Custom Paper Packaging

custom push packs

Custom Push Packs

The Custom Push Pack is a sleek and great-looking pre-roll multipack packaging option that allows you to fully customize the size, design, and overall look and feel of the product inside and out. You’ll also avoid the costs of labeling your own products since we handle it with high-quality direct printing. The push-and-slide child-resistance mechanism is discrete and effective. The Push Pack is available with dividers to separate your pre-rolls or without. You can add your branding on the outside and print witty messages to customers on the inside.

custom cigarette boxes

Custom Cigarette Boxes

In the pre-rolled joint world, there is no packaging more nostalgic than the custom cigarette box. Perfectly wrapped, pre-rolled joints lined up in a pretty row waiting for quick couple pats on the bottom of the pack to give a final compression to the goods inside. Fold back the retro-flip box top and give a quick pop to lift up the pre-roll that wants to smoke first. With our custom design team, you can combine this cultural nostalgia with your custom branding to deliver something new and exciting for your customers. The cigarette boxes’ custom, tailored sizes make it easy for the box to conform to any design of your pre-rolls.

custom display box

Custom Display Boxes

Custom display boxes are a great way to help your pre-roll brand get noticed at the dispensary. Let your customers know what your brand is in addition to introducing them to your high-quality products. Shout it out with a custom display box. The boxes showcase your pre-rolls in a statuesque, vertical orientation as your logo, tagline, and brand information peeks out over your products. We can customize the boxes to any size specifications you want. Additionally, our premium print options can deliver any custom design you want so the box looks exactly the way you want.

custom pull packs

Custom Pull Packs

The Pull Pack is excellent for those looking for a luxury pre-roll multipack packaging option made from paper, so it is eco-friendly, but not child resistant. If you need your packaging to be child resistant, the equivalent option is the Push Pack. The Pull Pack is made from ultra-thick paper (~2mm), so your joints will be protected and your customers will be impressed with this beautiful packaging. The satin ribbon-pull makes this easy to open and the versatile insert options make this multipack fully customizable for any size or number of joints.

custom book box

Custom Book Boxes

Write the story of your brand on the Custom Book Box! Featuring luscious, full-color printing and recyclable but sturdy paper construction, the Custom Book Box can be wrapped in sophistication, as well as playful wonder. It could be designed to look like a small humidor for an upscale vibe or styled out to be a vivid and playful party box. The best thing about the Custom Book Box is really the ability to customize. We can make the boxes any size. We also have multiple insert options to hold all the joints you need. Your branding can be front and center on the outside, while on-brand messages delight your customers on the inside. If you want your brand to play in the big leagues, it’s time to hit the books with the Custom Book Box.

button box

Custom Button Boxes

Custom Button Boxes have the classic feel of the cigarette box with a modern, tamper-proof spin. Featuring luscious, full-color printing and recyclable but sturdy paper construction, the Custom Button Box can be dressed up to the nines or tailored to give off a laid-back, cool vibe. The box is literally a custom, blank slate designed for you to bring your brand to life. We can make the button box any size you need, plus we have multiple insert options to hold all the joints you need. Finally, the side button child-resistance mechanism is effective, yet easy to operate for adults, reducing frustration for customers.