1-Gram Botanical Blunt Cones - Goji Berry [800 per box]

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Price per Blunt Cone:
As Low As 22 Cents per Blunt Cone!
Box Size:
800 Cones per Box
Paper Type:
Goji Berry
Pre-Roll Weight:
1 gram
Filter Option:
26mm Crutch
Best For:
Full-gram pre-rolls
Botanical blunt cones offer a fuller and richer smoking experience by creating a greater mouthful of smoke. Our Goji Berry cone produces a rich and sweet smoke while still allowing your flower to fully express itself.

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1-Gram Botanical Blunt Cones - Goji Berry [800 per box]
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Goji Berry Botanical Blunt Cones - 1 Gram (109mm)

Goji Berry Blunt Cones: Tantalize yourself with a tangerine dream!

You'll find the Goji Berry Botanical Blunt Cones at the intersection of smooth and delicious. The fine, all-natural raw materials lend themselves to a rich smoking experience featuring a smooth draw and an even burn. Once you get passed the distinct color, you find a stiff cone that works well in your cone-filling machine and burns like a champ. These cones are free of pesticides and any other foreign material to give them a clean, unfettered herbaceous smoke that aligns beautifully with your flower.


Perfect for Glass Tubes

Why have such a vivid and distinct pre-roll cone if you aren't going to put it center stage? We have the largest selection of glass tube packaging in the world, which is the perfect vehicle to show off such a unique cone.


All-Natural Goji Berry

Unlike other blunt cones on the market, these botanical blunt cones are made with all-natural Goji Berry devoid of any pesticides or foreign materials. Our Goji Berry cones and your flower will be in perfect smoking harmony. The flavor of the botanical cone never overpowers the flower but instead combines with it to create a beautiful smoking experience.


Full Flavor

Just like a blunt, our Goji Berry botanical blunt cones provide a richer and fuller-bodied smoke. And with every hit of the blunt cone, your customers will notice the sweet and clean taste of the Goji Berry wrap. The taste of the Goji is the perfect complement!


QuantityPrice per BoxPrice per Cone
1 - 9 Boxes $299.99 per Box $0.37 per Cone
10 - 24 Boxes $259.99 per Box $0.32 per Cone
25 - 49 Boxes $219.99 per Box $0.27 per Cone
50 - 99 Boxes $199.99 per Box $0.25 per Cone
100+ Boxes $179.99 per Box $0.22 per Cone