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Tamper Evident Shrink Band for Pre-Roll Tubes - White [1000 bands per case]

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Price per Band:
1.85 cents per shrink band
Case Size:
1000 Tamper Evident Bands per Case
38mm x 30mm
Best For:
Ensuring your pre-roll packaging is compliant and tamper evident!
So customers can easily remove the band and open up their pre-roll tube

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Tamper Evident Shrink Band for Pre-Roll Tubes - White [1000 bands per case]
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Tamper Evident Shrink Band for Pre-Roll Tubes!

38mm x 30mm Tamper Evident Shrink Band for 116mm, 98mm and 90mm pre-roll tubes.

Tamper evident shrink bands are the easiest and most cost effective way to add a tamper evident seal to your pre roll packaging. In some states, it is required by law for your packaging to not only be child resistant, but also be tamper evident! Most pre-roll packaging is certified child resistant now, but unless your pre-roll packaging comes with a built in tamper evident seal, you will need to add one as the final step of your packaging process. Simply slip on a tamper evident band on top of your finished pre roll tube and quickly heat with our heat gun for a perfect, compliant seal in a matter of seconds!

114mm clear tube with 3 pre-rolls
3 pack 114mm white pre roll tube with lid open

Required by Law

Some states require that your pre-roll tubes feature a tamper evident seal in order for it to be compliant pre roll packaging and the easiest way to add this is with a heat shrinkable tamper evident band. All you have to do is slip the tamper evident band on top of your pre-roll tube and quickly heat with a heat gun. Our tamper bands feature a perforation, which make them super easy to remove for your customers! 

all 3 sizes of pre-roll tubes

Multiple colors and sizes 

We carry three main colors when it comes to tamper evident bands for use in pre rolled tubes - clear, white, and black. Additonally, we offer multiple size for use with our wide pre roll tubes, which are designed for pre roll multi-packs. If you want a custom colored tamper evident band or even want your logo printed on them, we can help do that no problem! Of course, we can also create an custom size for any sized pre roll packaging. 

114mm clear joint tube with 4 pre-rolls inside

Bundle Discounts

We love taking care of our loyal customers with our famous bundle discounts! If you are buying tamper evident bands from us, but not buying your doob tubes or pre-rolled cones from us, ask about how we can help you save even more money with bundle discounts! You can bundle everything from pre roll machines, to pre rolled cones, to doob tubes, or even custom cigarette boxes or POP display boxes! 


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Are your 114mm clear wide pre-roll tubes child resistant?

Yes our pre-roll joint tubes are child resistant and ASTM certified 

+ What size joint is best for the 114mm clear wide pre-roll tubes?

The 114mm clear pre-roll tube is best for any cone 109mm or less. 

+ What is the lead time for your 114mm clear wide pre-roll tubes?

If the product is in-stock the lead time is 3-5 business days depending on your location. Our warehouse is based out of Tacoma, WA. If the product is out of stock please contact us in - in most cases, we can have the product sent to you within 2 weeks. 

+ Can I split my pre-roll tube order into various colors and still receive the bulk discount?

Yes, you can purchase various sizes and colors of joint tubes and still get the wholesale joint tube discount. Our sale price in your cart will automatically update to reflect the accurate bulk joint tube discount. 

+ What are your 114mm clear wide pre-roll tubes made from?

Our 114mm clear wide mouth pre-roll tubes are made in the USA from polypropylene. They are BPA Free and food grade