Black Glass Tips - Cylinder Shape - 10mm x 30mm [100 Tips/Case]

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21-28 days
Case Size:
Perfect for:
Hand-rolled blunts and joints
10mm x 30mm
Made in China

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Black Cylinder Glass Tips - 30mm x 10mm

Cultivate an air of mystery with a sophisticated black glass tip!

The black glass tip is unlike anything you have ever seen in a pre-roll filter tip. It's glass, so it gives the pre-roll a high-end feel as you draw. The wide diameter of the tip also sets the width of the pre-roll, so depending on the length of your joint, it will yield a fatty pre-roll every time.

In our expert opinion, these are most excellent when rolled in one of our Lieberman-style cigar or cigarette rollers with paper from a hemp wrap bobbin. The darkness of the black glass combined with the rich color of the hemp wrap paper creates a holy vessel for your product.

black glass tips
black glass tips

High Flow

These black glass tips have a much larger diameter than your standard crutch filter tip, which keeps the mouthpiece wide open for lots of smoke to come through. The glass tip cools the smoke, which allows it to expand for greater flavor and less harshness.

black glass tips

Bulk Discounts

It's really simple. The more you buy, the more you save. We certainly didn't come up with the idea, but it's the way we do business. If you get more than 100 cases, you get the best per-unit value!

black glass tips

Clean Draw

When puffing on a smooth fatty, the last thing you need is for some material to come through the mouthpiece and hit you in the back of the throat. To eliminate this frustration, the black glass filter tip has indentations on both sides to catch or deflect any undesirable material from getting through.

QuantityPrice per BoxPrice per Tip
1 - 5 Boxes $60 per Box $.60 per Tip
6 - 9 Boxes $55 per Box $.55 per Tip
10 - 19 Boxes $52 per Box $.52 per Tip
20 - 39 Boxes $46 per Box $.46 per Tip
40 - 99 Boxes $41 per Box $.41 per Tip
100+ Boxes $39 per Box $.39 per Tip