Pre-Roll Snap Pak - Black - Child Resistant [700 per Case]

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  • Pre-Roll Snap Pak - Black - Child Resistant [700 per Case]
  • Pre-Roll Snap Pak - Black - Child Resistant [700 per Case]
  • Pre-Roll Snap Pak - Black - Child Resistant [700 per Case]
  • Pre-Roll Snap Pak - Black - Child Resistant [700 per Case]
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3.9″ X 2.1″ X .5″
As low as 65 cents per pre-roll pack!
Child Resistant:
ASTM-certified by US lab!
Easy to Open:
100% of seniors tested were able to open this pre-roll package!
Up to eight 84mm half gram pre-rolls
Full wrap labels available - contact us for artwork templates!


Child-Resistant Multi Pre-Roll Packaging

Black Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Snap-Pak

The Pre-Roll Snap-Pak is an economical packaging option for black pre-roll multi packs - this black pre-roll packaging can hold up to 8 half-gram 84mm cones. The pre-roll snap-pak is child resistant and certified according to ASTM standards. The plug seal on the cap of the packaging helps to keep your flower fresh. This pre-roll packaging ergonomic design allows it to comfortably fit in your pocket and feeling natural in your hand. While this pre-roll package is child-resistant it is not senior-resistant, 100% of seniors who tried to open this pre-roll package during testing successfully did so. This means this pre-roll packaging is easy to open, comfortably fits multiple pre-rolls, and is child resistant.       

grip pre-roll packaging with plug seal
black closed child resistant pre-roll packaging

Child Resistant Pre-Roll Packaging Made in the USA

The pre-roll snap pak is high quality pre-roll packaging made in the USA. The butterfly hinge on the pre-roll package means that when snap open the snap-pak the top stays open! This means easy access to the pre-rolls. The pre-roll snap pak is also designed to be easily opened with one hand - that means when your outdoors or on the move the snap pak can be easily opened with no fumbling around!  

black open pre-roll packaging with custom cones

Durable and Reusable Pre-Roll Container

The Pre-Roll Snap Pak is made from durable plastic which protects the pre-rolls inside from any damage. The container is also highly reusable with a hinge which can last for many months. The high quality feel of this package would many any consumer want to keep this as a way to store there own rolls or lighters! This pre-roll package also has plenty of room for labeling with space on the top lid, bottom, and all across the front, back and side of the package. Contact us to get a custom die for this pre-roll package! 

black open pre-roll packaging with custom cone front shot

Easy to Open Pre-Roll Package 

When the pre-roll snap pak was tested for child resistance, part of the test requires that 100 seniors (65+) try to open the package. In order for the pre-roll package to pass over 90% of the seniors must be able to open the pre-roll package. 100% of seniors who tried to open the pre-roll snap pak were able to open it. This pre-roll snap pak is intuitive so no more will the budtender have to explain how to open a package - the consumer will be able to figure out how to open the pre-roll packaging within seconds. 


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Are your black pre-roll snap paks child resistant?

Yes the pre-roll snap pak is child resistant and ASTM certified. 

+ What size joint is best for the black pre-roll snap paks?

The 84mm half gram pre-roll or smaller are the only pre-roll sizes which will fit 

+ What is the lead time for your black pre-roll snap paks?

If the product is in-stock the lead time is 3-5 business days depending on your location. Our warehouse is based out of Tacoma, WA and we keep the black pre-roll snap paks in-stock at that location. If the product is out of stock please contact us - in most cases, we can have the product sent to you within 2 weeks. 

+ Can I split my pre-roll snap-pak order into multiple colors and still receive the bulk discount?

Yes, you can purchase various sizes and colors of joint tubes and still get the wholesale pre-roll packaging discount. Our sale price in your cart will automatically update to reflect the accurate bulk pre-roll pack discount. 


QuantityPrice per CasePrice per Pack
1 -2 Cases $595.00 per Case $0.85 per Pack
3-6 Cases $574.00 per Case $0.82 per Pack
7-11 Cases $546.00 per Case $0.78 per Pack
12-23 Cases $532.00 per Case $0.76 per Pack
24-47 Cases $497.00 per Case $0.71 per Pack
48+ Cases $455.00 per Case $0.65 per Pack