-Roll Machines

Complete Pre-Roll Automation Expertise

Full pre-roll automation may not be perfect for every pre-roll business or every state. Our state of the art semi-automatic pre-rollautomation solution is perfect for growing businesses and smaller state markets. Semi-automatic pre-roll machines help you reduce your labor costs, while still keeping the highest quality in your pre-roll products. With semi-autonomous pre-rollmachines you can use stickier flower and pack more unique sizes/styles of pre-rolls, compared to fully automated pre-roll machine, which are more finicky and must be extremely fine tuned to be efficient.

Automated pre-roll machines allow you to scale from tens of thousands pre-rolls to hundreds of thousands pre-rolls without drastically increasing your labor costs and production space. We have hands on experience with nearly every automated pre-roll solution, knowing all the ins and out, pros, cons, shortfalls, and differences between each piece of pre-roll technology. Our automated pre-roll solutions can produce anywhere from 1,000 pre-rolls per hour to 4,000 pre-rolls per hour. Any size pre-rolled cone can be run, you can run infused materials, and choose between a twist or folded top.

Our team has worked with all the major pre-roll automation companies, so we can help you navigate your way to the best solution for your business and growth plan. Our team of Pre-Roll Experts will learn about your business, current pre-roll production process, pain points, and growth plans - from here, we will educate you on all the options and help set-up both virtual and in-person demos for all the automated pre-roll machines that fit your needs. Our sales team is not commission based, so you can trust our unbiased opinions on what the best automated solution is for your business goals. We also offer integration services, to help fully automate your entire pre-roll production process. If you need financing, our team can also introduce you to trusted 3rd party finance companies.

Automated Pre-roll Infusion Machine

Infused pre-rolls are one of the fastest growing segments in the industry and are also one of the most labor-intensive products to manufacture. Our automated pre-roll infusion machine not only cuts labor costs, but it produces a higher quality infused pre-roll by injecting the oil into the pre-roll as a rod. You are able to fully customize the type of concentrate, as well as the location within the center of the pre-roll you want it located. Compared to painting the outside of the joint with oil and rolling in kief, injecting the oil into the center of the pre-roll allows the concentrate to be gently vaporized while the pre-roll is being smoked, compared to the oil being directly lit on fire and combusted when painted on the outside. Painting the oil on the outside of the pre-roll is also inaccurate and messy, which leads to significant product loss over thousands of pre-rolls. Not only are you wasting money on the labor, but you are also wasting valuable concentrate and creating a harsher infused pre-roll.

cannabis grinding solutions
cannabis sifter solutions
secondary pre-roll automation

Grinding Solutions

Every pre-roll production process starts with the grind - if you mess up the grind of your flower, all the hard work and money put into growing it goes down the drain. Furthermore, if you put overly ground flower into your pre-rolls, you will make low quality pre-rolls that either burn harsh or clog up. We have multiple grinding solutions perfect for automated pre-roll machine of any scale. Our GrindSizer cannabis grinder is designed with pre-roll automation in mind, as it is pharmaceutical grade, GMP certified, and can be integrated directly into your pre-roll automation line. By automating your grinding, you can set exactly how much flower you want ground and program the GrindSizer to automatically grind this amount and then feed directly into your pre-roll hopper before it is empty, ensuring no downtime on your automated pre-roll equipment.

Sifting Solutions

Almost as important as grinding, sifting is the final step in the process before your flower enters your automated pre-roll machines. Sifting offers multiple benefits - most importantly, sifting out stems is crucial to avoid breakage in your pre-rolls. Leaving stem fragments in your ground flower also reduces the potency of your pre-rolls and causes your pre-rolls to smoke harsher. Additionally, by sifting your flower, you ensure you have a uniform particle size flowing through your automated machinery. Science has shown, by having a uniform particle distribution, your manufacturing process will be more efficient - this is because a uniform material will flow fast and smoother through your production process. For optimal pre-rollquality and throughput, sifting is a key process that is often overlooked. We offer several cannabis sifting machines with different screen sizes to ensure your end product quality. 

Secondary Pre-Roll Automation

Once the pre-rolls are manufactured, there is still a lot of work to do. In fact, packaging pre-rolls can be more time consuming that producing them with the wrong process. For companies that want to entirely automate their pre-roll production line, we have multiple secondary automation solutions, which can place your finished pre-rolls in tubes or even multi-packs. Not only can we automate the placement of joints into your final packaging, but we can also close the package and label it with our pre-roll labeling service so it is ready to go to retail. We offer both stock and fully custom secondary pre-roll automation solutions, so please reach out to our team to discuss your specific challenges and needs.

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