Black Glass Tips - Cylinder Shape - 12mm x 30mm [100 Tips/Case]

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Lead Time:
21-28 days
Glass Cylinder
Case Size:
Perfect for:
Hand-rolled blunts and joints
12mm x 30mm
Made in China

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Black Glass Tips - Cylinder Shape - 12mm x 30mm [100 Tips/Case]
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Black Glass Tips - Cylinder Shape - 12mm x 30mm

Add a dash of style to your pre-roll smoking experience!

The 12mm x 30mm Cylinder Black Glass Tip is a marvelous innovation that combines the smoke-expanding benefits of a glass tip with a dash of style and mystery. A glass tip is a high-end finish for any style or size of pre-roll it graces. You stay away from the resin end of your pre-roll and you feel zero heat on the lips. This separation allows the smoke to expand, providing a smooth, flavorful draw.

While we have lots of glass tips in all shapes and sizes, these black glass tips provide the perfect opportunity to align with any dark colors in your brand story. The possibilities are endless!

black glass tips
black glass tips

High-Flow Glass Tip

The black glass tip cools the smoke as it is drawn through. This allows the smoke to expand, which reduces harshness, leading to a smoother draw overall. This smooth, flavorful draw is a characteristic of premium pre-rolls that separates the high and the low.

black glass tips

Bulk Discounts

The more you buy, the better deal you get! There are price breaks at 6, 10, 20, 40, and 100+ cases. But that’s not all. Contact one of our sales associates to see how we can create even greater bundle discounts when your glass tip order is combined with another purchase.

black glass tips

Perfect for Rolling

The cylindrical shape of the black glass tips makes them perfect for blunt rolling, using one of our Lieberman-style cigar/cigarette rollers. The tip is round, so it rolls smoothly with your paper or natural-leaf. The evenness gives your rolled product a symmetry that is not only aesthetically pleasing but great smoking as well!

QuantityPrice per BoxPrice per Tip
1 - 5 Boxes $60 per Box $.60 per Tip
6 - 9 Boxes $55 per Box $.55 per Tip
10 - 19 Boxes $52 per Box $.52 per Tip
20 - 39 Boxes $46 per Box $.46 per Tip
40 - 99 Boxes $41 per Box $.41 per Tip
100+ Boxes $39 per Box $.39 per Tip