115mm Glass Pre-Roll Tubes with Child-Resistant Metallic Rose Gold Cap - [400 tubes per case]

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Luxury pre-roll packaging
Custom Labels, Direct Printing
Certified Child-Resistant Packaging
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400 per Case
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Glass Pre-Roll Tubes with Metallic Rose Gold Child-Resistant Cap

115mm Glass Pre-Roll Packaging with Metallic Rose Gold Child-Resistant Cap

Glass pre-roll tubes are the perfect packaging option if you are looking for something a little more premium than plastic pop-top doob tubes. Additionally, glass tubes are more environmentally friendly compared to plastic pre-roll packaging! We offer our glass pre roll tubes in two styles - child resistant and non child-resistant. These glass tubes come with a Push and Turn style cap, which is certified child resistant. There are different rules in different state, so check out our blog post on Clear v. Opaque Pre-Roll packaging.

luxury-glass-pre-roll-tube-packaging-rose gold gold-cap-600px.jpg

Luxury Pre-Roll Packaging

Glass pre-roll tubes are a great way for you to distinguish your premium pre-rolls from the competition. Glass has a heavier feel and more premium look and the child-resistant cap ensures your pre-rolls are 100% compliant.


Certified Child Resistant 

We carry two types of glass pre-roll tubes, certified child resistant glass tubes and non-CR tubes. These tubes are certified child-resistant and have a Push-and-Turn style CR cap. Our non-child-resistant glass tubes would come with a cork cap. 


Custom Labels

Our luxurious glass tubes look great on their own or all dressed up. If you combine our glass tubes with labels and our labeling machines, you will be cranking out custom labeled tubes that will have customers doing a double take.

Custom Pre-roll Labels And Label Application Service

Pre-roll glass tube with cap

Unique Branding In A Snap

Your logo and other branding choices have never looked as flawless as they will when printed on our high-quality custom labels. Don’t have a logo or a label design? Our experts can help you with that too! Whatever look you are trying to achieve, make sure your products are at their best with our  full color and fully customizable labels for pre-roll tubes. Custom Cones USA can even provide different-sized labels to cover all kinds of cannabis and CBD products, so you can be sure to get a consistent, quality look across your entire product line.

125mm clear tubes 3 sizes from single to 5 pack

Luxury Look Labels

Whether your ideal label has UV Spot, embossing, foil, or other embellishments to grab consumer attention, Custom Cones USA has you covered. We can make sure your labels meet your exact specifications, while also fitting to a die line customized for each of our products. Want to discuss with a pre-roll expert what’s possible? Reach out to us at! We can also order samples to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the final product.

pre-roll tube label application service

Flawless Application Service

Want to make the labeling process even easier? We can apply the labels for you through our pre-roll label application service, saving you time and labor costs. We not only print our labels to be the exact, tapered fit to our tubes, but our machines ensure your custom labels are applied perfectly. We also use a specific adhesive formulated to be strong enough to keep the labels taut against the tubes, ensuring that your branding isn’t going anywhere.

What’s more, Custom Cones USA values our customers time and labor expense, so we deliver the labeled doob tubes open and ready to insert your pre rolled cones or pre rolled blunts saving you an entire extra step in the production line.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Are your 115mm Glass Pre-Roll Packaging with Metallic Rose Gold Cap child resistant?

Yes our pre-roll joint tubes are child resistant and ASTM certified 

+ What size joint is best for the 115mm Glass Pre-Roll Packaging with Metallic Rose Gold Child-Resistant Cap?

115mm Glass Pre-Roll Packaging with Metallic Rose Gold Child-Resistant Cap is best for cones up to 109mm in length. 

+ What is the lead time for your 115mm Glass Pre-Roll Packaging with Metallic Rose Gold Child-Resistant Cap?

If the product is in-stock the lead time is 3-5 business days depending on your location. Our warehouse is based out of Tacoma, WA. If the product is out of stock please contact us in - in most cases, we can have the product sent to you within 2 weeks. 

+ Can I split my joint tube order into various sizes /colors and still receive the bulk discount?

Yes, you can purchase various sizes and colors of joint tubes and still get the wholesale joint tube discount. Our sale price in your cart will automatically update to reflect the accurate bulk joint tube discount. 

+ What are your 115mm Glass Pre-Roll Packaging with Metallic Gold Child-Resistant Cap made from?

Our 115mm Glass Pre-Roll Packaging with Metallic Rose Gold Child-Resistant Cap are made from glass tubes and plastic caps. They are BPA Free and food grade certified.  



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1 - 4 Cases $212.00 per Case $0.53 per Tube
5 - 9 Cases $204.00 per Case $0.51 per Tube
10 - 19 Cases $192.00 per Case $0.48 per Tube
20 - 49 Cases $180.00 per Case $0.45 per Tube
50 - 99 Cases $164.00 per Case $0.41 per Tube
100 + Cases $152.00 per Case $0.38 per Tube
For higher quantity pricing, please Email Us or call (833) 582-6637