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Paper Quality, Paper Types, Finish Options, Papers per Booklet, FSC Certified, Paper Size, Booklet Dimensions,


Paper Quality:
Ultra-Fine French Rolling Paper
Paper Types:
Refined White, Unrefined Brown, 100% Organic Hemp
Finish Options:
Glossy, Matte, UV Touch, Metallic Foil
Papers per Booklet:
32 Rolling Papers Each
FSC Certified:
Environmentally Friendly and Sustainably Sourced
Paper Size:
110mm x 45mm
Booklet Dimensions:
111mm x 33mm x 5mm

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Custom King Size Slim Rolling Paper Booklets

The King Size Slim custom rolling paper booklet is an awesome way to promote your own brand and market yourselves. From trade shows and events to head shops and dispensaries, these King Size Slim custom booklets are ideal way to stand out and leave a unique and creative impression in the industry! King Size Slim rolling papers are easy to roll and can hold roughly 1g of flower. Our ultra-fine, slow burning French rolling papers offer smooth, consistent flavor and provide a superior smoking experience. Our French partners have been producing rolling papers generation after generation since the 1800’s. Top tier brands across the world trust us here at Custom Cones USA to provide them with their custom rolling paper needs. We pride ourselves on our fast lead times, excellent customer service and top quality products.

Three rows of rolling paper booklets in green, yellow, and teal
multiple custom rolling paper booklets with premium ultra-thin french papers

Ultra-Thin French Paper

We use only the highest quality starting materials for our custom rolling paper packs. The rolling papers we offer are made in France from an authentic paper mill that has been making rolling papers for centuries. Custom Cones USA has partnered with this family business to create the highest quality smoking experience in the industry. All of our rolling papers are lined with acacia gum - this manufacturing step guarantees that our rolling papers will burn evenly and smoothly.

a custom branded rolling paper booklet with the company on the front

Custom Branding Perks

The rolling papers in our booklets is the same Ultra-Fine French rolling paper used in our cones. A few of our customers realized the rolling papers in their custom booklets they were getting overseas was much worse quality than the paper in their pre-rolls. They were embarrassed to have their brand on cheap rolling paper booklets and asked us to supply them with custom booklets with our top quality rolling papers. Our custom rolling paper packs give you an opportunity to market yourself and promote your company in a unique way. Put your logo, art, or custom message on your custom rolling paper packs and give your consumers an experience that sets you apart from the rest.

food-grade and FSC certified custom rolling paper booklets

Food Grade & FSC-Certified

All of the rolling papers that we offer are made to the same standards the FDA and EU requires for paper which is in contact with food. Our custom rolling paper packs are also FSC certified, which verifies that the raw materials used were sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. We are mindful and conscientious of the consumers smoking experience and provide the finest quality products to our clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum quantity for a custom rolling paper pack is 500 units.

+ What are your rolling papers sourced from?

We offer three types of rolling paper, white flax, brown flax and 100% tan pulp. All three types of rolling papers are ultra-thin French rolling papers

+ What is the difference between the paper options?

White flax and brown flax are both sourced from flax while the 100% tan is sourced from pulp. Visually, the white is the lightest color paper and the brown is the darkest with tan being a middle toned tan paper. The tan is nice for earthy and organic branding, while the white and brown flax tend to be more of a traditional rolling paper

+ Can I split my custom rolling paper booklets order into various sizes and still receive the bulk discount?

Yes, you can buy different sizes and paper types of pre rolled cones and still get the wholesale discount. Our price in the cart automatically updates to reflect the accurate bulk discount. 

+ What are the different sized rolling paper options?

We offer four different sizes of custom rolling papers - King Size Wide at 110mm x 55mm, King Size Slim at 110mm x 45mm, 1 ¼ Size at 77mm x 45mm and the Double Regular at 69mm x 36mm

+ What are the dimensions of the rolling paper booklet?

The King Size Slim booklet is 111mm x 33mm x 5mm.

+ Can I get a magnet on my booklet of custom rolling papers?

Yes, you can get a small magnet on the custom rolling paper booklets- it will keep your pack sealed shut. This ensures that your rolling papers will be secure and not get damaged. It keep the pack securely closed and is ideal for a top tier custom printed rolling paper pack.  

+ What certifications are available for the custom rolling paper booklet?

All of our custom rolling paper booklets have two certifications - a quality certification as well as a food-grade certification. Further we have an FSC-certification for the rolling paper which verifies that the raw materials used were sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. Our pre-rolled cone manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified and all our rolling paper booklets are traceable to the exact date and production line which produced the booklets. 

+ Can I get tips with this rolling paper booklet?

Yes, the King Size Slim Rolling Paper Booklets can be ordered with tips. They are a standard crutch material that is rolled and tucked into one of the ends of the rolled product. 

+ How long will it take for my custom order to be made and shipped?

We take pride in our competitive 3-4 week lead time.

500 Booklets $1.20 per Booklet
1,000 Booklets $0.98 per Booklet
2,500 Booklets $0.81 per Booklet
5,000 Booklets $0.72 per Booklet
10,000+ Booklets $0.64 per Booklet
25,000+ Booklets $0.38 per Booklet
50,000+ Booklets $0.32 per Booklet