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Custom Pre Roll Tubes

We help you customize pre-roll tubes and we strive to achieve three things.

1. Help you define and strategize your brand in the pre-roll space.

2. Help you accomplish a project within budget with a design that will stand out on the shelf.

3. Help you launch and scale your pre-roll brand into a multi-state operation. 



How we make it easy to customize pre-roll tubes 

variety of pre-roll tubes

A Variety of Pre-Roll Tubes with Custom Color Matching

We make it easy for you to make your perfect custom pre-roll tubes by offering a wide variety of pre-roll tubes in plastic, glass, paper & aluminum. The feeling of your pre-roll packaging is essential to conveying your brand to the consumer. Different types of material for your pre-roll tubes will change the way your customer perceives your brand. We offer all varieties to allow you to experiment with various materials to narrow down what represents your pre-roll brand best. We also offer custom color matching - we can custom make pre-roll tubes to match your brands pantone color. 

roll of pre-roll tube labels

Pre-Roll Tube Labels, Direct Printing, Shrink Wrap Sleeves, Retail Display Boxes & More!

We help you match your perfect pre-roll tubes with the best branding options at the most affordable costs. Our single-minded focus on the pre-roll market means that we know how to do custom pre-roll tubes - we know what other pre-roll brands have done successfully, we know the branding options which we can get done quickly and we know the branding options that will wow the industry. We offer custom pre-roll labels that are designed for joint containers - this means the label is tapered perfectly for pre-roll tubes. Other label companies who don't understand pre-rolls won't offer this taper meaning your branding won't be straight on the pre-roll tube. We also offer direct printing on the pre-roll tube, retail display boxes for pre-roll tubes and more! 

pre-roll tube being labelled

Pre-Roll Tubes with Labels Already Applied Perfectly

Not enough time, labor, or budget? Leave the label application up to us - we have the high speed automated tube labeling equipment in order to label your tubes consistently at minimal cost to you. We ensure our pre-roll tube labels match our pre-roll tubes perfectly that means you never have to worry about flagging or lifting pre-roll labels. If you are currently labeling pre-roll tubes by hand - then we guarantee you that we will save you money and time! We also have capabilities to label glass jars so you can have your full flower packaging line labeled by us. 

Custom Pre-Roll Tubes in 3 Steps

Step 1: Choose Your Pre-Roll Tube

The first step in your journey to custom pre-roll tubes is choosing which pre-roll tube to use. There a variety of pre-roll tube options to choose from with plastic, glass, aluminum and paper all being available. The first deciding factor in which custom pre-roll tube to use is whether or not the pre-roll packaging needs to child resistant. Some pre-roll brands will even use an outer box or container which is child resistant and then have each indvidual pre-roll in a non child resistant tube. The next deciding factor in which pre-roll tube to use will be cost and what wholesale price you will be selling your pre-roll for. If your pre-roll is something the dispensary is trying to sell for $5 you most likely will need to use the plastic pre-roll tube as these tend to be the lowest cost. If your pre-roll is slightly more expensive you can look at using glass or aluminum. Glass pre-roll tubes are a good option for premium brands as it can still be ordered and customized at lower quantities. Aluminum pre-roll tubes while very nice do require higher order quantities and longer lead times. Paper pre-roll tubes are fantastic for brands which want to be eco-friendly and minimize use of plastic containers. 

A pre-rolled cone with a pink filter tip

Step 2: Choose How to Brand Your Pre-Roll Tube

The next step is to choose the exact way you want to customize and brand your pre-roll tube! Again there are several different options and combinations of options you can use to achieve the perfect custom pre-roll tube. You use a pre-roll tube label, do direct printing on the tube, use a shrink wrap sleeve, use an outer pre-roll box or combine your pre-roll tube with a pre-roll retail display box.  The options are really endless as to what you can do to achieve the best look for your pre-roll brand. A custom pre-roll tube can be enhanced by with a custom pre-roll tube label - a pre-roll tube label can be used for both economical and luxury brands. You simply adjust the print options on the pre-roll tube label - by adding gold foil, soft-touch, holographic, embossing or uv-spot to create the perfect branded pre-roll packaging. If you want to increase production output and reduce the amount of labeling you can start to look at pre-roll shrink wraps. Shrink wraps help to speed up the production time as it does the job of three pre-roll tube labels in one! On a regular tube you may need your legal sticker with variable data, tamper evident label, and the main branded tube label. The shrink wrap is both the main branded tube label and tamper evident label - as it shrinks around the entire tube including the top. As an added bonus it will help to maintain freshness inside the tube as it adds an extra moisture barrier and it also has a perforated top - this makes it easy to peel and open. Optionally you can also print your legal data directly on to the shrink wrap to remove needing to add an additional tube label. You can also add branding to your pre-roll tubes by custom printing your logo directly on to pre-roll tube. This is called direct printing. This reduces the need for having to actually label the pre-roll tube with its main branding - you would just need the legal sticker as well as the tamper evident band or sticker. The last option to add branding can be combined with the shrink wrap, labels, boxes or direct printing. It would be retail display boxes for your pre-roll tubes. These are also called shipper display boxes. They help to advertise your pre-roll brand in store by taking up additional space on the shelf and calling out your selling points. Once you've decided your final branding you can begin to think about your production process - the final step.

A pre-rolled cone with a pink filter tip

Step 3: Choose How to do Label Application

The last step in the process of getting custom pre-roll tubes is to choose how you plan to label your pre-roll tubes. You essentially have two options you can either label the pre-roll tubes yourself or you can have us do it. If you choose to label pre-roll tubes yourself then we suggest at the minimum you use a manual or semi-automatic labeling machine. Labeling tube by hands is an extremely tedious and laborious process. You will payback a manual or semi-automatic tube labeling machine quickly versus hand labeling. And not only will the tube labeling machine pay itself back, you will get more consistent, accurate labeling - this means your pre-roll packaging will look more professional on the shelf and feel more professional in the consumers hand. The other option is to have us label your pre-roll tubes for you. This is a great path as we already have fully automated labeling equipment in-house which can apply labels to tubes at an extremely high speed. This means we can offer you affordable pricing to have your pre-roll tubes come to you labelled - all you need to do is add the legal sticker and tamper evident label. If you would like the pre-roll tubes to be already open when you receive them then all you need to do is request that service for a small charge. 

A pre-rolled cone with a pink filter tip