Industrial Cannabis Grinder XXL

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Throughput, Machine Type, Best For, Thermal Safety, Motor, Screens, Power Requirement, Size, Lead Time,


300-600 lbs per hour
Machine Type:
Best For:
Designed for 1,000+ lbs of cured bud throughput.
Thermal Safety:
Shutoff and waterproof power switch
Quality 4 HP motor provides the high torque and low RPMs required to grind dense nugs delicately.
Comes with 1 screen. Large 1/4" (.254mm) or Small 5/32" (.156mm).
Power Requirement:
46in x 17in x 54in
Lead Time:
5-7 business days to ship

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Industrial Cannabis Grinder XXL
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Mega Industrial Cannabis Grinder

Our Mega Industrial Grinder was built with pre-rolls in mind. It was designed and built by cannabis professionals specifically for the cannabis industry. With adjustable grind sizes, you can now grind your flower to the perfect consistency. Our Mega Industrial Grinder allows you to dial in the input size with 2 screen sizes - Large 1/4" or .250mm and Small 5/32" or .156mm.  Maybe you want a blend of particle-sizes to create the perfect pre-roll  or perhaps certain strains require a different grind size - the flexibility of this mega grinder is unmatched. The Industrial Grinder features stainless steel blades, which are manufactured to reduce residue buildup on the blades. The blades are removable for easy access cleaning, so you never need to worry about excessive downtime for cleaning the machine. Stop turning your flower to dust and start grinding flower to the perfect size with perfect ease!

Please note: No returns are accepted for this machine.


Huge Intake Chute

Our Mega Industrial Cannabis Grinder has a huge intake chute, so you can easily grind large branches and small plants. The beauty of this mega grinder is that it takes massive quantities but still delivers the quality grind that you select with the variable grind size dial.


High Torque, Low RPM

The high-torque and low RPM design helps to preserve terpenes and trichomes in the flower material by reducing the amount of heat and stress applied to the the flower material. The red dial allows you to hone in on the perfect grind. The blades of our mega grinder move much slower compared to a high-rpm grinder like a blender or one of the weed-whacker style grinders with the plastic whips but still has enough torque to grind dense buds with ease.


Industrial Build

Made out of stainless steel and all food-grade materials, our Mega Industrial Cannabis Grinder is built like a tank. As you can see, it is quite a bit larger than our Industrial Cannabis Grinder. The mega grinder is for businesses that are doing a good deal of volume but still care about the quality of their grind.