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Elevate Your Pre-Rolls with Custom Branded Hemp Blunt Cones

Elevate Your Pre-Rolls with Custom Branded Hemp Blunt Cones

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Jan 26th 2024

As the cannabis industry has matured, so have consumer tastes. If you’re looking to expand your pre-roll line and offer a high-end, sophisticated product while promoting your brand, consider our custom-branded hemp blunt cones.

Hemp wrap blunts appeal to blunt aficionados who want the appearance and slow burn of a classic blunt but without the nicotine and carcinogens found in standard tobacco blunt wraps. At Custom Cones USA, our pre-roll hemp wrap blunt cones are made entirely from un-dyed natural hemp, with no added chemicals.

Customizing your hemp blunt cones by adding your brand’s colors, logo or message to a cigar band, can help you further reach those customers and establish your brand as their go-to. It can also help spread the word to others, as blunts are often a shared smoking experience.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can raise your pre-roll game by adding custom-branded hemp blunt cones to your arsenal.

Unique Features and Benefits of Custom-Branded Hemp Blunt Cones

Compared to regular pre-roll cones that are made with rolling paper or pre-roll blunts made from other plants like palm leaves or tea, hemp offers several attractive benefits.

Thicker composition

Hemp wraps are slightly thicker than traditional rolling papers and because of it provide a smoother burn for a more luxurious and relaxing smoking experience.

Slower burn

Hemp blunt cones are ideal for sharing among several people at gatherings and parties since they burn more slowly than pre-rolled joints made with rolling papers.

Robust flavor

As it’s made from the same plant, hemp wraps are more aligned with the flower inside, which greatly appeals to cannabis connoisseurs looking for a richer, more flavorful smoke.

Visually appealing

These hemp wrap blunts resemble the traditional blunt, giving them a luxurious appearance, especially when brought out at a party or gathering. They look very different from other pre-roll cones, which are typically made with refined white or unbleached brown paper.

Contains terpenes and flavonoids

Both the THC and fiber-producing varieties of hemp contain flavonoids and terpenes, which hemp wrap cone production preserves. During the manufacture of hemp rolling papers, these elements are usually refined out with much of the fibers, giving hemp blunt cones a distinct flavor advantage.

Perceived health benefits

While smoking has inherent health risks, consumers see hemp wraps as a healthier option than tobacco and since traditional blunts are rolled with tobacco leaves, consumers carry that feeling over to hemp wraps as well.

In general, hemp wrap blunts are viewed as a more high-end, luxury cannabis product, which means they can be sold at a higher price point to more discriminating customers.

Hemp Blunt Cones – The Smoking Experience

These types of pre-roll cones enhance the overall experience of smoking pre-rolls by providing a more natural and smoother smoke, slower burn and robust flavor that complements high-quality flower. They also contain beneficial properties that are found in the terpenes inherent in hemp plants.

Why You Should Offer Custom-Branded Hemp Blunt Cones to Your Customers

Offering hemp blunt pre-rolls expands your reach to those who prefer the smooth, longer smoke of a blunt but are unable to purchase standard blunts at their local dispensary. The reason is that since traditional blunts are made with tobacco leaves, dispensaries are not allowed by law to sell them alongside cannabis. Hemp blunt wrap cones, however, can be freely sold in shops—an enormous convenience for consumers, as they can purchase all their cannabis products in one place.

Having your brand emblazoned on the pre-roll and its packaging instantly sets you apart from your competitors and raises the visibility of your company. Being able to offer this high-end specialty product expands your pre-roll line and will attract new customers. They’re also convenient for producers since our all-natural hemp wraps are completely legal for interstate commerce.

How are Custom-Branded Hemp Blunt Cones Made?

The process begins with premium hemp wraps made in Europe under stringent EU regulations for the highest quality and best taste. They’re manufactured entirely from hemp, with no tobacco or tea leaves. No dyes or artificial colors are ever used, and we do not cut the corners on our wraps as other manufacturers do. Our blunt cones are sealed with natural gum acacia, made from acacia tree sap.

We also offer hybrid hemp wrap cones in either green or brown, which are made from a blend of hemp fibers and other parts of the hemp plant. Our hyrid cones are specially developed so they won’t dry out as quickly as hemp wrap bluints cones made just from fibers, keeping them fresher longer than other hemp wraps.

Consider taking your pre-roll product to an even higher level with ceramic, glass or wood filter tips to create a premium hemp blunt cone. Glass and ceramic tips help to concentrate the smoke and add a luxurious weight and smoothness to the cone, while wood tips are similar but add a natural feel that could be a better fit for your hemp wraps.

Hemp blunt cones are available in 84mm (half gram), best suited for individual use or a quick smoking session, and 98mm (three-quarter gram) and 109mm (one gram) sizes that are ideal for sharing with a group. Custom sizes are also available. We can also customize the filter length and width as well as the cone’s crown diameter.

Customization Options for Hemp Blunt Cones

Blunts Outdoor

At Custom Cones USA, our hemp blunt cones can be fully customized to draw attention to your brand. We offer premium external wraps and custom cigar bands that can display your company’s logo or design. This externally wrapped sticker, added around the crutch, can feature solid color or metallic stickers with custom printing.

You can also customize the pre-roll packaging for your hemp cones. From plastic pop top doob tubes to slider boxes to child-resistant custom metal tins for multi-packs, Custom Cones USA has pre-roll packaging ready to ship in multiple sizes and styles and offers direct full-color printing of your logo and graphics to ensue your brand stands out among the disensary shelves.

Custom pre-rolled cones will help to build and strengthen your brand’s identity by associating your company with exclusive and unique hemp wrap blunts that speak directly to blunt smokers as well as health-conscious cannabis consumers.

Custom-Branded Hemp Blunt Cones – Availability and Pricing

At Custom Cones USA, we offer several types of hemp wrap blunts, including our classic brown, and hybrid brown and green, made with a combination of hemp fiber and hemp paper to make them less senitive to moisture. These can all be customized with your company logo and graphics. For more information about our custom pre-rolled cones and hemp blunt cone pricing, minimum order quantity and wholesale opportunities, speak to a pre-roll expert today at (833) 582-6637.

As the cannabis industry has matured, so have consumer tastes. If you’re looking to expand your pre-roll line and offer a high-end, sophisticated product while promoting your brand, consider our custom-branded hemp blunt cones.