90mm Pre-Roll Tubes - Black - Child Resistant [1000 tubes per case]

Fits 1/2 Gram
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Price per Tube:
As Low As 6.9 Cents per Tube!
Made in the USA
Case Size:
1000 Tubes per Case
90mm length / 16mm inner diameter
Best For:
98mm and 84mm cones
Child Resistant - ASTM Certified

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90mm Pre-Roll Tubes - Black - Child Resistant [1000 tubes per case]
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Pre-Roll Child Resistant Joint Tubes

90mm Black Joint Tubes

The 90mm Black joint tube is a good fit for 84mm pre-rolled cones and 98mm pre-rolled cones. The smaller 90mm black joint tube is great for brands who want offer a single pre-roll for a vey low price - this will make it affordable to price-conscious pre roll consumers. All our bulk joint tubes are child resistant and we have the ASTM certificates to show that our pre roll tubes are compliant. Most importantly, we’ve kept our low MOQ, while still being able to offer joint tubes wholesale for anyone looking to scale their operations!. The 90mm Black joint tube is 100% opaque meaning you cannot see through it. This is great for states where regulations require pre-rolls to be in a non-transparent container.

116mm clear joint tube standing
116mm clear joint tueb close up

Child Resistant - Made in USA

Custom Cones USA's doob tubes are joint containers made specifically to keep your pre-rolls fresh, sealed and odor proof. All our pre-roll tubes are child resistant and ASTM certified to ensure that your business stays compliant with your states pre-roll packaging regulations. Production of our pre-roll tubes is in the United States to ensure high quality, consistently straight doob tubes. It is very important when labelling that the tube is straight and compliant. The “pop top” part of our tube has enough resistance to ensure child resistance, while still not being terribly difficult for older adult consumers. 

116mm clear tubes scattered

In Stock - Variety of Colors 

We seek to be constantly in stock with 116, 98mm, and 90mm pre-roll tubes in the high demand color variety like the black pre-roll tubes, gold pre-roll tubes, clear pre-roll tubes, and silver pre-roll tubes. Our doob tubes sleek design allows your pre roll brand to maintain it’s branding quality, while offering you a versatile way to package your products. 

116mm clear joint tube with joint laying down

Tailored to your joints

We tailor all your cones for you, and now we will be able to tailor the pre-roll tubes they go in. All of our joint paper, blunt wraps, and palm leaves can go into an easy airtight pre-roll container! Not only that, soon we will be offering custom doob tubes, with full labeling on it. Doob Tubes never were simpler to find and get! 
Here at Custom Cones USA, you can start your own pre roll business from the ground up, with our machines, high quality paper cones, superior pre-roll packaging, and emphasis on branding your pre-roll. Be sure to reach out if you have any questions about.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Are your 90mm Black pre-roll tubes child resistant?

Yes our pre-roll joint tubes are child resistant and ASTM certified. The most important part is that the tubes are both easy to open for adult consumers however stiff enough that a child would not be able to open it. 

+ Are your 90mm Black pre-roll tubes single use?

The 90mm black pre-roll tubes are meant to be used once by the consumer. It is a recyclable plastic - however the tube is designed with a hinge which can be used many times. So it can be saved and used over again by the consumer. 

+ Should I use an opaque or transparent tube?

You should choose according to your states cannabis packaging laws for pre-rolls - some states will require that pre-rolls are in opaque packaging meaning you cannot see the joint through the packaging, where other states allow you to use transparent packaging. In states where transparent packaging is allowed - clear tubes are great for pre-rolls which are coated in kief or have a unique look. 

+ What size joint is best for the 90mm Black pre-roll tubes?

The 90mm Black joint tube is best for 98mm or 84mm pre-rolled cones. 

+ What is the lead time for your Black 90mm pre-roll tubes?

If the product is in-stock the lead time is 3-5 business days depending on your location. Our warehouse is based out of Tacoma, WA and we keep the Black pre-roll joint tubes in-stock at that location. If the product is out of stock please contact us in - in most cases, we can have the product sent to you within 2 weeks. 

+ Can I split my joint tube order into various sizes /colors and still receive the bulk discount?

Yes, you can purchase various sizes and colors of joint tubes and still get the wholesale joint tube discount. Our sale price in your cart will automatically update to reflect the accurate bulk joint tube discount. 

+ What are your 90mm joint tubes made from?

Our 90mm Black pre-roll tubes are made in the USA from polypropylene. They are BPA Free and food grade 

QuantityPrice per CasePrice per Tube
1 - 9 Cases $89.99 per Case $0.089 per Tube
10 - 24 Cases $86.99 per Case $0.087 per Tube
25 - 49 Cases $81.49 per Case $0.081 per Tube
50 - 74 Boxes $74.49 per Case $0.075 per Tube
75 - 99 Boxes $69.99 per Case $0.069 per Tube