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What You Need to Know About Rose Petal Cones

What You Need to Know About Rose Petal Cones

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Mar 13th 2023

Incorporating rose petal cones into a joint can feel like a good idea. The pre-roll market is competitive, and producers are constantly looking for new ways to distinguish themselves. Going with a different type of rolling paper is an easy way to make your pre-roll brand stand out; however, not everything is as it seems with these “rose petal pre-rolled cones.”

The Issue with Rose Cones

The concern with rose petal cones has to do with contaminants and the lack of testing requirements on rolling paper products. There are strict testing requirements in most cannabis markets around heavy metals, pesticides and mold, but a lot of the time those requirements only apply to the cannabis material, and there are zero testing requirements for rolling paper manufacturers.

Quality rolling papers typically do not have an issue with passing tests for contamination, because most of these papers go through a refinement process. Rose petal cones and other natural products like palm leaf blunts are different and carry additional contamination risks.

Why Are Rose Petal Cones Contaminated

It is incredibly hard to grow roses without pesticides, and, considering most people are growing roses to be looked at, there really isn’t an issue with using them. The issue comes when you want to smoke those flowers. As well as pesticides, the petals can carry heavy metals that they picked up from the soil, and, as a natural product, the petals carry a lot of moisture and can easily grow microbials during production and shipping.

The scary truth is there are most likely pesticides, heavy metals, and/or mold in your rose petal cones. At Custom Cones USA, we have done extensive sourcing and testing on rose petal cones and have yet to find a reliable option that will meet cannabis testing standards. You might find one in a batch that will pass testing, but it’s next to impossible to find an entire lot of rose petal cones that will reliably pass testing and be safe for customers to smoke.

Do Rose Petal Cones Make Sense for Your Business?

As a business, rose cones are too inconsistent and dangerous for production. In addition to having a concern for your customer’s health, using rose petal papers in your pre-rolls will put you at risk for product recalls, fines, and ruining the reputation of your company, and your reputation is really all your brand has in this highly regulated market.

Yes, it is possible to source clean rose petals; however, because it takes so much more effort for rose producers to do it organically, the price you’d pay to get them would not make much sense for a cannabis producer. This is why many cannabis and paper producers have moved away from using real rose petals and, instead, have resorted to infusing other papers with a rose scent or extract. You might still find “real rose” on the packaging, but it’s most likely not rose petals you’re getting.

Rose Petal Alternatives

If you want to avoid using rose petal cones but still want your pre-rolls to stand out, there are other customizations you can utilize to get a similar theme. For example, instead of using rose petals for a Valentine’s Day pre-roll, you can use pink or heart-patterned papers, or you can go with a different type of paper all-together and use botanical blunts. If you wanted a more subtle touch, you can go with custom filter tips or custom packaging options. Whatever you need, we’ll make sure it looks good and is safe for consumption!

Partner with Custom Cones USA

If you are looking to create a product that will stand out from the competition and delight the consumer, you want to make sure it is something that will get to them (pass testing) and be enjoyable. The Pre-Roll Experts at Custom Cones USA are here to help you do exactly that! Feel free to reach out anytime, and we’ll help bring your pre-roll project to life!

Going with a different type of rolling paper is an easy way to make your pre-roll brand stand out; however, not everything is as it seems with these “rose petal pre-rolled cones.”