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The 'Rillo All-Natural Hemp Wraps - 109mm [20 per jar]

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The 'Rillo All-Natural Hemp Wraps - 109mm [20 per jar]
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All-Natural Hemp Wrap - Rillo

Sesh All-Natural Hemp Wrap Pre-Rolled Tubes + Spiral Filter Tip

Sesh Rillo All-Natural Hemp Wrap Blunt Tubes are perfect for packing one full gram of flower and are reminiscent of classic cigarillos in feel. The spiral tip filters keep any scoobie snacks from making their way to your mouth and cool the smoke down to allow you to take bigger, deeper hits. Our Rillo tubes are made with all-natural and responsibly sourced hemp wrap that give you the look and feel of a blunt without the harshness or smell of traditional tobacco wraps.


Sesh All-Natural Hemp Tubes

Hemp Blunts are Better

Tobacco blunts were the blunts that started it all, but in today’s era we know that smoking tobacco is associated with numerous health risks. Our All-Natural Hemp blunt tubes are a healthier alternative that don’t contain nicotine or any other toxins that tobacco wraps do, but they look and feel similar in style. They still burn slowly and smoothly, and the taste of hemp perfectly complements the taste of cannabis without overpowering it.

Sesh Airtight Fresh Seal Pre-rolled Cone Jar

Spiral Tip Filter

The spiral tip is a variation of the classic W filter usually seen on paper pre-roll filters and is 26mm in length. Instead of being folded, these tips are tightly rolled into a spiral to cool the smoke even more. The tighter draw allows you to take bigger hits and filters out small particles, so you don’t get any weed crumbs, also called scoobie snacks, in your mouth when you smoke.

Thoughtfully Packaged

We want you to receive your blunt tubes fresh and in tip-top shape for the best packing and smoking experience possible. The air-tight seal preserves freshness, and the tubes themselves are packaged with green support tubes to help them maintain their shape and integrity. Before packing, make sure to remove these plastic tubes for best results.