Custom Pre-Rolled Tubes

Pre-rolled tubes are a great way to create a new pre roll product and expand your pre-roll line. There are various ways to use and fill pre-rolled tubes, for example you can use certain sized tubes in your current knockbox or other pre-roll filling machine, or certain pre roll tubes can be used on various cigarette filling machines. When it comes to pre rolled tubes, there are a ton of options to consider, from paper type, to filter tip, tube size, custom branding, and the best way to fill your pre-rolled tubes.


custom pre-rolled tubes

custom joint and blunt tubes

Artisan Style Pre-Rolled Tubes

If you are looking to expand your pre-roll line and want to add pre rolled tubes to your product line, but don’t like the look and feel of cigarette style tubes, our artisan style pre-rolled tubes are perfect for you! Our artisan style pre-rolled tubes are made with the thinnest French rolling paper and can be customized to any size and with any filter! If it’s the size and look of classic cigarette style tubes have been keeping you from expanding your pre-roll line into tube style pre-rolls, you must try our artisan style pre-rolled tubes. Compared to the 8mm diameter and 84mm length of all standard cigarette tubes, our artisan style pre-rolled tubes can made to any diameter and length.


Custom Sizes

pre rolled blunt and joint tubes

Tube Diameter

Classic cigarette style tubes only come in the standard 8mm size, however with artisan style pre rolled tubes, you can customize a 9mm, 10mm, 11mm or whatever width tube you can imagine! If your pre-roll filling machine has a certain sized opening, we have standard tube sizes, so you can fill your pre-rolled tubes with the same cone filling machine you already have!

pre-rolled tubes

Tube Length

At Custom Cones USA, we can customize any sized pre-roll tube to any length. Whether you want a short pre rolled tube for a quick personal session or a long 5-gram pre roll for your entire group of friends, we can customize the any sized pre roll tube for your brand.

rolling paper pre rolled tubes

Filter Sizes

Aside from tube diameter and tube length, the only other dimension left to customize is the filter size. You can make the filter size as short or as long as you want. A longer filter tip will give you more room for custom branding and also cool down the smoke more. However, the longer the filter, the larger your final tube will be and your final packaging as well. If you are using a special type of packaging, we can custom size your filter to ensure a perfect fit!

Paper Types

french rolling paper cones

Ultra-Fine French

We use the same ultra-fine French rolling papers in our Artisan style pre-rolled tubes as we do in our pre-rolled cones. We use the lightest and cleanest burning rolling papers in our tubes, to create a truly unique and superior smoking experience. Our three ultra-fine French rolling paper types are hemp, unrefined brown, or refined white.

hemp wrap blunt tubes

Hemp Wrap

More of a pre-rolled blunt, our pre-rolled hemp wrap tubes are super slow burning and full flavored. Made with actual hemp wrap, our pre-rolled hemp blunt tubes are amazing for pre-rolled blunts.

palm leaf blunt tubes

Palm Leaf

If you are looking for a super unique pre rolled blunt tube, our natural leaf cones are exactly what you are looking for. Made with a super slow burning and flavorful leaf, these pre rolled leaf blunt tubes feature a corn husk filter tip for a super smooth draw. The corn husk filter tip also cools the smoke.


Filter Tip Options

spiral tipped pre rolled tubes

Spiral Tips

Not only do spiral tips look amazing, but they also create a premium draw and excellent smoking experience. The spiral tip option also allows you to easily custom brand your pre-rolled tube by printing directly on the filter tip. Custom branding directly on a spiral tipped filter can be seen through the opacity of the rolling paper, so this option is a great way to create a premium pre-roll product while keeping things clean and simple.

pre rolled joint tube with filter

Bio-Cooling Tips

Bio-Cooling filter tips look like a standard cigarette style filter, but Bio-Cooling tips are all-natural and environmentally friendly. Our bio-cooling tips are specially designed with micro-perforations, which create a much easier draw than a cigarette filter, plus the help cool down the smoke to create an ultra-premium smoking experience. The best way to add custom branding to a custom pre-roll tube with bio-cooling filters is to add a cigar band or full external wrapping.

glass and wood tipped pre rolled tubes

Glass & Wood Tips

Adding a rich wood filter tip or glass tip to your pre-roll tube is a sure way to stand out with a unique and premium pre-roll product. Wood and glass filter tips can be customized to be any diameter and the inner hole can be customized as well for any type of smoking experience. Both our glass and wood filter tips can be rolled within the pre rolled tube or added to the outside of the pre-rolled tube. If you can dream it – we’ll design the perfect pre-roll for you.

custom pre rolled cigarette style tubes

pre rolled cigarette tubes

Cigarette Style Pre-Rolled Tubes

As the market continue to grow, producers struggle to keep with the growing demand. More and more brands have found classic cigarette style tubes and modified cigarette filling equipment to be a great way to produce pre-rolls at scale. When it comes to cigarette style tubes, there are a ton of paper and customization options, so don’t worry about your pre-roll being mistaken for a cigarette… unless that’s what you’re going for!


Paper Types

pre rolled tubes

Standard Paper Types

If you are designing a modern pre-roll product and you want it to look like the classic cigarette, we offer standard cigarette paper for your pre-rolled tubes. This is a great option for hemp pre rolls or those pre-rolls designed for a more incognito look. We offer three types of our standard cigarette style paper: hemp, flax, and wood pulp.

pre rolled tubes paper

Unrefined Hemp Paper

For a more premium look, you can upgrade to a translucent rolling paper style. The unrefined hemp rolling paper used in these cigarette tubes is slightly thicker than the rolling papers used in our Artisan style pre-rolled tubes. However, all our paper types are super slow burning and clean tasting.

custom pre rolled tubes paper

Refined Hemp Paper

If you want your cigarette style pre-rolled tubes to look more like joints, our premium refined hemp rolling paper upgrade is perfect for your pre rolls. Compared to our standard cigarette paper options, this premium rolling paper is translucent, so you can see your flower through the pre rolls.

Filter Types

cutom pre rolled cigarette tubes with filter

High Flow Filter

Our pre-rolled tubes are designed for flower, not tobacco. Compared to real cigarette tubes, our pre-rolled tubes feature a high flow filter, meaning they are easier to draw through. These high flow filters cool down your smoke and create an amazing smoking experience.

hollow tipped cigarette tubes

Hollow Tipped

If you like the cigarette style pre-rolled tube idea, but don’t want a squishy style filter, our hollow tipped pre-rolled tubes are perfect for your pre rolls. Hollow on the inside, these pre roll tips give your pre-rolls all the support they need at the mouth piece with no filter.

custom pre rolled cigarette tubes

Tipping Paper

Your cigarette style pre-rolled tubes wouldn’t be complete without a sleek wrapping around the filter. We offer three standard colors: black, white, and cream. The white color matches our refined paper types and the cream matches our unrefined paper types. The black is just super sleek! These three colors are included free, but of course you can customize this area if you want as well!


Customization Options

custom filter size pre rolled tubes

Filter Sizes

Standard filter length on our cigarette style pre-rolled tubes is 20mm. However, you can customize the filter length for an extra charge. We can customize the filter tip length to 25mm or 30mm, however keep in mind this raised the price by quite a lot! If you want a super unique and premium pre-roll product, a super long cigarette style filter will definitely stand out.

custom tip color cigarette tubes

Custom Tip Colors

If you don’t want a black, white or tan colored wrapping around your filter tip. You can upgrade to any custom color you want! Adding a solid custom color is easy and a great way to tie in your branding and stand our in the pre-roll market.

custom branding cigarette tubes

Full Custom Branding

If you want to take your cigarette style pre-rolled tubes to the next level, there are a variety of custom branding options. In addition to customizing the color of the filter tip wrapping, you can add your logo or even accents of gold foil!