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Top 5 Pre-Rolls in Alaska - 2020 Edition

Top 5 Pre-Rolls in Alaska - 2020 Edition

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Apr 3rd 2020

Imagine being in Alaska among the wild animals, beautiful wilderness and chill people, what could be better? Lighting up a nice pre-roll.

Well Alaska seems to have it all then. One of the first states to legalize, they’ve had a head start on the pre-roll game and it shows. With many different varieties of pre-rolls, beautiful pre-roll packaging, and awesome multi-packs you can find something for any occasion and for any type of smoker. CBD, hemp and dank THC pre-rolls, Alaska has something for you. We’ve picked the top 5 pre-rolls from Alaska to share with you.

1. Habit Crafted CBD Pre-Rolls.

First on the list is Alaskan favorite, the CBD pre-rolls by Habit Crafted. These pre-rolls are available to purchase online! Available in five varieties: OG Kush, Cookies, Zkittlez, Ancient Lime and Critical Kush. Containing up to 17% CBD these pre-rolls will provide a wonderful relaxing experience and an incredible dank taste. CBD flower has powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. It's also a great natural remedy for anxiety, depression, and increases the sense of relaxation instantly. They also use no shake, fillers or trim so these joints are high quality and also organic.

We really like the packaging that habit used on this pre-roll - the glass pre-roll tube with the rustic looking paper labels matches with the CBD consumer perfectly. The only thing is we wish they went for some custom pre-rolled cones to match those awesome labels. The habit logo would have looked perfect!

2. Toast Emerald CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls.

Another CBD favorite and a wonderful alternative to traditional cigarettes is Hemp Pre-rolls. Toast has created Hemp Cigs that have been a big hit among Alaskan locals. Branded as Toast Emerald, these pre-rolls come in secure custom cigarette box with an elegant foil design. These hemp pre-rolls have minimal odor so you can feel comfortable smoking these just about anywhere. These pre-rolls are discreet as they have a filter and look very similar to a traditional cigarette. Available is 2, 5, and 10 packs.

We really love the custom cigarette tube that toast went for. It completes the total look of the product with everything being accented by that rich green foil. It really shows that they cared about their packaging and the final product. And the smoking experience is on-point - what more could you ask for. 

3. GOOD Cannabis THC Pre-Rolls.

Good Cannabis pre-rolls are a must-smoke in Alaska. In over 80+ dispensaries, you can’t miss this one. They make pre-rolls with each strain all grown in Alaska, but the favorite is their Durban Poison pre-roll. This potent pre-roll is 22.83% THC and offers a smooth slow burning smoke. These pre-rolls are packed and folded by hand to ensure the perfect pre-roll every time. With wonderful review at every dispensary, these pre-rolls are top notch.

We love the custom branding that GOOD cannabis went with for their custom cones - the branding on the crutch is in big bold letters that prominently calls out the brand. It is easy to see even on the small crutch and reminds you that you are smoking GOOD pre-rolls. 

4. Arctic Bakery Infused Pre-Rolls

Arctic Bakery has a line of “heaters” which is their infused pre-rolls that are sure to warm you up on a cold Alaskan day. Pictured first is the Berry Heater which has a fruity taste. Second is the Funkey Monkey which is a favorite of the Arctic Bakery staff is a sativa pre-roll with a grapefruit taste. Last is Sage which is a spicy sandalwood flavor with a long-lasting and uplifting high. These infused pre-rolls are stoney and great for someone looking for a little extra kick.

For this infused pre-roll Arctic Bakery just used a simple clear pre-roll tube / clear pre-roll label so that the customer could easily see the infused pre-roll inside. Arctic Bakery also added two paper rings to secure the pre-roll in place and ensure that the kief doesn't get lost on the side of the pre-roll tube. Clever!

5. Tanana Herb Co. THC Pre-Rolls.

Last but not least are Tanana Herb Company’s pre-rolls. From a small family owned cannabis farm, you can tell these pre-rolls are made with love. They have multiple strains and can be found in most Alaskan dispensaries. They offer sativa, indica and hybrid cones. One specific pre-roll, God’s Gift, is said to be (by some) the most potent Indica-Dominant hybrid of all time. With 20 pack and 5 pack pre-roll packaging, you can easily share these pre-rolls with friends.

As you can see, there are many different pre-roll varieties available in Alaska. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing pain-relieving pre-roll of a stoney mind high pre-roll they’ve got you covered. And because Alaska has a small population, consumer reviews are heard loud and clear making these pre-rolls crafted perfectly for the customer.