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Quick Sift - Industrial Sifter - Automatic Sifting Machine

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Purpose, Screen Construction, Screen Diameter, Power Requirement, Machine Type,


Sifting Grinded Cannabis
Screen Construction:
Stainless Steel
Screen Diameter:
16 inches
Power Requirement:
Machine Type:

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Quick Sift - Industrial Sifter - Automatic Sifting Machine
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Industrial Sifter Machine

Industrial-Grade Automatic Sifting Machine

Sifting your cannabis is great way to automatically remove stems and if you are producing a premium pre-roll product, it is always best to sift out any stems! Our Large QuickSift was specifically designed with cannabis processors in mind - the stainless steel construction and screens ensure you can easily clean our sifter and the screen sizes are fine tuned for the most common sifting needs. Once you've ground your cannabis, all you need to do is pour your flower into the sifter and switch it on. You can now walk away and wait for your flower to be automatically sifted - no more standing around doing manual sifting. Sifting your cannabis will not only ensure no stems make it into your pre-rolls, but will also ensure nothing else makes into your pre-rolls, like large leaves, gravel, or any other foreign matter. Additionally, having a consistent grind will make your pre-rolls burn more evenly and pack more evenly in any cone filling machine

Please note: this sifter does not include a lid. 

Heat Shrink Machine standing alone with the inner section open
Top panel of the heat shrink machine that has multiple options and settings

Cannabis-Specific Sifter

Our Large QuickSift was specifically designed for cannabis processors and dispensaries. From its stainless steel construction, to multiple screen sizes, our team of Pre-Roll Experts is confident this large industrial size sifter is the perfect solution for your pre-roll process. We offer multiple screen sizes, which will allow you to customize the particle size for the flower in your pre-rolls. Depending on the strain or weight of the pre-roll you are making, you may want to experiment with various screen sizes.

Sealing pre-roll packaging with the heat shrink machine

Multiple Screen Sizes

When it comes to sifting your cannabis flower, you will want to have an ideal particle size for your flower in mind. If you are unsure what size screen you need, our team of Pre-Roll Experts is here to help! Depending on the strain and grinder you are using, your ground flower will have a different consistency. Additionally, depending on the size cone you are using and your desired fill weight, the particle size of your flower will play a major role. For example, a smaller particle size will allow you to pack more flower into a small cone, but too small of a particle size may lead to a poor, uneven burn.

A wide view of the heat shrink machine. It has a rectangular prism type shape and is about 3 feet tall in front of a wall

Machine Starter Kits

It's on wheels! Our Large QuickSift pairs perfectly with our industrial cannabis grinder and any of our cone filling machines. Although our industrial grinder will grind stems to a small enough size, some brands want to sift all the stems out. The larger grind screen can be used to ensure stems stay big enough to be sifted completely out and then the rest of the material is ground. Hemp processors have great success sifting their hemp post harvest, due to the larger amount of stems and leaves. In addition to the Large QuickSift we also offer a smaller size QuickSift that also could be a worthwhile addition to your pre-roll process!