Shred Sifter - High Tech Shredder Grinding and Sifting Machine (Free Shipping)

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Shredding and Sifting Cannabis
Machine Type:
Machine Type:
3 pounds in 3-7 seconds
Screen Material:
Stainless Steel
Screen Size:
Mesh #8, 3mm particle size
Whip Grinder Material:
Food Grade Plastic
3/4 HP (UL Listed)
Power Requirement:

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Shred Sifter - High Tech Shredder Grinding and Sifting Machine (Free Shipping)
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Cannabis Shredder

Industrial-Grade Cannabis Shredding Machine

The Cannabis Shredder is the perfect solution for those who are needing to process large amounts of bud at a single time. The Cannabis Shredder is an industrial strength machine - meaning you will spend less time rotating cannabis product in between grinders and more filling and selling your product. Custom Cones USA is your one-stop-shop for all your pre-roll machines! In addition to the Cannabis Shredder, we also sell the Industrial Cannabis Grinder and the CannaSifter, so there is no doubt that you will find the perfect machine to fit your brand's needs! Not to mention free shipping to the lower 48 states!
Top panel of the heat shrink machine that has multiple options and settings

Cannabis Specific Shredder and Sifter

The Cannabis Shredder is specially designed for cannabis product, this ensures that you will get the perfect consistency each time. Not only will the Cannabis Shredder shred your bud but it also comes with a built-in sifter which sifts at a near 99.5% efficiency, this means you will spend less time moving your shredded flower to and from a sifter and more time filling your pre-rolls.

Sealing pre-roll packaging with the heat shrink machine

Industrial Size and Strength

When it comes to shredding and sifting your cannabis flower, speed, capacity and accuracy are always at the forefront. The Cannabis Shredder holds 110 cups of cannabis flower and can process 2lbs of material in 3-7 seconds. Not only will it shred your cannabis in seconds, it will also sift any stems or other material out with a 99.5% accuracy!

A wide view of the heat shrink machine. It has a rectangular prism type shape and is about 3 feet tall in front of a wall

Made in the USA

Our Cannabis Shredder is made in the USA with the highest quality always in mind. Looking for other industrial strength machines to aid your pre-roll process? Custom Cones USA is your one-stop shop for all things pre-rolls - including machines! Check out some of our other pre-roll machines such as the Industrial Cannabis Grinder, CannaSifter and the Sluice Box.