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The Importance of Quality Control in Pre-Roll Production

The Importance of Quality Control in Pre-Roll Production

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Dec 14th 2023

The Importance of Quality Control in Pre-Roll Production

Since compliance is critical to the success of any cannabis business, quality control (QC) is an essential practice in pre-roll production. From testing flower for impurities to proper handling techniques, there are many facets to QC in joint manufacturing.

When you work with a qualified pre-roll supplier like Custom Cones USA, you get access to equipment and materials that will strengthen your QC practices. From automated machinery that delivers uniform prerolled joints to the highest quality papers, production tools are intimately bound to quality control.

Since compliance is a multifaceted practice that touches every department of a cannabis company, proper QC measures are used in every step of the supply chain. Quality control will boost efficiency and consistency, while also helping solidify your company as a trusted brand in the marketplace.

Why is Quality Control Important in Pre-Roll Production?

At the most basic level, quality control ensures consumer safety by eliminating low quality and contaminated cannabis products. In turn, operators avoid product liability issues that might arise if subpar products are consumed by end users.

On the business side of things, QC measures like pre-roll metering and post-fill weighing help ensure the output of uniform and consistent products. Careful controls also help ensure that no flower material is wasted.

When you deliver high-quality products on a consistent basis, customers take notice and feel satisfied. In turn, QC becomes a critical element of building brand equity, as well as product differentiation in the market.

The Importance of Quality Flower & Pre-Roll Materials

When most people think of quality control in the cannabis industry, they tend to only think of actual flower material. While you always want to use the best flowers in your pre-rolls, it's also important to use quality rolling papers, prerolled cones and blunt wraps. In the end, low-quality rolling materials can spoil the taste and compromise the integrity of even the finest flower.

In addition, prerolled cones that have not been tested for the same potential hazards as your flower can lead to products that fail final testing or even pose a concern to consumer health. That’s why Custom Cones USA goes above and beyond state requirements to test its rolling papers and pre-rolled cones for heavy metals, pesticides and microbials.

How Does QC Contribute to the Safety and Hygiene of Pre-Rolls?

quality control

Since cannabis products are consumed by people, it's very important to make sure that joints are clean, pure and 100% hygienic. For cannabis producers, good hygiene and QC practices are implemented throughout the supply chain, from proper cultivation practices to the correct packaging and storage solutions.

Proper handling is one of the most essential parts of quality control in pre-roll production. While compliance laws vary between different states, it is safe to assume you should always wear gloves when handling your flower. Similarly, it's important to store cannabis at the right humidity levels to prevent mold from growing.

Cannabis business must constantly monitor their products with QC measures throughout the supply chain. All state markets require material testing with a third party lab to detect contaminants in flowers. Audits and inspections also help ensure products remain consistent. Seed-to-sale software like METRC allows producers to track critical production data related to dates, employes, and materials used.

Custom Cones USA also uses a third-party lab to test its products for the same containments to ensure your rolling paper choices do not become a safety or hygiene issue.

What Problems Arise Due to Poor Quality Control in Pre-Roll Production?

There are a number of consequences that can arise when pre-roll producers fail to employ proper quality control practices. Often, problems unfold in a "domino effect," starting with compliance infractions and reverberating all the way to the marketplace.

Potential problems that might come with poor QC include:

  • 1. Fines from regulatory agencies;
  • 2. Disruptions in operations;
  • 3. Excessive product waste;
  • 4. Health and safety issues;
  • 5. Product recalls;
  • 6. Reduced sales/revenues; and
  • 7. Damage to brand reputation

Obviously, a good quality control program is a smart investment in the future of any cannabis business.

How Does Automation Improve Quality Control for Pre-Roll Production?

Since automated machinery standardizes cannabis pre-roll manufacturing and reduces human error, it can greatly help out with quality control efforts.

Equipment like the King Kone machine provides consistency and efficiency when filling joints, as well as accurate weigh-outs. Not only does this automated pre-roll machine promote faster production times without sacrificing quality, but it also reduces the chances of cross-contamination with impurities from human touch.

When integrated with the right software, automated pre-roll machines make it extremely easy to track valuable production data and analytics. With your production dialed with automation, it’s easier to scale output and grow your cannabis business.

If you aren’t sure if automation is right for you, a pre-roll starter kit is a great way to test out machine production at your cannabis facility.

How Does Custom Cones USA Contribute to High QC Standards for Clients?

As one of the leading pre-roll suppliers in the cannabis industry, Custom Cones USA offers a variety of products that help clients meet even the most stringent QC standards. For example, our filling machine comes with a metering attachment that ensures the uniform output of pre-rolled cones.

Custom Cones USA undertakes pre-sampling and size auditing prior to production. Our rolling papers and wraps are cut to a specific size and then rolled based on our gold standards. During production, Custom Cones USA does spot checks to ensure the sizing of papers is accurate and meets the specified measurements within the specified tolerance.

Plus, Custom Cones USA tests all of its pre-rolled cones and blunt wraps to ensure they meet the highest industry standards to ensure that your flower never fails a test because of your choice or pre-rolled cone or blunt wrap.

What Internal QC Measures Does Custom Cones USA Use?

quality control

Since our products contribute directly to the quality of our client’s pre-rolls, we take QC very seriously at Custom Cones USA.

We thoroughly vet suppliers and do a rigorous review of their materials. Before we offer products to customers, Custom Cones USA analyzes everything for quality checks, testing and final approval. We have a dedicated QA team that makes sure the products meet our Gold Standards.

When manufacturing our own products, we do quality checks during production runs to ensure consistency - looking at such things as sizing, glue lines and appearance. Raw materials are stored and kept in our factories to avoid spoilage and contamination.

Each tower box of prerolled cones manufactured by Custom Cones USA has a traceability sticker attached to it. This allows us to see who produced the cones, wraps or tubes, as well as other important information related to date/time and material batch/lots.

Custom Cones USA & Customer Feedback

At Custom Cones USA, we truly value feedback from our customers. Staying ahead of any issues that might arise with our products allows us to make improvements and provide the best possible service.

Get Started with Custom Cones USA Today!

Many companies don’t realize it, but quality control goes far beyond compliance in the cannabis industry - it's also directly related to building brand equity and long-term sustainability in the market.

When you partner with Custom Cones USA, you can rest assured you are only getting the finest pre-roll materials and equipment behind your brand. Contact Us to get started!

Since compliance is critical to the success of any cannabis business, quality control (QC) is an essential practice in pre-roll production. From testing flower for impurities to proper handling techniques, there are many facets to QC in joint manufacturing.