Push Pack Child Resistant Black - Dividers - Fits 5 - 109mm Pre-Rolls [Case of 200]

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With Dividers
Package Color:
Best For:
109mm Pre-Rolls
Outer Dimensions:
116mm x 74mm x 16.5mm
Inner Dimensions:
114mm x 70mm x 16mm
Divider Slot Width:

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Push Pack Child Resistant Black - Dividers - Fits 5 - 109mm Pre-Rolls [Case of 200]
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Unbranded Black Push Packs with Dividers for 5 Pre-Rolls

Unbranded Black Child-Resistant Push Packs - Dividers for 5 Pre-Rolls - 109mm (Box of 200)

The Push Pack is ideal pre-roll packaging for those that are looking to make pre-roll multi-packs in sturdy, durable, eco-friendly and child-resistant preroll packaging. These pre-roll multipacks come with a built-in divider for five (5) 109mm preroll joints that hold 1 gram of flower each. While you can get completely customized cannabis packaging by printing inside and out on this pre roll multi-pack to reflect your branding, this unbranded version of the same quality pre-roll packaging provides the convenience and child-resistance of the push pack with the flexibility to add your own brand sticker or paper sleeve to highlight your brand on the outside of your pre-roll packaging!

Blank Branding

With its sleek, matte black appearance, the push pack is pre-roll packaging that can become a blank canvas for you to add any branding, logos, or regulatory information to make your pre-roll packaging reflect your branding! Add some branded stickers or slide the pack into a paper sleeve and your pre-roll multipack is ready to go! The unbranded push pack is pre-roll packaging that handles the pre-rolls so you can handle the marketing.!

Child-Resistant Rubber Slider

These push packs are not only stylish pre-roll packaging, but certified child resistant pre roll packaging as well! In order to open the package, you need to press in on the rubber slider on the back, and then push the inner box outward. It’s not complicated for adults, but it adds a layer of security to the preroll packaging, keeping the goods inside when they should be and not in tiny hands than may find your pre-roll packaging. And of course, we have the documentation on hand to keep your pre roll packaging in compliance with all local rules and regulations!


Keep your pre-roll packaging as green as possible with these eco-friendly paper push packs! Plastics are taking over the cannabis industry. But plastic pre-roll packaging ends up in landfills, eventually turning into smaller and smaller particles known as microplastics., which can now be found everywhere – from the deep trenches of the ocean to the air we breathe. But these Push Packs are child resistant pre-roll packaging made from paper, allowing them to decompose (except the rubber button) when disposed of and avoiding the possibility of becoming microplastics. Keep your greens in the greenest pre-roll packaging you can with these safe and stylish push-packs.

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