Pre-Roll Work-In-Progess (WIP) Tray Holder - [Color May Vary]

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Number of Holes:
96 (top and bottom)
May vary between colors pictured.
Diameter of Holes:
Works With:
All Cones, 1 Gram Palms and Hemp Wrap Tubes
Best For:
Work in Progress Pre-Rolls
7.5in x 4.5in x 1in

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Pre-Roll Work-In-Progess (WIP) Tray Holder - [Color May Vary]
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Pre-Roll Work-In-Progress Tray Holder (Color May Vary)

Simple and convenient tool to hold your filled pre-rolls!

The pre-roll work-in-progress holding tray is a perfect way for you to hold and keep track of your pre-rolls as you fill, tamp and fold them! The pre-roll work in progress tray can hold up to 96 pre-rolls at once in an upright position as to ensure that they keep their shape and don't get damaged before the final weighing, tamping, and folding. This simple tray is the an easy addition to your pre-roll filling process as it adds an additional layer to keep track of how many pre-rolls are being filled and keeps your pre-roll filling process streamlined and organized. These are also great for infused pre-rolls, so you can paint and kief the sides, without creating a mess or ruining the sides of the pre-roll.


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Work in Progress Trays

These pre-roll trays are a great solution for those looking for a way to store unfinished pre-rolls. Didn't have enough time to tamp, fold and weigh your pre-rolls? That's okay! The pre-roll holder tray will safely and securely hold you pre-rolls in the upright position until they are ready to be tamped, filled some more, folded and weighed. These pre-roll trays are also great for infused pre-rolls, where you paint and kief the sides of the cone. The pre-roll holder tray works with all cones, 1 gram palm leaf tubes and hemp wrap tubes!

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Quality Control

The pre-roll holder tray is great because on one side you can hold cones of any side and if you flip it over you can hold 1 gram palms or hemp wrap tubes! The addition of the pre-roll holding tray means you can consistently track the output of the people who are filling your pre-rolls, knowing who is producing the most pre-rolls at any given time! Since the tray holds the pre-rolls in an upright position it means that your pre-rolls are safe from spilling flower or getting damaged when placed flat on a table.

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Great Add-On Item

Considering buying one of our other pre-roll filling machines like the Industrial Cone Packer 300 or the Sluice Box? The pre-roll holder tray is the perfect item to purchase alongside these filling machines as they give you an extra layer of organization and convenience to your overall pre-roll filling process.