Custom Pre Rolled Cones

Note: This product is colored using food-grade dye. Please be aware that the color may run if it comes into contact with liquid or excessive moisture.

Custom pre-rolled cones are the essential packaging component for your pre-roll products - without high-quality and compliant pre-rolled cones , your pre-roll manufacturing facility grinds to a halt. At Custom Cones USA, we are The Pre-Roll Experts, specializing in everything pre-roll related from custom branded pre-rolled cones to help elevate your branding and pre-roll packaging, to pre-rolled tubes ranging from cigarette style tubes to our classic Artisan pre-rolled tubes, to hemp wrap blunt cones and blunt tubes, including palm leaf blunts, and all the latest pre-roll machines and pre-roll packaging. If it helps your grow your pre-roll product line, improve your pre-roll packaging experience, or scale your pre roll manufacturing process - we have it!

Our team of Pre-Roll Experts pride themselves on a responsive, full-service, and personal experience filled with knowledge and industry best-practices. We work with you through every step to make sure that you get custom pre-rolled cones as beautiful as your flower and perfect for your branding. From our strict Phase III complaint testing standards, to offering the industry’s widest array of paper and blunt types, as well as the largest selection of pre-rolled cone and pre-rolled tube sizes, we pride ourselves on the highest quality and most reliable custom pre-rolled cones and tubes in the industry. We are the direct pre-rolled cone factory, so we offer the lowest MOQs, consistent lead times, and our customer success team will work with your demand forecasts to help keep you in stock! We work with all sizes of pre-roll brands in every state, to the largest LPs in Canada, and even international brands from Switzerland to Jamaica. Pre-roll companies trust us to help them create truly exceptional pre-roll products. We look forward to partnering with you! If you would like more information on custom pre rolled cones, check out our custom pre-roll cones buyers guide or contact a Pre-Roll Expert directly below!



Custom Pre-Rolled Cones Overview

Pre-Roll Custom Branding

Custom branded pre-rolled cones are crucial for properly branding your pre-rolled cones. The most common branding style of pre-rolled cones is custom printing on the filter tip or “crutch.” We offer three Ultra-Fine European rolling paper types, so you will want to consider the colors of your branding and the transparency of the rolling paper to ensure you can see your custom branded filter tip the best! For a more premium custom branded pre-rolled cone, you can add a custom cigar brand or full-external wrap around the cone filter tip. You can even add custom branding by order custom printed paper pre-rolled cones, which are printed with food-grade soy-based inks!

Pre-Roll Paper and Blunt Types

We are proud to offer the largest selection of rolling paper and blunt types for pre-rolled cones and pre-rolled tubes. For Ultra-Fine European rolling paper options, we have Refined White, Unrefined Brown, and 100% Organic Hemp paper. If you prefer pre-rolled blunts, we have Premium European Hemp Wrap in both brown and green, as well as our special Hybrid Hemp Wrap, which is also available in both brown and green. What makes our Hybrid Hemp Wrap special is it’s resistance to drying out and cracking, make it more resilient for pre-roll manufacturing and automated pre-roll machines.

Pre-Rolled Cone and Tube Sizes

All our custom pre-rolled cones are designed to industry standard cone sizes and will fit all common cone filling machines. The most common pre-rolled cone sizes are the 109mm king size pre-rolled cone (1 gram), the 98mm standard pre-rolled cone (.75 gram), 98mm slim “reefer” cone (half-gram), the 84mm pre-rolled cone (half-gram), and the 70mm mini dogwalker pre-rolled cone (.35 gram). In addition to cones, we also offer a huge selection of pre-rolled tubes from cigarette style tubes to pre-rolled blunt tubes. We can fully customize the filter length, cone or tube length, and top and bottom diameters to make you any custom pre-roll product.

3D Renders

Use our Custom Pre-roll Cone Designer to see 3D renderings of your customized cone product! Upload an image and adjust the scaling and position with your mouse! You can also add text and view previous designs you've made. If you would like to change your cone size or type, selecting the Product Variations will automatically adjust the filter you've uploaded to fit a new cone size or paper type so you can easily toggle between product options. Make sure to save your design to come back to it for reference, or download a PDF version!


At Custom Cones USA, we have so many different pre-roll materials, shapes, sizes, and types that you might be a bit unsure about which products to buy in bulk. Sample packs are the perfect remedy! Get your hands on luxurious hemp wrap cones or test different sizes in your filling machines to determine which is best for you. You can even have some of our top-of-the line packaging types sent to you, so you can see how the pre-rolls fit together with packaging.

Custom Design

Let our talented custom cone design experts assist you with your project! We can help with everything from logo design through custom packaging. We know not everyone has in house designers, so we've made our expert design services available to make your pre-roll brand custom project stress-free!

Custom Branding Options

Custom Cones USA offers the widest variety and highest quality printing options for your custom pre-rolled cones and tubes. You can print directly on the filter tip paper or upgrade to a premium external wrapping or custom cigar band. 4-color offset printing is included standard, however we also offer premium printing options like UV Spot printing, foil stamping, and embossing for custom branded pre-roll cigar bands and on your custom pre-roll packaging. Let your custom pre-rolled cones and tubes fully match and represent your brand! We offer free mock-ups and 3D design tools to ensure your custom pre-roll cone design comes out perfect. If you need more design help, our expert design team can even design your custom branded filter tips for you! The minimum for custom branding is 4,800 cones or tubes.

Custom Filter Tips

We allow you to totally customize the filter tip of your custom pre-rolled cones and pre-rolled tubes. You can print any logo or design in full-color right on the filter tip. The Refined White rolling paper is the most transparent and easiest to see your custom branding, with the 100% Organic Hemp being the most opaque and thus hardest to see your custom branding through the tip. The Unrefined Brown rolling paper is right in the middle - for custom branding on brown or hemp paper, we recommend dark contrasting colors and minimizing small lines and details. We offer free mock-ups of your artwork, so you know exactly how your custom pre-rolled cones will come out. Use your brand colors to strengthen your brand or color code each pre-roll in a variety strain pre-roll multipack!

Custom Cigar Bands

Custom cigar bands for your pre-rolled cones or pre-rolles tubes are a really nice way to customize your pre roll. Cigar bands are fully customizable – you can change the width of the band and even the shape in the middle. As always, 4 color off set printing is included standard and you can upgrade to foil and Spot UV finishes! The minimum for custom branded cigar bands is 4,800, however you can split this between any size cone, paper type, or even between half custom pre-rolled cones and half blunt cones as long as they are the same size!

Custom External Wraps

Compared to custom cigar bands, which only take up part of the filter tip, we can also add a custom external wrap to your custom pre-rolled cones, which is a custom band wrapped around the entire outside of the cone filter tip. This upgraded branding option is available on both rolling paper pre-rolled cones and hemp wrap blunt cones. Since our blunt cones are not transparent like rolling paper cones, we only offer custom branding on our blunt cones via a custom external wrapping or a custom cigar-style bands.

Custom Pre-Roll Cone Examples

  • Customized Pre-Roll Example
  • Customized Pre-Roll Example
  • Customized Pre-Roll Example
  • Customized Pre-Roll Example
  • Customized Pre-Roll Example

Custom Filter Tips

Standard pre-rolled cones come with the class W filter tip style, but you can upgrade to many premium filter tip options in your custom pre-rolled cones and pre-rolled tubes. We offer spiral paper filter tips, glass filter tips, wood filter tips, corn husk filter tips, and bio-cooling tips. All these custom filter tip types can be combined with any paper or blunt type and custom branding to create the perfect pre-roll format for your brand.

Glass Filter Tips

For a top of the line custom pre-roll product, stand out with glass filter tips, which are only available in pre-rolled tube shapes, not cones. Most customers add a custom cigar band and have the glass filter tip sticking out, creating a tactile experience on their pre roll. These premium glass pre-roll filter tips look amazing, smoke incredibly, and offer a unique look and feel for your customers. Glass tipped tubes is perfect for ultra-premium flower brands that don’t just want to release a standard pre-roll at a regular price point. You can even print your logo on the glass tip or do custom colored glass tips at higher MOQs.

Spiral Tips

All standard rolling paper style custom pre-rolled cones and blunt cones come with a W style filter tip. If you are looking for something a little different, you can upgrade your custom cones to a spiral tip, which creates a unique look, blocks more small flower bits from falling through, and create a slightly different draw. Also, check out our Artisan style pre-rolled tubes, which come with a spiral tip standard.

Wood Filter Tips

Wood filter tips create a different look and feel compared to glass filter tips. We only offer wood filter tips on pre-rolled tube products as well, not on custom pre-rolled cones. Wood filter tips come in a variety of lengths and diameters, depending on the size and weight of the pre-rolled tube you are looking for. Custom blunt tubes with wood tips are incredible popular and an easy way to add a blunt product to your pre-roll offering. At higher MOQs, we can also engrave your logo on the wood filter tip.

Bio-Cooling Filter Tips

Our unique Bio-Cooling filter tips resemble squishy cigarette style filter tips, however our Bio-Cooling tips are all-natural and environmentally friendly! The bio-cooling tip is fully biodegradable and as the name suggests, Bio-Cooling tips cool down the smoke and create a super smooth smoking experience. Bio-Cooling tips are available in all paper types and are most commonly used in the 98mm reefer slim sizes, but keep in mind the tip length is 20mm, compared to our standard 26mm filter in most other pre rolled cone types.

Custom Filter Sizes

Standard pre rolled cone filter tips are 26mm long, but we offer 21mm and 30mm as other custom tip options. There is no additional charge for custom pre-rolled cones with 21mm filter tips, but there is a small charge for longer filter tips. If you want a totally custom filter tip, we can make your filter any width or height! Create a super fat filter tip to make a large blunt style smoking experience or a really long filter, to create a unique looking pre-roll or disposable one-hitter.

Client Testimonials

Pre-Rolled Compliance

  • Heavy Metals
    Heavy Metals

    Compliance and safety testing always come first at Custom Cones USA! All our pre-rolled cone materials are carefully tested for heavy metals, from the rolling paper used in the cones, to the filter paper in the tips. Our pre-rolled cone factories are held to the strictest quality standards and each pre-rolled cone paper type has been tested to the most rigorous standards in Canada and in the US.

  • Pesticides

    Here at Custom Cones USA, we uphold our pre-rolled cones to rigorous Canadian standards, which test for 96 pesticides. These include all the pesticides tested under California’s Phase 3 compliance standards, which are the strictest in the nation, in order to ensure our cones are fully compliant. We can provide the Certificate of Analysis for all our pre-rolled products upon request and can conduct additional testing if needed, or specific batch testing, by request and for an additional fee.

  • Batch Testing
    Batch Testing

    All our pre-rolled cones come with batch labels, which help identify the exact factory and production line, as well as the date those cones were produced. This level of traceability allows our pre-rolled cones to pass the strictest regulations and avoid compliance concerns. We also offer batch testing services on our pre-rolled cone orders for additional fees, if you are working in the strictest international markets.


Paper Types

We are proud to offer the widest array of paper types for your custom pre-rolled cones. We offer three different types of Ultra-Fine European Rolling paper, pre-rolled hemp wrap blunt cones, which are made from premium European hemp wrap, and palm leaf style cones and tubes. We only use the highest quality papers in our custom cones and tubes, all of which have been tested for Phase III regulations in California and Health Canada regulations in Canada. Our Ultra-Fine European Rolling Papers are the thinnest in the custom prerolled cone industry – don’t ruin your flower will low quality cones, made of cheap overseas paper filled with chemicals and fillers like chalk. We offer three types of our Ultra-Fine European Rolling Paper for our pre-roll cones; refined white paper, unrefined brown paper, and 100% organic hemp, which is a creamy tan color. Our refined white paper is also referred to as rice paper by other companies. This white paper is the cleanest burning and has the clearest appearance for custom branding, the white paper is the easiest to see through. For unrefined brown paper options, we offer unrefined brown and unrefined hemp paper, the 100% organic hemp paper is harder to see through for custom branding, so we recommend the unrefined brown if you want an unrefined paper type for your custom cones order. We use only the thinnest and cleanest burning papers from Europe. All of our standard paper grades are made from FSC-certified material, meaning it was sustainably grown and environmentally friendly, and we can provide certifications upon request. We have tested all our papers and inks for Phase III and Health Canada testing, the strictest regulations in the industry. All the raw materials in our hemp rolling paper pre rolled cones are certified organic.

Refined White Pre-Roll Paper

Refined White

Contrary to popular belief, refined white cones are not bleached to get their pale color! The wood pulp is cleaned and refined until it reaches the desired color and consistency, no additives or bleaching required! The thin paper is nearly transparent, allowing the flower to be seen from outside the cone, and provides opportunity for a customized filter tip to be visible.

Natural Brown Pre-Roll Paper

Natural Brown

Our unrefined brown cones are derived from 100% wood pulp, just like their refined white counterparts. They are not cleaned and refined as many times as the white paper, resulting in a darker, natural hue that slightly masks the material within the pre-roll. These are transparent enough to use a custom filter tip, but darker colors are recommended for higher visibility.

Organic Hemp Pre-Roll Paper

100% Organic Hemp

We are proud to be one of the few companies that offer rolling paper cones made with 100% certified organic hemp, with the documents to prove it! These paper cones are made of pure hemp fibers, utilizing sustainable methods that helps conserve trees and save ecosystems. They provide enough transparency to pair well with a customized filter and other custom branding.

Custom Hemp Wrap Blunt Types

Hemp wrap blunt cones are perfect for brands and customers who love smoking blunts. Our hemp cones are made from real hemp – no nicotine, so these are completely legal for recreational and medical cannabis markets. Stop buying retail packaged hemp cones and switch to bulk blunt cones, which are designed to fit perfectly in all standard knockboxes and pre-roll filling machines. Let us help you save money and time on your pre-rolls. You can simply order as little as 1 box of blunt cones off our shop or order custom branded hemp cones with either an external wrap or custom cigar band. We offer three standard sizes for our hemp blunt cones – 109mm king size, which is perfect for 1 gram blunts, 98mm ¾ gram size, and 84mm hemp cones, which are perfect for mini blunts. If you are looking for a 1.5 gram or 2 gram blunt cone, we have that size as well! We also offer hemp wrap tubes and if you ever need a custom size or filter, we are here to help make your pre-roll dreams come true!


  • Brown

  • Green

To achieve the lovely green color, we don’t use any dyes or artificial colors - we use hemp that is harvested earlier in its life cycle. The sole difference between these green hemp wraps and the standard brown hemp wraps is the point of time in the lifecycle of the plant that it is harvested. Hemp plants that have had longer to mature and brown are used for the standard brown hemp wraps, while the green hemp wraps are made from younger plants.


  • Brown

  • Green

By combining the perfect blend of paper pulp and natural hemp, we have created a perfectly balanced pre-rolled cone that looks and feels like a blunt, but with all the benefits of traditional prerolled cones. Compared to traditional hemp wraps, which dry out over time, our hybrid hemp wrap cones are more durable and less moisture-sensitive, preventing them from drying out and cracking. Because hybrid hemp wrap blunt cones are more durable, they are much more friendly to a manufacturing/ production setting. Additionally, they are easier to seal and have a longer shelf life than traditional hemp wrap blunt cones!

Custom Sizes

pre rolled blunt and joint tubes

Tube Diameter

Classic cigarette style tubes only come in the standard 8mm size, however with artisan style pre rolled tubes, you can customize a 9mm, 10mm, 11mm or whatever width tube you can imagine! If your pre-roll filling machine has a certain sized opening, we have standard tube sizes, so you can fill your pre-rolled tubes with the same cone filling machine you already have!

pre-rolled tubes

Tube Length

At Custom Cones USA, we can customize any sized pre-roll tube to any length. Whether you want a short pre rolled tube for a quick personal session or a long 5-gram pre roll for your entire group of friends, we can customize the any sized pre roll tube for your brand.

rolling paper pre rolled tubes

Filter Sizes

Aside from tube diameter and tube length, the only other dimension left to customize is the filter size. You can make the filter size as short or as long as you want. A longer filter tip will give you more room for custom branding and also cool down the smoke more. However, the longer the filter, the larger your final tube will be and your final packaging as well. If you are using a special type of packaging, we can custom size your filter to ensure a perfect fit!

Cone Sizes

Our Standard Cone Sizes:
  • 109/26mm - 1 Gram Pre-Rolled Cone “King Size”
  • 98/26mm - .7 Gram Pre-Rolled Cone
  • 98/26mm Slim - .5 Gram Pre-Rolled Cone “Reefer”
  • 84/26mm - .5 Gram Pre-Rolled Cone “1 1/4”
  • 70/21mm - .3 Gram Pre-Rolled Cone “Dogwalker”
Our Specialty Cone Sizes:
  • 109/26mm Fatty - 1.5 Gram Pre-Rolled Cone “King Size”
  • 70/26mm - 3 Gram Pre-Rolled Cone “King Size”

Palm Leaf Blunt Types

You might have noticed the Palm Leaf Blunts and Corn Husk Filters are missing from our menu. After extensive research and testing, we found that these natural palm leaf blunt and corn husk products frequently fail for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials. Because these cordia and tendu leaf palm blunts are unable to consistently pass safety tests, we decided to pull them from our inventory.

There is a chance once you fill your palm leaf blunts with material and then send to testing, they may pass, but this is very risky and still unsafe to consumers. Check out this report of a huge recall on King Palm palm leaf blunts in the Colorado market – you don’t want to take this risk with your brand and customers.


Cordia (Discontinued)

The cordia palm leaf comes from the borage family of palms, which provides a subtle and earthy flavor that complements the taste of cannabis.


Tendu (Discontinued)

These slow-burning blunts enhance the flavor of your pre-roll without interfering with your flowers’ terpenes. They have a more muted green than the Cordia Palm Blunts, and have a softer feel and slimmer profile, along with a little more flexibility.

Printed Paper Pre-Rolled Cones

Designer cone tips are whimsical way to delight customers, differentiate between strain types in multi-packs, and increase seasonal sales. The cones are made using our refined white filter paper, allowing the designer filter tip and flower to be visible from the outside. Our printed pre-roll cones are all FSC-certified and made following FDA standards for food-grade paper, making these ecologically friendly and safer to smoke.

Pre-Roll Compliance Testing

Compliance Testing

Our printed pre-roll cones are all FSC-certified and made following FDA standards for food-grade paper, making these ecologically friendly and safer to smoke. These cones are certified compliant even in the strictest cannabis markets!

Pre-Rolls with Pattern Style

Pattern Style

We are able to print any custom design on your cones! Please note that at this time, we are able to do patterned designs exclusively; we are unable to print a singly image across the cone. Add your logo, a shape or design, or a word to be repeated all over your cones for a pre-roll that stands out on the shelf and provides a memorable smoking experience for the consumer! This makes your brand stand out to them for future purchases and helps promote regular buyers!

Client Testimonials

  • "We've always experienced great communication with Custom Cones. We bought our industrial grinder from them and we love it."
  • "Custom Cones' custom pre-rolls really helped us elevate our brand. We love the peace of mind that comes with using their top quality cones."
  • "Making an equipment investment with Custom Cones has made our team more successful and our production level more successful."
  • "The products we get from Custom Cones have really elevated our pre-roll line. Their glass tip tubes help put us ahead of our competition."

Custom Cones USA Difference

Unbeatable Pricing

Our competitors cannot beat our pricing. Show us invoices for custom pre-rolled cones and we show you better prices! Not only do we offer the best pricing, but we only use ultra-fine European rolling paper and super durable packaging, ensuring your cones are perfect every time. Our pricing is direct from the factory. Simply put, we offer the best wholesale pricing available on the market for custom pre-roll cones. We consistently beat invoices from other manufacturers. As long as the quality is comparable, then you are paying too much for your cones! Not only do we offer the best pricing, we also offer the lowest MOQs for custom branded cones, so you can free up more cash for your business.

Low Minimum Orders

We offer minimum quantities as low as 4,800 pre-roll cones and you can split larger custom pre-rolled cone orders into multiple designs, which allows you to come up with colorful pre-rolled cone multi-packs. This means large or small, we can work with you on any pre-roll cone project. We even allow you to do a test order of 100 custom branded pre-rolled cones! Test orders take around 3 weeks and are not as high quality as the final pre rolled cones, which are printed via offset printing and die-cut. Also check out our custom white label pre-rolled cones, which are custom branded pre rolled cones that come in custom branded boxes. Custom consumer pre-rolled cone packs are perfect for sale in retail stores by lifestyle brands or in dispensaries, as well as a promotional product. There is no better and more unique promotional product at a trade show than custom branded pre-rolled cones in custom boxes.

Fast Lead Times

We offer the lowest lead time available for custom pre-rolled cones. We produce your cones in 8-10 weeks or less! Our competitors lead time is 6 months or longer. Free up your free cash flows with our business friendly MOQs, pricing, and lead times! Ask about rush services if you need faster lead times. We also offer free digital mock-up of your custom branded cones, in only one to two days! If you require physical samples, to test paper types or see custom branded examples, we can send out a sample pack of cones right away. If you need custom branded samples of your cones for testing or visual purposes – this process takes 3 weeks and price varies on the quantity needed. Also, keep in mind sample pre-rolled cones are of lesser quality and not intended for sale or use. If you just want unbranded bulk cones, we have the lowest wholesale prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Does Custom Cones USA offer design support?

Absolutely. Custom Cones USA has a full-service graphic design team that is happy to help you design every element of your product. We have different tiers of service depending on what you want to do, so reach out to our sales team for the most accurate quote for your custom pre roll packaging design service.

+ Do you offer custom-sized pre-rolled cones?

Yes, Custom Cones USA can make any specialized dimension pre-rolled cone you need.  We can customize the overall length, filter length, and both the top and bottom diameters of the pre-roll. Just let us know what customization you are looking for, and we’ll make it happen! Keep in mind, lead times for custom-sized products will be longer than our standard lead times, depending on the season and order volume, so please check with our sales team and plan accordingly. 

+ What is the thickness/GSM of your rolling paper types?

Our rolling paper is so thin, it is not measured in thickness! Once you get to ultra-fine paper grades, you start to measure the rolling paper by its weight or “basis weight,” as it is referred to in the paper-making industry. The GSM, or grams per square meter,  of our rolling papers vary based on the paper type. The GSM ranges from 12.5 GSM to 14 GSM for our pre-rolled items. Please reach out to your Pre-Roll Expert for more information!

+ Can I customize the paper itself when ordering custom pre-rolled cones?

Yes! We can customize the paper by printing directly on it. Please note that we are only able to print repeating patterns and solid colors. We only use the highest quality vegetable-based inks, which are not only food-grade, but also tested to the strictest standards for heavy metals and pesticides. Custom printed rolling papers will have a higher MOQ and lead times, so check with our sales team for the most up to date info.

+ How many colors can I incorporate into a custom filter tip?

You can use as many colors in your custom crutch design as you would like! We are here to encourage and inspire, not restrict! Just reach out to our sales team for a custom order quote.  Please keep in mind that the filter tip may be covered by the rolling paper, so some colors may be obscured or partially obscured. Some colors or combinations of colors may look quite different once rolled under the paper, this means they may not show up as vividly as anticipated or even stand out at all depending on the type of paper used.  Custom Cones USA always recommends checking a sample out to ensure you get the exact right look for your custom order. But in general, contrasting colors work best on custom filter tips– so think white text on a dark paper background, or vice versa!  

+ What type of ink is used on your customized filter tips?

For our custom filter tips, our printing inks have been vetted to ensure the product passes Custom Cones USA's compliance standard for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials. Plus, we pride ourselves on testing our completed customized pre-roll cones for compliance so that as a customer, your only concern is filling these cones with your quality product! For more information, reach out to your Pre-Roll Expert. 

+ Do you offer custom glass tips?

We most certainly do! We are able to print any design on our glass filter tips, as well as change the color of the tip itself.  If we don’t offer the size of glass tip you need, we are happy to create custom-sized glass tips as well! Reach out to our sales team for a custom quote and more information! Not only do we make the custom glass tips, but we can also pre-roll these into cones and tubes, with custom cigar bands to take your branding to new heights. We also offer ceramic-tipped cones and wood-tipped pre roll blunt tubes for brands looking to expand their pre-roll line with all the luxury options.

+ How many split designs can I have in my order?

For our pre-rolled cones, the order can be split into as many designs as you want as long as they are in multiples of 800, 900, or 1000, depending on which size of cone you are customizing. Please note, however, that split design fees may apply to your order! This is a great option for brands that want custom designs for different strains or in-house brands.

+ Can I see a physical sample of my branded cones? What does that cost?

Absolutely, you can! Custom mock-ups are a part of every custom branded cone order.  Send your design to our sales team and we will send you photos of your design in all the paper types you are interested in. You can also design a custom cone using our Pre-Roll Cone 3D Mockup Tool and see your design right away! For an extra fee, we can also order you a custom sample pack of pre-rolled cones, so you can approve the final design before production begins! Please note that this process will add a few weeks or more to the ordering process, so if you are in a rush, it's best to just approve the photo of our digitally printed mock-ups.

+ Do these cones fit in knockboxes?

Yes, our pre-rolled cones are all designed to the industry standard sizes and will fit in name-brand knockboxes and other major cone filling machines. Our customer love the King Kone Pre Roll Machine which can accomodate both cones and tubes with attachments. We also offer custom sizes if you have your own custom knockbox or filling equipment that needs to be accommodated.

+ How should we store the custom cones sent to us?

Because our cones are made out of paper, they typically don’t need to be stored in a controlled environment as long as it is not too wet and humid. We send them to you in a tower box and recommend only opening the original container when the cones are needed and storing them in the upright position, as this provides protection for them and keeps them in the best condition possible until use. However, hemp wrap products are prone to drying out or absorbing too much moisture, so we recommend taking special care when storing or remoisturizing hemp blunt cones. Unlike rolling papers, hemp wraps or other blunt products like our botanical blunt cones will dry out in dryer climates like Nevada or absorb moisture in humid climates like Florida.    Dry blunts wraps can always be moisturized - We even have a video on how to do this on our YouTube channel, called How to Seal Our Hemp Wrap Blunt Cones! Give it a click for more info! However, keep in mind blunt products can absorb too much moisture and grow mold, so please be careful during this process. If your warehouse is in a humid environment, you will want to store your blunts in an air-tight container or in an air-conditioned room, otherwise, they will absorb the moisture in the air and can grow mildew or mold over time.

+ How much flower fits into each pre-rolled cone?

Our standard 109mm cone is designed for 1 gram of flower. We also offer 84mm cones, which can hold a half-gram of cannabis, as well as our 98mm slim cones. The difference between the 84mm and 98mm slim half-gram cones is the thickness and height of the pre-roll.  The 84mm half-gram pre-roll is the industry standard and will be shorter and fatter than the 98mm slim or reefer-sized cone. These slim cones are typically a little more expensive and harder to fill, but they do offer a unique slim appearance.  The 98m standard cones fit three-quarters of a gram, and the 70mm dogwalker cones will fit a quarter to a third of a gram of material. We also have a 1.5 gram pre-rolled cones, for those looking for a larger pre-roll and we even offer multiple sizes of pre-rolled tubes, which range in sizes from a short, slim cigarette size that holds half a gram, to 1-gram and 2-gram tube sizes.

+ Where are custom cone orders fulfilled from?

This depends on which custom product you are purchasing. Our custom-branded cones are made from the finest European rolling papers that are then rolled in our factories in Indonesia or India. If the country of origin is a concern for you, we encourage you to confirm with your Pre-Roll Expert where items are fulfilled from when placing your order.

+ Does Custom Cones USA offer custom branding on hemp cones?

Yes, we are proud to offer 100% organic hemp rolling paper and also offer various types of hemp wrap blunts.  Compared to our refined white and unrefined brown rolling papers, the hemp rolling paper is the least transparent, meaning it is the hardest to see through when the custom branding is printed on the filter tip and rolled underneath the rolling paper. For brands wanting 100% organic hemp rolling paper, we recommend really big, bold, and contrasting designs, to ensure you can see the branding through the rolling paper. We can also do an externally wrapped custom band or cigar band on the crutch of hemp rolling paper or hemp wrap blunt cones. You can get metallic or solid color bands with any custom printing, just reach out to our Pre-Roll Experts for more information or to place your custom order!

+ Are the hemp wraps legal?

Yes, our hemp wrap blunt cones are made with all-natural hemp and have zero THC in them, so you do not need to worry about shipping them or state compliance. We also test all our hemp wraps for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials, so you never need to worry about producing compliant pre-rolls. Mixing tobacco and cannabis is illegal in all medical and recreational markets, so if you want to create a pre-rolled blunt - our hemp wraps or botanical blunts are the perfect option for expanding your pre-roll line.

+ What is the lead time for custom pre-rolled cones?

We know you’re eager to see your custom order and start selling!  Lead times for our custom pre-rolled cones vary depending upon seasonality, paper type, filter type, and size, as well as the overall order volume. For the most accurate and up-to-date estimate of how many weeks your order will take to fulfill, please reach out to your Pre-Roll Expert and we can give you an estimate right away. If you are in a rush - we always stock unbranded cones in our warehouse and also have pre-branded designer cones, like our Indica/Sativa/Hybrid cones, color-tipped cones, printed paper cones, and even our Pink Cones for a Cause designs. We also have plain hemp wrap blunts, glass-tipped cones and tubes, and even ceramic-tipped cones.

+ What are your pre-rolled cones made from?

We offer three main ultra-fine European rolling paper types - refined white, unrefined brown, and 100% organic hemp, as well as multiple types and colors of hemp wrap, as well as our unique line of botanical blunt wraps, made from natural materials like Goji berries, Cocoa, and even Sage! The hemp pre-rolled cones are made from 100% Organic Hemp material and our unrefined brown and refined white cones are made from 100% wood pulp, which is sustainably sourced and FSC certified. Refined white paper is also referred to as “rice paper” in the industry and colloquially, despite its not being made from rice at all! The misconception that rice paper is made from rice dates back to the 1900s when Europeans believed paper coming out of Taiwan was made from rice and further popularized by the brand Elements.

+  What is the difference between the white and brown pre-rolled cones?

The difference between the white and brown rolling papers, even our organic hemp papers, is how refined the paper pulp is during production. You may have heard people refer to white paper as bleached and hemp papers as unbleached, but this is an old, outdated term, as bleach has not been used in rolling papers for decades.  The whitening process is done by refining the paper pulp, using only water, mechanical agitation, and carbon filtering. This refining process strips all the other plant components, leaving only pure plant cellulose, which is the building block of all paper products. The white, brown, and hemp papers are all refined, but the brown and hemp papers are less refined, leaving a few natural plant components, which leave the brown with its natural brown or tan-looking color.  The main plant component that remains in the brown and hemp paper, giving it its natural color are called lignins. Refined “white” rolling paper tends to have less paper taste and a cleaner smoke than unrefined “brown” papers – this is because the whitening process removes as much other plant material as possible. The lignins which give the rolling paper its color add some slight flavor, but it is very minute. Some even theorize that lignin in the wood is what gives Mesquite BBQ its distinctive smoky taste! So if you want the cleanest burning and lightest tasting paper, the refined white paper is actually the best option.

+  What certifications are available for your pre-rolled cones?

All of our pre-rolled cones have two certifications - a quality certification, as well as a food-grade certification. We test all our products for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials to the strictest compliance standards. Furthermore, we have an FSC certification for the rolling paper which verifies that the raw materials used were sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. Also - all our pre-rolled cones are traceable to the exact date and production line which produced the cones, so we can always troubleshoot any quality issues if they do arise.

+  What is the difference between an internal wrap and an external wrap?

The external wrap is a band that goes on the outside of the paper, which can be the full size of the filter tip, or can be like a cigar band. An internal design is printed on the filter itself, and the paper would go over it. Depending on the paper type, some colors and designs may be easier or harder to see.

+  Do you offer custom glass-tipped cones or tubes?

We offer glass-tipped paper tubes and cones in refined white and unrefined brown paper, as well as blunt tubes made with our all-natural hemp wrap! We even have ceramic-tipped pre-rolled cones and wood tip pre roll tubes as well. Most of these premium items are kept in stock options, but can also be customized with your logo or other specifications for a truly unique pre-roll product.