Unbranded Organic Hemp Pre-Rolled Cones Explorer [800-1100 Cones per Case]

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100% Organic Hemp Paper Pre-Rolled Cones

Natural Hemp Pre-Rolled Rolling Paper Cones

Our organic hemp pre rolled cones are made from 100% Ultra-Fine European hemp rolling paper that is derived from sustainably sourced and organically grown hemp. The hemp rolling paper prerolled cones are a light tan color and super thin, so your flower is the star! The hemp rolling paper gives these pre rolled cones a natural look and gives your pre-roll cones a way to stand out on store shelves. We test all our pre-rolled cones for all the industry standard tests and have all the compliance documents on hand if you need them. We also carefully roll all our prerolled cones to industry standard sizes, so you can rest assured they will work perfectly in your cone filling machines.

refined white ultra fine French rolling paper cones

Quality Paper

We offer 3 main rolling paper types for all of our pre-roll cones: refined white, natural brown, and 100% organic hemp rolling paper (we also offer multiple types of hemp wrap blunt cones). We source the pre roll paper for our pre-rolled cones from the highest quality rolling paper mills in Europe. Our joint cones also feature a straight gum-line, which means less paper and a more even burn. Unlike other pre rolled cones that are made with low quality cone rolling paper, our rolling papers are super smooth and slow burning. We also test all our pre roll paper products for pesticides, heavy metals and microbials and have those documents available to ensure you stay compliant. Our pre-rolled cones are trusted by top pre-roll manufacturers in the US, Canada and all around the world. Additionally, our smoking cones are FSC certified, meaning the pre roll paper is sustainably sourced. Our rolling cones are also FDA certified ensuring you stay compliant in even the most strictly regulated cannabis markets. We keep all our pre rolled cones in-stock in our U.S.-based warehouse, so we can ship orders right out.

a lit pre rolled refined white rolling paper cone being held in front of a red background with smoke

Customization Options 

All of our pre roll smoking cones can be customized by printing full-color logos on the pre roll filter tip, adding a cigar band applied to the top of the filter or even a full external wrap around the entire pre roll filter tip. We can customize any dimension of the pre-rolled cone or cone filter tip, including our Dogwalker cones. We even offer premium filter tips like glass joint tips, wood and ceramic filter tips. If custom branded joint cones aren’t right for your business, we also carry a variety of designer cones with different color pre-rolled filter tips and themes already printed to the pre-roll cone tip that we keep in stock right here in Washington State. Designer pre-rolled cones are pre-printed with no lead times of MOQs, so these are great for joint manufacturers looking to expand fast. All our pre rolled cones are priced at wholesale discounts with volume tiers listed on each product page. Our bulk pre-rolled cones are kept in stock and ship same-day from our U.S.-based warehouse.

food grade pre rolled refined white rolling paper cone leaning against a red apple

Machine Capabilities

All of our pre rolled cones are manufactured to industry standard sizes and are compatible with all industry standard pre-rolled cone filling machines and knockCases, including our mini cones. All our main pre rolled cone sizes and paper types will fit seamlessly into your automated pre roll machine. We are happy to send samples to ensure our joint cones work in your commercial joint filling machines. At Custom Cones USA, we offer all the pre-roll manufacturing equipment you need, from cannabis grinders, to sifting machines, table top pre-roll machines, and even a wide range of automated pre-roll machines and infused pre-roll machines, as well as the pre-roll expertise to take your business to the next level.

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Unbranded Organic Hemp Pre-Rolled Cones Explorer [800-1100 Cones per Case]
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